Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall is coming…..

Who can believe that the morning temps have only been in the high 30's here earlier this week.  E-gads, it's been so chilly that we even flipped on the furnace a few times.  I was sitting in my hoodie with socks and still shivering.  I sure hope we don't have a repeat winter of last year!  (Although from the Farmers Almanac, I understand that is what is supposed to happen.)  I think I need a Florida vacation for 3 months out of the year!!!  Wait until I tell hubby…………….lol!!

Here are the envelopes I mailed this week.  You'll note that two of my friends had birthdays.  The others went to my little girlies.

And then…………..this is unbelievable…………..I didn't even finish one book this week!  Yes, you heard that right!  I started and am still reading this:

SEVEN WONDERS                          by                  Ben Metrich

It's an adventure and mystery in the vein of Indiana Jones looking for the DaVinci Code artifacts, but obviously not as exciting as that might sound.  I'm only on page 109 out of 314, but I WILL finish it…(hopefully by the time I post next week.)  Until then, take care and enjoy all the sunshine you can before the big snows come much sooner than any of us want, I'm sure.  UGH!


Annie said...

Terrific mail art! What?! book finish?! What are you doing?...napping? LoL. Or dragging out the sewing supplies?

Ellyn said...

no sign of fall here in Texas. boo. lucky you!

Rettabug said...

Love these cute envelopes, Carol!
We had our furnace on, too...E. chills very easily these days. We just plugged in his heated throw beside his living room chair, too. I HATE to think what is ahead. I heard it will be another bad winter, too. Boo!!!

I'll have to check to see if our Family Video has the "Homeland" series available to rent. I hate buying stuff like that because I never re-watch a program. I can't stand reruns.

Have a good week & we'll talk soon.