Saturday, May 25, 2013

A crazy week......

First off I want to tell you that this is a warning.....I grab lots of my photos from my Flickr account (as most of you know).  With the new changes (ugh) on Flickr lately, and my stupidity on computer situations, todays post might be a jumble mess.  Time will tell!  IF I could keep my fingers crossed as I type this, I would, because today has me baffled as to what might happen.  So, here goes:

First, I want to introduce you to two new "Ladies".  #48 is the first one.  Meg is her name and here she is:

Lady #48 - Meg

And here is the original photo that Meg sent to me.  Actually, there were originally 3 people in the photo, but I cropped her out to show you.

Next, we have the lovely, Paula.  Actually, Paula was commissioned by a friend as a gift for her 50th birthday.  I had to wait a long time to show you Lady #39, but here she is:

Lady # 39 - Paula

And here is Paula with herself:

Paula with "herself"

Other "ladies" are in process of flying to their owners so hopefully, you will see more next time.  I'm ready to sew more of you, so anytime you're ready, I would LOVE to create you in fabric too!!!

Onto the swaps......!!!  I had one thing to do and yeah.......I finished that last week too.  I signed up for the simple group (although this project did take me close to 5 hours), but I love the result and actually thought about keeping them myself.  I made coasters with a pad for a pitcher:

FLIRTS package

I bought two strips of the squared Malka fabric at my LQS, cut them apart, trimmed them with Kona white, cut them at 5 inches, lined them with 2 pieces of batting, backed with another square, flipped them inside out and quilted them on the lines already on the fabric.  Cool and easy!

Then.......I've still been doing envelope art too.  Thankfully, I had lots in reserve to send to my friends because this was a busy sewing week.  These have already been delivered though so I thought you might enjoy them too:

Mail art fun

Mail Art

Mail fun

Fun mail art

And lastly, let me show you a picture of our lilac bush.  It's finally blooming in all it's glory:

Lilacs in Bloom

Double White Lilac

Now......if Flickr would come up with "smell-a-Flickr" we'd be all set!  Have a great week, my friends!


Brenda said...

pretty ladies, and lovely lilacs. they are no where close to blooming where I live.

Needled Mom said...

Your ladies are delightful, as usual.

The coasters are so neat too. Those would be such fun to use.

Gorgeous lilacs. I can almost smell them from here.

Annie said...

Your ladies are awesome as usual! Paula is especially such a great likeness. I love my envelopes!...and the ones you send elsewhere too! They make me feel like a little kid getting mail...(little kids don't usually get mail)...I'm always awestruck! LOVE those coasters. And such a pretty mat for my pitcher (of margaritas)! And such pretty lilacs!

You and flickr done good! Damn that fickr anyway!

Sara said...

The envelopes are right on with their quirkiness!! Love lilacs. My Grandma had them in her garden as well.

Karen said...

I wish I could smell the lilacs, too! They sure are beautiful! Your "Ladies" are spot-on. I love all the wonderful bright colors you use in all your work. Just opening your posts make me smile. Hugs,Karen

Linda Crosby said...

You are so talented. Just love your "Ladies" and I can almost smell those lilacs. Thanks for sharing

Debbie said...

As always, love your work. The ladies are great. But....I want your lilac! Have a great Memorial weekend.

Noela said...

Love your ladies. Love the postcard too. Hugs.....

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Lovely ladies! I have some of the coaster fabric and may just copy you Carol!

Dianne said...

Lovely ladies and lovely lilacs. The lilacs are mostly done here sadly, I love lilacs.
Enjoy yours!

Susan said...

More great ladies and enveloppes - gorgeous lilac - we are heading to autumn so wont see much of that sort of thing for a while..

Candy said...

where can I learn/see more of your ladies. They are fascinating.

Createology said...

Hello. I found your blog through Annie of freezeframe and her link to your flicker. I was smitten with your photos and creativity! I am following your adventures. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Cindy Sharp said...

Your lilacs look like they smell fantastic. I could almost smell them..

Rettabug said...

Oooo, WHITE pretty, Carol!!

Your *Ladies* series continues to amaze me...they resemble the photos so very much. I know the owners had to be thrilled to get them.

Cute idea for the coasters, too. You must go through MILES of white fabric. LOL