Saturday, August 23, 2014

B O R I N G …...

Oh my!  This will be a FAST post!  I had a super uneventful week (other than cleaning, etc.) and so, my friends, I haven't much to show you.  I only sent out two envelopes this week.  (One of my little ones was on vacation.)

AND…..believe it or not, I only read 3 books this week and not a one was really outstanding, although I did enjoy #2 the best out of the 3 (and thankfully, it was recommended by a fan of this blog!  Yeah…I love suggestions!!)

THE HOUSE WE GREW UP IN                    by                      Lisa Jewell
THE FAMILY MAN                                       by                      Elinor Lipman
DRIVING WITH THE TOP DOWN                 by                      Beth Harbison

So, there you have it!  Unless you are really into chick-lit, don't bother at all with #3.  Frustrated housewives, a crazy teenage girl, and goofy problems with each that eventually turn out all honkey-dorey…ugh!  (Or maybe I just wasn't in the mood, who knows?)  Hopefully, I will find some better stuff in my pile of books yet to read for next week.

Stay tuned…………...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not much this week!

Not a lot going on here last week.  I sent out a few envelopes:

And I got a delivery from Amazon (shame on me!)  

And I read a few books:

TAKE ME WITH YOU                            by                      Catherine Ryan Hyde
SOMEONE ELSE'S LOVE STORY       by                       Joshilyn Jackson
ALL WE HAD      Debut                           by                      Annie Weatherwax
SMALL BLESSINGS  Debut                    by                      Martha Woodroof

Out of the 4, the 1st one (Take Me With You) was by far the best and was softcover to boot. ….(see above.)  I am almost done with the 4th on the list and I'm liking that too, but not as much as #1.  Out of the Amazon delivery, hubby read the "100 Year Old Man Who Climbed out of a Window and Disappeared" and I heard him laughing from the adjoining room while he was reading it so I think he enjoyed it.  It's still in my "to-read" stack.  Seems that since "A Man Called Ove" I am looking for something as good.  I will let you know.

So, that's it for the week.  Uneventful, but at my age, uneventful is good!  Have a great next week my friends and enjoy yourself!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another week…...

Last week started off fun with the annual family pool party.  The weather was great until about 4pm when a giant cloudburst dumped rain galore upon us and we all made a hurried beeline for the garage.  (At first it was the house, but I skedaddled everyone in the garage instead with their dripping swimming suits.) For some reason I had a funny feeling this might happen, so had hubby sweep out the garage and set up a table with folding lawn chairs in there the day before ……just in case and we grilled in the rain.  Oh well!

Then, on Monday, I finally went to the dentist with a tooth that has been bothering me, and then a visit to the root canal specialist for that lovely procedure on Tuesday.  Not fun!  Wednesday it was annual blood work for my annual physical which will be this week.  Yikes!  Nothing like being poked and prodded all week!!!

I did receive my mini quilt from my partner though for the QT swap.  Thankfully, considering the condition of the packaging, everything was intact.  

The theme was "anything goes" and she nailed me!  As you know, I love bright colors and paper piecing…….(and then she got a tiny doggie in the middle.)  Cute!  Thanks, Pam (uberstitch).

I was totally uninspired for the swap (and I shouldn't have signed up…I know that now), but in Pam's profile she mentioned that she liked cross quilts, so I made that for her.  She also likes aqua and red with white and black and white, so this is the result:

And, of course, I sent out some envelopes this week:

And I read a few books and three were from the library (if you can believe?)  I really must get to my own stuff…..and not buy anymore!!  I have stacks now to catch up on.  This is the list for this week:

THE AWAKENING OF MISS PRIM   debut       by           Natalia S. Fenollera
LOOKING FOR ME                                         by           Beth Hoffman
NEVER COMING BACK                                  by           Tim Weaver
DON'T TALK TO A STRANGER                       by           Amanda Kyle Williams

"Looking for Me" was the best of the bunch I thought, although the last one (a mystery) was really good too (and I didn't figure it out half way through as usual, amazingly enough….which is probably why I liked it so much).  Besides, it's rated really high on

So, that's my week in a nutshell.  Who knows what this week will bring?  Life is always a surprise, it seems sometimes!!  I guess that's good!

You all have a super week, and stay away from the root canal guys.  NO fun!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sometimes, you find the coolest stuff……...

