Friday, June 17, 2011

Were you wondering?

Do you remember a few weeks back when I was asking about dogs and which kind I should get?  Then, I sort of decided on a Maltese and searched and searched for a good breeder?  Well, I found a lady not too far from where I live who had two adults to visit...just to see if we liked the size and breed.  Well, she also had a 155 lb Great Dane and my husband was enamored instantly and looked at me with "puppy eyes" as if to say, "let's get one of these."  Needless to say, I was NOT in the market for a horse!  I poo-pooed that immediately and decided to continue my search.  Next, I ran across a breed I never heard of before called Bolognese.  They are from Italy and not even recognized by AKC here in America yet, although there are a few breeders.  They are a bit smaller than a Bichon Frise, not as tiny as a Maltese, and are non-allergic.

 And here's what they look like as adults:

Kinda like miniature white sheep dogs, don't ya think?  I guess the hair gets to a certain length and just stops growing.  But, you can cut them shorter for ease in grooming.  Cute!

My friend has a Havanese and told me to look into that breed:

 How can anyone resist those faces?  There was a black and white 9 week old puppy in our newspaper for sale last week, but when my hubby discovered that the cost was $1500, and we are in the process of replacing all 34 windows in our house, he put the kibash on that in record time.  I guess we're waiting now.......maybe forever?  I hate to admit it, but we are getting more and more used to being dog free.  Besides, how could I sew with a puppy around?  I'd have to take at least a year break.

Speaking of that, I have been sewing, but alas can not show you anything yet.  I am trying to catch up for upcoming swaps since l already know the themes.  I did sew some stars though.....but haven't a clue what I'm going to do with them.

Here's a better picture:

White stars

Got any ideas?


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Oooohhh! If you really have no idea what to do with those stars - SEND EM TO ME!!! I love them! I am sure you will come up with something great - very cute puppies too by the way!

Sara said...

Adorable stars drooling away!!!

No ideas though sorry:(

Ellyn said...

oh lovely bright stars! So pretty. A friend of mine has a havanese & adores her, so cute & funny

Merete said...

What a bunch of adorable little dogs:o) If you really want one I bet you will get one one of these days, I have sensed that both you and your husband loves dogs :o) They give so much joy and love!
The stars are great! They dont look so big and I dont know how many you have but wouldnt they be great as a border on something? Or maybe a pillow, or just a little wallhanging?


Carol said...

Ok, Cute dogs. Really. I just lost my best. Jack. Junior is left. He is my grandson's and not well, but we love him. Will I get another dog? Maybe. But it will be the same way I found Jack. He was a rescue dog I saw on TV. When I saw him I knew and that's what will happen for you.

Forget about the dog. The dog will find you.

Love the stars.
xx, Carol

Mommarock said...

Nice starry night.. they would go wonderfully around an equally bright and beautifuly owl. Oh but don't forget the owl baby cuz that would make it super cute.

Cindy said...

I love those son says you need to get two and name one Oscar and the other Meyer.

Your stars are beautiful. No surprise there. You don't have to make a thing with them...yet. Enjoy the process for a while, eventually you will be stuck with the perfect idea.

Patchwork and Play said...

Make a quilt and send it to ME! These are fabulous!

Sharon M said...

Very cool stars. Love the dogs too.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your stars are wonderful. I can't wait to see what you do with them!
I just have to tell I recently got a new puppy and was at a loss on how to get back to sewing. Then I thought play pen and so now I wait until he gets tired (it doesn't take too long) and then we head for the sewing room. He sleeps and I sew. I admit I have less time to sew but puppy kisses make up for it. I agree with Carol. You dog will find you!

Poppyprint said...

Good call on the Great Dane. Poo-poo indeed!!

Your colourful stars are fantastic, Carol. I like the stripped sashing idea you showed.

Brooke said...

My idea would be to make a new starry dog bed. :-)

I lost my Golden Retriever over a year ago and miss her like all kinds of crazy. The problem is that I still have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel....cute as can be but dumb as a stump! Piddles in my house! :-(
I long to have another big dog, but I can identify with the fact that the longer you go without one, the more you get used to not having the work load.

I have to say I'd have been on board with your husband and the Great Dane. I always thought that would be a fun dog!

Anyway, don't loose hope in the search. There just might be the perfect puppy (or dog) out there waiting to be part of your family, and when you stumble upon it, probably unexpectedly, you'll know it's the right one!

And by then you could have a cute quilted dog bed ready. :-)

Sonia said...

Cute dogs and beautiful blocks. I think the blocks sewn together with not sashing would make a very pretty quilt top.

karenfae said...

I love the stars - some colorful sashing and it will be perfect.

Nancy B said...

I see a quilt with one of your very cute birds in the middle. I loved Cindy's comment about Oscar and Meyer!

Gmama Jane said...

I love dogs and quilting...2 good combos!
Gmama jane

Rettabug said...

Gosh, Carol...each one is just cuter than the next & you KNOW how I feel about dogs! LOL Even I could be convinced to fall in love with one of these...if it would go outside to poop on its own & pick up after itself, too. ;-)

♥♥♥ your little star blocks! What happy colors! Brightened my morning along with those gorgeous floral shots from the nursery! Be still my heart!

rubyslipperz said...

OMGosh!! your colors are ALWAYS AMAY-ZING!! Whatever the blocks, and/or put your "ZING" in it! admire-ore...


Anonymous said...

You should definetly gat a Havanese, they are well worth the money!! I am absolutly in LOVE wth them, but even the cheap ones are too expensive for me.....

Love the stars!
don't give up on the dog hunt, I've been trying for 2 years!

I am Just One Mom said...

oh my! love your wonky stars with polka dot centers. perfection.