Friday, June 28, 2013


Here I was, all haughty and smart thinking that I wouldn't get my hubby's cold that he had last week!  Ah----NOT!  I've got it good!  Coughing so badly that I wake myself up every 1 1/2 hours all night long, nose running, head achy, and throughly feeling really crummy!  Thank heavens for AC though.  With the rains we've been having this past month and the humidity in the air, I'm sure I could feel a lot worse.  Needless to say, I haven't had an exceptionally productive week!!!

Today, I cleaned out some bags of "already fused" fabric.  These are pieces that I had left after doing something else with them originally.  Well, when I got going, I wondered if there might be enough of a variety to make a mini "Under the Sea" quilt that I need to fulfill the QT Swap obligation for this round.      I was going to take a trip to my LQS the last two days and look for stuff for the swap, but the way I've been feeling, I hated to infect the world!!  Now, I'm thinking I just might be able to whip up something using what I have.  What a delight that would be!!  I will let you know.  It doesn't have to be that big....only 12 inches square max.  But I'm not going to make it today!  I worked hard enough cleaning out that bag!  This was just a smidgin of all that I found.  I just pulled the "water looking stuff" out for now.  I have until the end of July so the quilt will need to wait until my brain is functioning better!!  Right now, it's all clogged up! 

I can show you a few envelopes though.  Here are two more that I sent to my great niece for the early readers.  I was only going to send her 1 a week (if you recall), but while searching for something else in Amazon, I found a few more fun ones so just HAD to order them too.  More books, more some weeks I will double up.  Today she got one where I enclosed a dessert chocolate recipe for her mother as long as I was sending stuff.  My niece told me that she thought Audrey was more excited about the dessert than the book.  Go figure!!

#5 Envelope to Audrey

#6 Envelope to Audrey

Then, naturally, we have the envelopes I sent to Annie in California:

A fairy godmother to Annie

Swimming to visit my friend, Annie, in California.

Then, one to a fan.........

Mailed to a fabulous fan!

So that's it!  Please don't think that all these images come out of my head.  They are from all over.....stamps, clip art, illustrations and some of them are my own.  I am a good copier.....and just by looking at an image, usually I can increase it to fit what I need just be re-drawing it.  Besides, then I get to use my Copic markers.......and I LOVE coloring!!  

Have a good week, and stay well!  This being sick is NO fun!


stitchinpenny said...

You may see them, but your style comes through on each and every one.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

All so cute! Feel better soon.

AnnieOf Blue Gables said...

man, If I received an envelope like that from you, I'd NEVER throw it away. I love LOVE your stuff. You are so clever. <3
Get well soon
btw, I take 1200mg musinex and one Suphedrine PE. The Musinex loosens it and the Supedrine PE dries it up. I take the one Musinex for coughs and chest congestion

Annie said...

Great scraps. I know it's going to be a fantastic under the sea creation. I'm anxious to see what you dream up. Audrey's envelopes have such great characters on them...and so do mine! I picked up a trunk style box to collect my envelopes in. It's a pretty fun display for them.

Susan said...

Sorry you are sick...hope you get better very soon...I reckon you should produce a colouring in book - lots of designs and we can colour away to our hearts content.

Karen said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Summer colds always feel worse to me because 'you are not supposed to get sick in the summer'! I love the envelopes especially the one with the butterflies and the one with the swimmer. The fish faces crack me up!

Dianne said...

Hahahahahaha! The faerie and the little fish are to die for!! Made me Laugh out loud!
Please feel better soon :0/

Sandi said...

Summer colds are the worse. I also find a/c makes them worse, but I don't live in high humidy.
Feel better soon, your envelopes are great, thanks for sharing the with us.

Josie said...

Yeah... being sick is no fun at all but what is great fun is... YOUR BLOG! I'm on the 'sick list' too but have to say you cheered me up today. Feel better soon....

Shirley said...

You have inspired me to start sketching on envelopes! i love to go to the Botanical Garden here in St. louis for my sketching time, but I would rather sketch some of your delightful things!

Thanks for sharing all your work! It always makes me smile :)

Rettabug said...

I'm sorry I didn't know you were sick, Carol. I would have send ~~healing vibes & prayers~~ sooner!

Your work is wonderful & I know the postal people have to be getting a real kick out of seeing them all.