Friday, March 12, 2010


Yahoo....I finally can post something I didn't make....can you believe it?  Yippee!  No, it's not my long lost, late, doll swap quilt, but it's really neat none the less.  I joined a few swaps recently as you know and my last post showed a pic of  "9 Carrots" which is the one I sent my partner, Lori "lollydo" for the 6-12" mini swap depicting "spring fling".  I thought of bunnies, but she thought of something a whole lot better (although at my age, it never crosses my mind anymore).  Wait until you see all the work she put into this beauty!  And she never even repeated one single fabric!  Check it out:


And the really cool details........

6-12" mini received

Close-up of tree

Did you see that fancy thread painting? Amazing! Well, today has been a fun day! I mailed out my finished potholders to my partner.......and I'll show you those another day....they're really no big deal.......and I got this fantastic quilt in the mail from Lori. Happy Friday to me!


Tracey J said...

that tree is so clever!

A fun and happy little quilt. :)

Poppyprint said...

That is beautiful!!!

Your potholders "are no big deal" - WHAT??? They ARE SO a big deal, I've seen them on Fickr and they are gorgeous.

Helen said...

WOW! That is amazing, lucky you to get this beauty!

Rettabug said...

Carol, your swap partner really put a great deal of thought & time into this darling creation. It shows!

Now I have to run over to flickr to find your potholders!
I'm glad your knee is allowing you to sew up a storm. :D


susan said...

wow this is gorgeous
i would kill for something like this
but dont worry....youre safe ;o)

Diane said...

I am your swap recipient for the potholder pass II. They are just adorable and too nice to use. You are the best!
Diane ~ Tampa, FL