Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How come?

How come the days seem so long when I'm not sewing?  Yesterday I was getting company and today I had errands, (and besides, it's been raining both days), so I haven't been sewing.  Don't ask me what rain has to do with sewing, 'cause I don't know, but I do know that rain during the day without sewing equals some mighty nice afternoon naps.  lol  Now I'm hoping that it rains tomorrow too.  Either that, or I should motivate myself to get going on my pincushion swap project.  I have an idea though, so there's no real rush.  Besides, for once in a long time, my kitchen looks tidy.  No sewing machine, no iron, or ironing board, no fabric piles and pincushions sitting around and a perfectly clean floor.  I could maybe get used to this!  'Course, then I'd have nothing to show you and that would be bad, I guess!  I had to clean up for this company:

Two 7 week old Havanese babies

Yes, two cutie pie 7 week old Havanese puppies.  Aren't they adorable?  My new breeder friend, Patty, came to visit with them and Toby was in heaven.  He really didn't know what to make of them in the beginning, but it didn't take long to decide which one he liked best.  Hubs was looking at me with puppy eyes himself, silently begging me to agree to add to our family, but I'm not ready yet.  Besides, winter is coming and we're old.  Who wants to take a puppy outside every hour for training now, in this weather?  Eikes!  Not me!  I'm waiting until spring!  Or summer......or never, who knows?  And now with her as a friend, I figure I can get my puppy fix anytime without spending a penny.......how cool is that?  (I sure hope she's not reading this...........she might get mad at me!......Don't read this, Patty!)  So, that's why I have a clean kitchen.  Can't have babies getting tangled in errant threads on the floor like usual, you know!!!

I can show you two recent projects from the "little quilt, sew, vote, swap" group.  The voting is done and my projects are already on their way to their new owners.  One of the fun aspects of the group is that after the voting is done, the administrator posts the top ten in voting order and I am happy to tell you that this quilt was voted number 1 for this round:

"Folk Art Flowers"

I named it, "Folk Art Flowers".  It ended up at 12 x 17 inches of fun applique.  It was a hard one to let go, but my third attempt 'cause I like the first two I made better than that one and I have yet to show those to anyone.  lol  Call me crazy!  I did make two for that round of the swap though and this one also made the top ten, but lower down the totem pole.  I called this one "Wonky Squares" and it was 12 1/2 inches square:

"Wonky Squares"

I have more "ladies" flying their way to their owners, so hopefully next time I can show you those.  (And maybe a few pincushions too??????)  We can hope!  Rain, rain go away........!!  I think I'll go read a book now.  Later..............

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