I'm telling you, I wish I had a cottage on a lake if only for this picture (which I stole off of Facebook…shame on me!!!)   I would make one of these in an instant!!!  That metal tub is supposed to be used to build an outdoor fish pond, but instead, this inventive person put in a bunch of lawn chairs, a table with an umbrella, and a trolling motor and took it for a leisurely boat ride.  How fun is that???  Just imagine all the fun comments you would get from other boaters.  It makes me smile just thinking about it!!

I did send out two envelopes this week, but the other one was again a duplicate which I had posted some time ago.  Not to bore you, I only posted the new one!

It's been a slow week in the reading department too, I'm sorry to say.  We're having our annual family swimming pool party here tomorrow, so I have been concentrating on that…cleaning the house, planning, etc.  You know how it goes!  I did read these though:

THE ROSIE PROJECT     Debut                by        Graeme Simsion
MOVING DAY: A THRILLER                      by         Jonathan Stone
LITTLE MERCIES                                     by         Heather Guendkauf

I did start another book, but gave up on it after 80 pages and can't even remember the name of it now.  As far as the above list, the 1st book was the best.  Similar to A MAN CALLED OVE from last week, but not as funny.  It's an older book and the reason I read it now is because I heard that there will be a sequel to it being released in December called, THE ROSIE EFFECT.  #2 was good too, and if I hadn't read #1, would have taken the number one spot for the week.  It was about a 72 year old man and his wife who get swindled by a crooked moving company…..and who go after their stuff.  Very good!

So, that's it for this week.  Still no sewing….sorry to say!  Next week I have to color some envelopes for my girls.  I'm running low.  lol

Pray for sun for our party tomorrow please.  15 people in the house in swimming suits would not be pretty!  Have a fun week, my friends and stay well!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Day Early…...

No, it's not Sunday (my normal posting day), it's just that I had a lull in my life today and decided to post a day early for once.  Hope I didn't get you confused.  lol  

First off, I want to thank you all for all your nice Anniversary Wishes for hubby and I last week.  That was so sweet of you!  We had a marvelous day……..not my "going out for" pizza or burger supper, like I had anticipated, but instead a full barbecue that we hosted for the kids and their families.  Once I heard one family was stopping in, we invited the other and decided to make an afternoon out of it.  A bit more expensive than I had expected, but what the heck???  The weather was perfect, and everyone had a nice time, so that's all that counts!

Check out this next picture (and I'm sorry it's foggy, but I had to zoom in so I wouldn't scare him away.)  Do you see the teeny tiny reddish squirrel on top of the lower arm of the shepherd's hook?  Honestly, he was only about 9 inches, body to tip of tail.  I did a search and think he is a baby red squirrel (who loves bird seed, I might add!)  Even the Doves are bigger than him. 

Then, even though I did send out two envelopes to my little ones this week, one was a duplicate of something I have already showed you so I posted only one.  I should have put a white spot in her eyeballs though.  I think she would have been cuter.  Needless to say, she is a fairy.

Then, (much to my DH's chagrin) I got another delivery from Amazon this week.  I really have to stop this buying……really!  Good thing I have a lot of relatives and friends that can borrow these after I'm done.  (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!)

Good thing I read 6 books this week.  (Actually only 5 in full since I really skimmed one that just wasn't doing it for me.  lol)

A MAN CALLED OVE    Debut              by                  Fredrik Backman
THE BLACK HOUR        Debut             by                  Lori Rader-Day
ONE LAVENDER RIBBON                    by                  Heather Burch
THE VACATIONERS   (skimmed)          by                  Emma Straub
LAST TO KNOW                                  by                   Elizabeth Adler
THE DEATH FACTORY  (only 87 pgs)   by                  Greg Iles

The first two were the best….by FAR!!!  Don't bother with the rest, really!  Of course, once I finished A MAN CALLED OVE, I don't think anything could have measured up.  It was one of the best books I have read in my life!!!  Seriously!  This debut book was written by a man in Sweden and already was an international best seller by the time it hit our shores. It was recently released July 15th in English.  I'm telling you, I laughed out loud (all by myself) so many times, I couldn't even count….and then I cried too…..big real tears.  Do yourself a favor, and even if you don't read much, get this book from your library and read it and savor the emotions you will go through.  Rarely does a book come along like this…..believe me!  I ordered it from Amazon for our own library after borrowing it from our public library.  I can't wait to pass it on to everyone I know!!!  I think you will feel the same.  Read the reviews and see for yourselves……please!!  You will thank me later!

So, have a good week and happy sewing, or reading, or gardening, or cooking, or whatever your heart desires!  I am going to start thinking about a family swim party that we are hosting next Sunday.  Whew….always something!