Thursday, June 13, 2013

More of the same.......

Things haven't changed much around here.  I continue to make fun envelopes and fabric portraits.....and I'm loving both!!!  Today I will start off with pictures of the envelopes first.  I continue to exchange with my friend, Annie, from California......

Annie Squared

One wet worm mail art

Moonlight gel pens on black

Guess who bought a compass?\

Mail art

Then, I found a little friend who likes turtles:

Mail art to a little turtle loving friend

And a long time friend who had a birthday:

Happy Birthday to my friend, Sue.

Then, I got my package from the FLIRTS swap.  I asked for coasters and was blessed with this nice set from "beadqueen", alias, Liz:

Flirts package from "beadqueen"...alias Liz

Lastly, let me introduce you to Lady # 51, Anita from the USA (not to be confused with Lady #35, Anita from Australia).  Anita also sent me a nice photo of her with herself.  lol

Lady #51 - Anita from the USA

Lady #51 - Anita with herself

So there you have it.......another week.  How quickly they fly by when you are having fun.  Did you ever notice that?  Be well, my friends, and try your best to have some fun this week too!  I will be working on Lady #52.


Maria said...

Love all the ladies your create Carol.
the quilt over Anita USAs shoulder is a nice touch...

Shannon said...

It is ok that everything is the same. It is when things are all over the place that we can get crazy. Enjoy this time of peace. You have an amazing talent. I love your art!!

Carol said...

Wonderful envelopes again! Love your fun colors that are so bright and cheery. This time the black envelope caught my attention. I had seen some in Michael's just this morning but passed them by as not sure how they would look-and if those Sakura markers would work on them. I need to do a birthday envelope for an aunt tonight. Have grandchildren coming tomorrow for 9 days so my time will be with them.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Oh you are soooooooo creative, I just love everything you make. Lovely coasters that you have received.

Susan said...

Those coasters are sew cute. Lady 51 is great - as always - won't be long and it will be #100!

Lesley said...

You certainly had fun this week, your envelope art is so pretty, and Anita is gorgeous...well done!