Friday, November 1, 2013

Lady #61 plus more

Happy November 1st (not that you'd ever know it from this post, I'm afraid to tell you!)  I'm going to show you all the envelopes you missed while we were reviewing the Walter/Barbara saga.......and there were a few.  As you have come to know, I send my dear sweet great niece, Audrey, two books a week....then too, my friend Annie, at least gets one or two too!  (I got smart during Halloween and duplicated my drawings so I'd have one for both of them. How long did it take for me to figure that out??????  Duh!!)  First though, I want to introduce you to lady #61, Sue from Australia:

Lady #61 - Sue from Australia

And here she is in "real":

Not a bad likeness, huh?  I think I got her pretty close.  Thanks, Sue for letting me use your original photo!  It's so fun to see the "ladies" together, don't you think?

Now, onto the envelopes.  Most of them were sent during October, thus the Halloween theme mostly.

Fun mail to Audrey

Halloween monster envelope to Audrey

Happy Birthday to my friend!

Early reader of the week to Audrey

Early reader envelope to Audrey for Halloween

Another Ron Roy book to Audrey

And then........two envelopes that I copied right out of this book.  I saw a similar drawing on "Pushing the Envelope".....a blog listed on my sidebar and decided to buy the book for myself.  I must say that I had a ball (although each envelope took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete and I think I made about 5).

Spooky Halloween Train Envelope

Halloween envelope to Audrey

There you have it!  I must admit that I have purchased two of his other books for my sweet little ones for Christmas (but of course, I had to check them out  I'm hoping that they love to draw someday as much as I do.  So, that's it!  Now I must take off to the post office to mail Lady #63 to The Netherlands.  Let's hope she doesn't take too long to arrive so I can reveal her soon.  Have a great week my friends and stay well.  Winter is fast approaching here..........brrrrrrrr!!!!


Annie said...

Wow, Sue is a really great likeness! I love her fabric bangs. Love the envelopes!...just love them. Maybe even I could learn to draw. LOL I do hope witchy comes soon!

Rettabug said...

Oooooo, you captured the exact essence of Sue in that portrait quilt, Carol...PERFECT!! I know she will be thrilled. I smile every time I walk past mine.

DH could not believe that you sketched that entire envelope! You truly have an amazing talent & inspire so many. I hope your g'kidlets do inherit your love of drawing & your talent.

Christine S said...

Great job as always! And the Halloween envelopes are ADORABLE!!

Cindy Sharp said... always. Thanks for sharing.

Anja said...


Susan said...

The envelopes are so much fun - and "Sue" looks great.

Mary said...

Your ladies are well traveled now! I like to give book to my children too. I give the Dad's a new one every Christmas to read to their children.

Jacque said...

Sometimes I just lurk and enjoy your blog, but today had to stop and let you know how much fun it is to read and see your drawings and envelopes. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!

FinnBadger said...

Love the halloween envelopes. The 'antenna' tail on the cat is brilliant, and the bright orange is an excellent touch.

Createology said...

You have truly captured Sue in her Quilty likeness. Fabulous envelopes dear. I am off to check out the book from your sidebar. Blissful Creating Dear...

kiwikid said...

I do love my likeness, and I do smile every time I go past me!! I am sooooo happy with the quilt!!
Love the envelopes too!