Sunday, October 25, 2009

Placemats Anyone?

I'm telling you, I should have stock in the "Steam a Seam" company for all that I've been using lately.  I joined another swap and naturally had to buy, buy, buy so I had enough!  I think prior to this, I had only made placemats once in my life and they (naturally) were the normal kind where you'd make 4-6-or 8 all matching.  Not for this swap...oh no!  I did eventually make 8, although 3 of them were duplicates.  One of them even made the Explore pages, but I'll let you guess which one.

our halloween placemat is here!!

That's the one I sent to my swap partner. Isn't her daughter adorable? (Those are supposed to be whimsical spiders although they look more like aliens crawling among the spiderwebs, I think.) Here are the rest of them:



Witchy Feet

Happy Halloween

Which one is your favorite??



Rettabug said...

What FUN,Carol!!! You made several kids happy with your creative efforts on these.

I love the spider web background on your *alien spiders*. LOL Very cute!

♥ Rettabug

Cole's Corner said...

How in the world could you pick just one???

They are all soooo cute.
You amaze me.

amandajean said...

they are so cute, but if i HAD to pick a fav, i'd pick the witches shoes. they are whimsical and so fun!

carol said...

You win, Amandajean! The witches shoes were the most popular. (Personally, I liked the pumpkins!)

Diane said...

These are so fun!