Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Ladies" and more fun envelopes......

It occurred to me the other day that I was missing a "Lady" from awhile back.  I'm really hoping that she finally got herself, but as yet, I really don't know.  Alia and I corresponded in early April.  She lives in Oman, but I sent her quilt to her mother in the states to forward to her.  She is "Lady #45".  

a href="" title="Lady #45 - Alia by mamacjt, on Flickr">Lady #45 - Alia

And here is one of the pictures she sent me originally:

Next, we have Lady #52.  Her name is Chris and she was commissioned by her dear friend, Susan.  She told me that Chris had some surgery and I should make her hair a bit longer:

Lady #52 - Chris

And here is the original picture of Chris that Susan sent me: 

Lastly for the ladies, we have #53, Bea.  Bea is not a quilter like most of my ladies, but rather a rubber stamper and card maker.  She wondered if I could create something for her to put in her craft room and told me that her motto was "more is more" so no problem if I wanted to load up the embellishments:

Lady #53 - Bea

And here is the original picture that Bea sent me of herself.  She told me that she had gotten different glasses and asked me to use the new ones instead of the ones she had on the picture.

Whew, lots of ladies this time!  AND......I'll be working on #54 this weekend.

Now for the envelopes.  First, let me show you the weekly fun one for my great niece, Audrey.  She is the little girl I wrote about on my last post with the "early readers". I thought a looney bird would be fun:

#4 Easy Reader envelope to Audrey

Remember to add postage, if you plan on doing this yourself.  Most early reader books in a 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 envelope take 3 forever stamps without anything additional in the envelope.  (Incidentally, I did get my box of 500 and I love them!  You might be seeing lots of fun big envelopes int he future, I'm afraid!)  lol

Next, I'm going to post the envelopes that I sent to Annie that she has already received this past week.  We are having such fun!

Buzzard Mail

Target's on you "mail".

Fancy envelope to Annie

Bunny love........

Mouse/cheese mail art

Mail art to Annie

E-gads, that was one long blog post today.  I suppose I should blog more often, huh?  Sorry about that! I'll try to be better............really!  It was a crazy week! Now to work on Lady #54!  Hope you have a great week planned too.  It's raining like crazy here today so it's a perfect day to work on fun things!  Until next time..............


Cindy Sharp said...

You can make them long as they have lots of pictures of your awesome work! Thanks for sharing.

brownj6610 said...

I agree. I love seeing your creative ladies and wonder what creativeness will appear on my lady when I get around to ordering one. Can I be Lady #100, please?

Mary said...

Your ladies are wonderful. Sure do love the envelopes. They are just so cool. You have a wonderful eye for style and color. Amazing.

Annie said...

All your fabric ladies are such a great collection of 'real' women! I love seeing them. And for sure I love seeing these wonderfully creative envelopes come in my mail! We ARE having such fun!

Rettabug said...

You are a NUT...certifiable NUT! Such goofy, crazy characters...reminds me of the Monsters, Inc. movies. BTW, you have GOT to go see the newest one. Monsters University. It is a hoot...Charlie & I both loved it & all the monsters look like they came straight out of your head.

The ladies' portraits are lovely & so well done. They have to be so happy & honored to receive such a gift. I know I am!!!

Hugs...stay dry...I saw your weather!

Lesley said...

The quilty portraits are always so ingenious! Love your embellishments and how you make each one so unique to the lady. And of course your arty envelopes are so so sweet!

Dianne said...

The ladies are lovely as usual and the envelopes never cease to amaze me but I have to say my fave this time is the Bee. He is too adorable for words!!!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Dear Mamcjt; Yes, I received 'me' and love myself!!! I apologize as I thought I sent a very enthusiastic and emphatic Thank You!!!! I love your work and look forward to seeing what else or 'who' else you create! Alia