Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day….tomorrow!

I hope you all have a fun and loving Valentine's Day tomorrow.  I haven't the slightest idea what we will do.  Probably eat leftovers and watch a Netflix movie……lol!  At our age, one holiday is pretty much like another.  Besides, it's been so cold here again, who wants to go out at night?  Hubs birthday is next Wednesday, so I really should plan something for that, I suppose…….eikes!

Oh well…..instead of thinking, let me introduce you to Lady #77 - Margo.  Margo is from the US and works in a quilt shop.  Friends of hers had me make "her" for her.  Sooo sweet!  You'll note on the "real" Margo that she has no glasses.  I was told that she normally wears hers on the tip of her nose and she removed them for the photo.  Ah-ha!!  Caught ya, Margo!

Then, naturally, we have the envelopes sent out this week to my girlies.  Other than 2, I used the Valentine theme.

Finally, here are the books I've read so far this month:

THE PREDICTION  (debut - really good)       by             Darren Sugrue
FLORENCE GORDON                                 by             Brian Morton
UNBECOMING: A NOVEL (debut)                by             Rebeca Scherm
THE MAGICIAN'S LIE (debut - my favorite)   by            Greer MacAllister
CRASH & BURN                                         by             Lisa Gardner
THE JURY MASTER                                   by             Robert Dugoni

The last four books from that list,  I got from the library, can you believe?  I'm trying to buy less books this year since I still have about 40 or so left in the cupboard to read yet that I bought last year.  Ugh!

Have a good week, my friends!


Bonnie said...

Love your lady and the envelopes. You sent me an envelope quite a while back when you asked if anyone would like one. Well, I couldn't wait to get mine. I have put it on the bulletin board in my office and have had quite a few comments on how cute it is. Thanks again for your blog and for the envelope.

Jacqueline said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You capture my interest in many ways so thanks for sharing.

kiwikid said...

Lady 77 is too are your envelopes. Love the cupid dog.

Ellyn said...

Margo looks great! Happy Valentines day whatever you decide!

Annie said...

Margo has some great friends and she's wonderful in fabric. The envelopes are your usual great fun and are adorable. Happy reading.

Mary said...

Your envelopes are as cute as ever! Nice to see more ladies, of course. Have a Happy Valentine's day. My DH has a Birthday on Sunday. Ya, what do you buy for an old man? lol