Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The "Halloween party" #1

Since I haven't been doing much sewing lately, and have mainly been focusing on envelopes and crazy stories, Annie (my dear friend who has been getting the envelopes and ongoing saga) and I thought perhaps you would like to hear it too.  I must admit that when I started, I had no idea that it would evolve into a 17 envelope series.  Since I sometimes write a bit about the character I've drawn on the back of the envelope that I send, that's what happened at first.........(actually for the first 2,) until I got a crazy idea to extend the saga.   You have already seen these envelopes, but now I will add what was written on the back of each envelope so you can follow along the story with Annie.   I do hope you enjoy!!  I must admit, I sometimes had myself in stitches, I was laughing so hard!!

"The Costume Guy"

#1 - This poor guy was at the Halloween shop with his wife trying on costumes for a big party they were attending, when he tried on this bird outfit.  Well, his wife was laughing so hard that she ran right over to the pet store and bought a 2lb box of bird seed and told him to go outside, feed the birds and "peep" so that he could attract a "Yellow Beaked Cackleberry" because she needed to add one to her bird watching book for the year and couldn't find one anywhere.  So this poor guy peeped and peeped and peeped and even got down on the ground and pretended to eat the seeds but alas - no Yellow Beaked Cackleberry ever came.  Awww - oh well!  What men don't do for love.

Costume #2

#2 - Remember the guy in the bird costume?  Well, he's still trying to find the right costume.  His wife to him to hop because she thought he looked cute as a bunny!  Trick or treat!!??

Choosing Costumes

#3 - Remember the costume guy?  Well, guess who this is?  He's smarter now though!  He brings a gallon of wine in his car and so every time he changes in a new costume, he takes a walk to his car (with his cup) to try it out and that's why he's smiling.  This fish costume is his 5th try-on of the day.  lol

Homemade chicken costume

#4 - Well - when Walter go home from the costume shop after trying on 10 costumes, he was pretty "schnockered" to say the least!!  Barbara was livid that Walter would even think about drinking while costume shopping - after all, isn't being together what it's all about?  She did enjoy Walter in the bird costume though.  It was the highlight of her day until she looked out the window to the sound of clucking noises and saw Walter all decked out in his homemade chicken costume, pecking at apples that had fallen from the tree.  What in the world, she thought!  That crazy man - what?  BUT, what she didn't know was that Walter was still hell bent on attracting a Yellow Beaked Cackleberry bird so Barbara could list it in her 2013 birdwatching book.  Now, that's what love is all about!

A bunch of grapes?

#5 - Poor Walter!  How could he have known that 10 neighbors would report him to the police for disturbing the peace?  Idiots!  Didn't they know that he was just trying to attract the elusive Cackleberry bird for Barbara?  And Barbara?  E-gads, that was another story!  Talk about pissed off!  She was the embarrassment of the neighborhood.  After all, Walter in a homemade chicken costume?  What was he thinking?
Well, Barbara got right to work!  She rushed to the party supply store the very next day and started creating her own work of art for Walter.  After all, he should have some respect - where does wine come from after all?  Once she was done taping on the balloons with double sided tape, she told Walter to model it in the yard.  Well, Walter was not only hung over, but worried that a balloon might blow away in a special place, so covered his privates with his hand.  At that very moment, he really wished he had the "fruit of the loom" guys with him.

Should Walter be a clown for the party?

#6 - After a huge gust of wind took all 120 purple balloons off Walter's poor naked, taped body and he had to make a quick run for the house, he and Barbara agreed to no more homemade costumes.  The county sheriff was happy too since he and his men only had made 18 stops to the house the past two days for neighbor complaints.  From now on, only costumes from the costume shop would work.
Once there again, Barbara was quick to point out that he should try on clown costumes since she was a clown lover from way back and remembered a hunk of a clown from her youth who was shot out of a canon never to be seen again.  Walter's heart sank!  But being the good husband, he relented and tried one on just for her - but he couldn't bear putting on the face mask for fear that she'd think it was the canon clown from her youth brought back to life and then she would like him more than Walter.

SO.....what do you think?  Will they find the perfect costume?  As soon as Annie gets her envelope with more of the story, I will fill you in too.  I hope you have as much fun with this little halloween saga as I did.  Stay tuned............


Annie said...

OH what a good husband Walter is and a good sport too! The costumes are pure fun and the search to find the perfect one for the party is a hoot!

Maxine said...

What do you paint your envelopes with? they are so dang cute

kiwikid said...

I love the first part of the story and the envelopes, the person who gets it must be so happy! I would be hanging out at the letter box waiting for them to arrive!!

Createology said...

Carol you are not only the very best artistic envelope creator and sender you are also the best story creator and teller! Thank you for this wonderful laughter I enjoyed along with the drawings. Poor Walter...
Fabulous Halloween Party #1.