Friday, November 22, 2013

It's snowing.......UGH!

I should move!  Every year I wish for a snowless winter and in all my years, it has yet to happen.  Duh!  'Course, if I didn't live in Wisconsin, I suppose it might make more sense!  (Duh, again!)  I don't even think it's pretty anymore!  And I hate driving in it!  That's all!

On another note, I have been busy drawing holiday envelopes:

Christmas envelope #5

Christmas envelope #4

Christmas envelope #3

Christmas envelope #2

Christmas envelope #1

Pilgrim with a turkey leg.....

Then, there were these 3:

Fishy envelope

Everything's better while doing the Hokey-Pokey

Pirate Series Books #1

Glory be......I sewed!!!  I joined the FLIRTS Christmas swap and made my partner these cute coasters:

Christmas coasters to Liz for "FLIRTS"

And then, I wanted to add something a bit extra so I thought perhaps a refrigerator magnet might be fun.  Never in my life did I think I would get carried away enough to make 48 of them are the first 30.  They're 2 inches square each...and I sent out sets of 2.

15 sets of Silly Snowmen refrigerator magnets are some of the boxes all ready to go:

But this week, I have to not only concentrate on baking 3 pies (my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast at my sister's house), but also clean this mess and the next and decide what to do with the excess fabric:

Time for purging, I think!

Time to think about cleaning off the dining room table....again!

Oh.....I also will be putting up the tree and decorations for Christmas!  And all the while, I will be thinking if I should get this little guy or not.  E-gads!!!  Here is his 4 week picture.   Believe it or not, I've already named him in my head.  Meet "Tucker"!  (Maybe)

Have a wonderful holiday, my US friends.....and blessings to you all, no matter where you live!  Stay warm and healthy and thank you for being a fan!!!  Love ya!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just adore your post cards! The little snowmen - oh my. And glad to see someone creates in a mess like I do. I hate snow and cold - why do I live in the NorEast???

Christine S said...

Lots of cute things in your post!

Leanne said...

I have not been stopping to comment much lately, it has been busy in my life, but I have been loving your drawings on the envelopes. I wanted to stop today and say, I sure hope you bring Tucker home, he is adorable and clearly you would love to have another puppy.

Annie said...

I am going to LOVE the snow once I am retired and can hibernate indoors all winter long and enjoy the winter wonderland from within the warmth. But NOT until then! LOL The Christmas elves are the cutest of all!!! Love the potholder set and the adorable little magnets are super cute right here in front of me and touchable! Why stop at 2 need and bunch!

Rettabug said...

Pure Genius! (except for getting the puppy part) Your little coasters & magnets are just the cutest things!!!

I LOVE how you hung the ornament stamps from branches...Don't you wish you could see the postal people's faces when they come across them? I'm sure some have to be hand canceled due to the position of the address & stamp, but who cares? They're DARLING!!


p.s. Put away the dog pictures!!!

Mary said...

Awwww...Tucker is such a cutie!

Anja said...

I love your paintings and LOOOOOOOVE the little magnets!!! beautiful!!!!
And of course you have to take Tucker home to Tobi, they´ll make a perfect team!

beachiesews said...

Oh boy...that is one cute little dog. Don't you wish they would stay that small? I wish that about kittens! Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! If you get tired of all that snow...come see us here in Arizona!
Hugs to you Carol!

Barb and Sharon said...

Tucker is gorgeous! How do you saw no to that face? Can I ask? What do you use Baby Oil for? It is on your cutting table.

Gill said...

I love everything Carol!! the cards, the magnets and of course Tucker!

Miss Jean said...

I do hope you have decided to get little Tucker! We had our Maggie for 5 1/2 years and always wanted a little friend for her. I kept putting it off and giving my self all kinds of excuses why we shouldn't. I put my name in at the local rescue agency for a purebred Scottie, thinking it would never happen. A month later we got a call and the rest is history. Boy are we happy!!!!!! Did you hear about all the rescued Havanese here in Colorado? Good luck with your decision.

Jo said...

Love your drawings and am sure they inspire many folk.

That little puppy is adorable and as you already have a name, I am sure he will be home for Christmas, so make sure you hang those tree decorations up high :)

Take care in the snow, think we are all in for a cold winter this year.

Dianne said...

Move to the west coast m'dear it's positively balmy here compared to the north east!
The dog is adorable and given that he has a name and everything I have no idea how you can not bring him home!
Love the coasters and the adorable snowmen!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cindy Sharp said...

It is all beautiful...but I especially love that puppy. I bet he would love to cuddle by the fire while you wait for the snow to melt.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful envelopes! We are heading for 30deg C tomorrow, I wouldn't mind a little snow!! Love the coasters and snowmen!
Keep warm and happy Thanksgiving!