Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just call me, "Copycat"!

For soooo many years (probably as soon as I started quilting in August of 2008 and discovered Flickr,) I have admired the work of Malka Dubrawsky from A Stitch in Dye.  It was probably her use of bright, bright colors all messed together in sort of a organized wacky order that I loved.  I so wished I could dye my own fabric so I could do what she did.  Problem was that I also had so many wild ideas of my own in my head to quilt that had to come out first!  Besides, at my age, I didn't think I would enjoy making the mess that hand dying can make (or so I imagined).  You see, in order to duplicate her style, her fabrics were essential!   Oh, what to do?  Believe it or not, I did order some of her hand dyed charm squares from her Etsy shop that sat on my dining room table for years.  I'd look at them every now and then and wondered what I'd ever do with them.  BUT, then something marvelous happened.  Moda released her line of fabrics!  Oh, I was a happy girl!  I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

I bought a ton!  You might remember this quilt that I made earlier this year:

A "Stitch N Dye" look alike???

That was my first attempt to copy her style.  I gave that one away!  (I give a lot of my stuff away in case you don't know!)  It was the perfect size (24 x 24 inches) for a friend who wanted a wall hanging, and I knew that I'd make myself another one eventually anyway.  So, recently I made this:

"Stitch N Dye" copy #2 in the sun

NO, it's not the same quilt!  Look closer!  I actually included the original hand dyed charm squares in this one and it turned out the perfect size for my loft wall at 36x36 inches.  I spent forever quilting it with a different pattern in each square.  (I like the piecing part better than the quilting part, can you tell???  lol)
But, I wasn't done yet!  I had to do one more before I moved on:

"Colorful Strings"

Nothing like a string quilt with uneven squares, I say!!!  That one turned out at 16 x 18 inches and I was going to use it for a secret swap, but changed my mind.  Actually, the last two quilts are now at my local quilt shop for viewing and to help sell the few remaining yards on bolts still there.  (Until the next bunch comes in, I hope???)

I still have some left!  Can you believe?  Seriously, I went a bit nuts when I bought my stash in February or March, and now I wonder what I was thinking!!  SO.......(and here is where it gets good), I have a deal for you!  I am selling this stack of 18 fat quarters to the first person who contacts me for $54 plus shipping of $ of $60 (US residents only, please.)  My e-mail address is on the sidebar.  Just think, you too can be a copycat!  These fat quarters, plus some Kona solids to match and you too can pretend to be Malka.......just like me!   


Maria Célia said...

Vi seus trabalhos no blog de uma amiga e fiquei ENCANTADA. Você tem mãos de fada e um bom gosto incrível.
Maria Célia

Annie said...

These really are fun fabrics and your little quilts make me feel really happy when I look at them. I'm still just looking and drooling at my bundle of these fabrics and "musing" on what I will make with them. Actually I think I already know, but that may change by the time I can actually get to cutting them.

MariQuilts said...

Fabulous...I love Malka's style and fabrics as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cheryl from Suffolk, England here, this was the perfect post for me as I'm just cutting up my Malkas to make a huge curtain for a huge window in my new home. Against plain white walls I think its going to look fabby and the string hanging will be a perfect play thing to make with my scraps so thanks for the idea. It's a good job your fabric offer is for the US only or I would be tempted to buy some more.

Nancy B said...

Love that string quilt. It looks like it would be fun to make.
Happy sewing!

Elaine said...

I love the two new quilts! How can you bear to have them at the LQS?

Alyssa said...

OMG! I love all these quilts. I love all the designs, especially the colors. They are very charming and you just gain a new follower here. :)

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Karyn said...

Fantastic colours!