Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just a reminder.....

Christmas isn't far away and NOW is the time to start those fun holiday projects.  Just a reminder that I have plenty of these patterns for sale:

Christmas is Coming

(It really is a bright and lovely cover.......too bad I had to take the photo outside this morning in the rain.  Duh!)  Anyway, the tree skirt is completely pieced and ends up at 40 inches in diameter.  It looks like this finished for all you who are new to my blog:

Tree Skirt

I must say this this has been my most popular seller no matter what fabrics are used.  My friend, Shirley, even made it in country colors:

Oh Joyful Treeskirt

So, now for the info.  The pattern is $12 plus about $1 for shipping and you can order your copy by contacting me here:  For all you shop owners, wholesale prices are available to you for orders of 12 or more.  Your customers will love you!!  I must admit that the only tricky part is the bias binding.  Everything else is a piece of cake!

Now, back to my crazy ornament making!  I'm thinking that I will be back to my normal self by the weekend, hopefully.  Right now though, I am having such fun experimenting with felt.  Believe it or not, I never worked with wool felt before.  Who knows, I just might have a new little pattern for you?


Sara said...

Funny you bring that up, I have the pattern sitting next to me as we speak. Just ordered some Ruby fabric for it---very excited to get started!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I hadn't seen your tree skirt pattern before Carol and it is gorgeous. If I needed a tree skirt, it would be the FIRST pattern I'd buy.

Snoodles said...

Love that just hopped on top of my wish list!

Carol said...

I love your envelope design. What software do you use to design your pattern covers?

Jo Ann said...

Can I still buy this pattern? Oh joyful tree skirt? Please? Email me.