Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm joining the party!!

You've probably noticed in blogland that there's a party going on!  Seems everybody is talking about Jacquie and Katie's new book.  You might also have noticed that I am NOWHERE on the list of hotshots that should be talking!  Did that stop me?  Ah.........NOT!  You see, I love the book soooo much that I was going to talk about it anyway!  Then, out of the blue last night Jacquie wrote to me and asked if she could use one of my pictures on her blog today.  SO.......I asked her if I could join the party this weekend and brag about her book too.  (Like was she going to say, NO?  Hello!!!)  Now, most of you have been around long enough to KNOW that I don't push books, fabric lines, etc.  Yeah, I have some favorites, and you've heard about them, but a book?  Not so much!  (Probably because I have enough goofy ideas of my own to fill a book or two...........just not enough ambition to write one!!)  BUT, I LOVE Jacquie and Katie's new book, Quilting Modern:

There are so many ideas in this book that I could go on forever!  And, it's not like you have to make the items as they are in the book!  You can just use the concepts and make whatever you want!  That, my friends is the beauty of this book!!!!!!  Just take a look at this next picture:

I so wish you could se the quilting too!  It's amazing!  Not only could you use this concept for a quilt, like the picture, but you could also use it for placemats, doll quilts, and more.  I'm thinking of various colors with white (I suppose you already guessed that though, huh??)  Then there is this:

I already used that concept for one of my latest pincushions and it looks nothing like those pillows!  Look:

Asian Inspired Pincushion

But, my very favorite in the whole book is this:

I absolutely ADORE that quilt!!!  I wish you all could see this picture up close!  The quilting is amazing and the concept is so unique!  It's called, "Add it Up" and what an appropriate name!  Wow!  Just WOW!

I did make the placemats that were in the book too and I've showed them to you before!  Remember?

"Summerville" Placemats

I also made something else, but right now, I'm saving it for a secret swap so I don't want to "spill the beans" so I can't show you!  It turned out pretty cool too and was a ball to make.

So there you have it!  Party time!  Do yourself a favor and get yourself the book too!  I guarantee you won't be disappointed!  There's also a Flickr group for things made from it right here...go look!


B Greene said...

I love you take on the books and the projects. That black quilting on the natural fabric of the pincushion is just wonderful!!

Katherine said...

Appreciate hearing your thoughts on the book, Carol and I love seeing the projects you've been inspired to make from it. The pincushion and those placemats are gorgeous!

SewLindaAnn said...

The pincushion is great. You should put a book together with "your style" of creating and the process. It would definitely be a fun book to play with.

Annie said...

I was hoping to see what in the book inspired your placemats. Both of your creations are also inspiring. I love how additional inspiration can evolve from a single project.

Annie said...

Oh...I just saw the placemats on Jacquie's blog.

VickiT said...

I'm loving what I've seen of the book. I follow a few of the bloggers involved in the book and love their work. This book is definitely a must have if you love modern or want to learn more or want awesome inspiration.

SameliasMum said...

Love your placemats and your pincushion is super cute!! Must keep an eye out for this book x

Margaret said...

These placemats are the best thing I've seen with Summersville. Love them!

MariQuilts said...

I'm in love with this book as well...a must have!!

Jussara Silva said...

I don't speak english but this blog is very beautiful.