Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Circles of Love"

I couldn't wait to get this back from the quilters. I think it's my second favorite quilt that I've ever made (of course that's really not saying much since I've only been quilting for 1 year,I suppose). Nevertheless, this one was really fun to do with the bright colors and curved pieces. Not only that, but the pattern was free on the Joel Dewberry website. (I wish I could link you there, but my blogging skills have not included linking yet. Duh!! LOL) You'll have to look it up yourself I'm afraid. So sorry!! Joel made his smaller and used a border, but since I'm not crazy about borders on bigger quilts for some reason, I choose to make mine bigger using more squares and thus, more circles. So FUN!!

When I was piecing this, my daughter stopped in, saw it and fell in love. Sheepishly, she asked me who was the recipient and when I told her I didn't know, her face lit up and she claimed it as her own. Of course, after that, how could I not give it an appropriate name???

I'm so happy to be showing you because I really like this one too!! May I present: "Circles of Love"

"Circles of Love"

And a close-up of the front:

Bubble Quilting

And naturally, the back......I took this on the kitchen floor:

Back of "Circles of Love"

One more to show you the awesome quilting on the back:

Close-up of quilting on back

So, there she is!! Finished it ended up at 55" by 66 ". Just perfect for a great nap. I sure hope you don't ask me about fabrics and designers because I NEVER pick my fabrics based on designers or lines, but only on colors and compatibility. Who knows where many of the popular designers will be in 20 years, but the colors will still be the same and that's all that matters to me. If I like certain fabrics together, that's half the battle!!! Try it sometime. You might be better at the coordination than you think.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Talk to me about that quilting, please. You had it done? Do you know if they used a program? I was looking for someone to do exactly this a year ago.

carol said...

The quilting was done by: http://www.patchedworks.com/ They do take quilts in by mail and their prices are VERY reasonable. Their quilting is done on a long arm with computer programmed designs that the customer picks.

Karen said...

Beautiful quilt, Carol! I can understand why your daughter claimed this one for herself. Your attention to every detail is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I tell you what, for only doing it for one year, you are one professional quilter! That is fantastic. I love how the circles in the quilt mimic the circles in the fabric design. that is just perfection in attention to details!

Claudia said...

I agree! You are very talented and it's hard to believe you've only been at it a year.

carol said...

Thank you!!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Your color/fabric choices compliment the pattern perfectly. I managed to find the pattern, andI may try one of these myself!