Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Enjoy yourself today and celebrate our wonderful country!  Do something fun, but be safe......kiss your kids, and be thankful for all you have!  That's my plan!

Just a few things to show you from this past week.  Mail goes a lot slower than you think with these envelopes........!!!  No wonder they call it snail mail.  lol  (I did do some sewing too, if you can believe....but can't show you yet.......but soon, please be patient!)  Let's do the envelopes for now.  Annie got these this week:

Mail art to Annie

Fancy Mail art to Annie

Looney bird to Annie

ABC's to Annie

And naturally one to celebrate the 4th:

Happy 4th of July, Annie

Then, there was the big one to Audrey with her early reader.  I jut HAD to do something patriotic for that one too, you know:

Audrey's 4th of July Envelope

Can you just imagine the postal person who had to figure out if I had enough postage on that one?  It makes me laugh just thinking about it!

Enjoy your day, my friends!  We'll be with family having a pool party and eating brats and hamburgers here!  I'm all recovered from my cold.  Believe it or not, I only had it 4 days........a miracle!  Surely, it was because of all your good wishes and thoughts of a fast recovery for me.  I thank you all!  You are the BEST!!!!  Until next time..............


Susan said...

Love your patriotic envelope!

Annie said...

Happy 4th of July to you, my friend! I so love getting this mail! You are so creative and clever with the postage...especially the patriotic flags and the flowers. Oh, and Bonsai Island too! lol I think keeping the postal workers on their toes is not a bad thing. Some of them surely are entertained.

Dianne said...

Happy 4th m'dear!
Your mail art makes me smile!

Createology said...

Your envelopes are pure bliss!!! Happiness on paper. The little girl with glasses and Mary Jane's and her cute kitty is my very favorite. If only I could draw...
Looks like you will use all 500 envelopes in record time. Keep those postal workers entertained as they have so little to do. Safe and Festive Fourth...

Rettabug said...

These are just too, too CUTE! I loved each one more than the next. Too bad you can't BE THERE to see Audrey's face when her mail arrives. Her reactions have to be priceless!