Sunday, May 18, 2014


Do you wonder why I'm celebrating?  Well, let me tell you!  I already checked the online website for my upcoming jury duty (a day early, I might add since we're not supposed to check until Sunday night) and discovered……..YEAH!!!!!… my absolute delight, that I don't have to show up this week because the trial has been cancelled.  Hurray!  So…...thank you to all of you who were wishing for me!!!  Now I have 4 days of freedom that I didn't expect!  I think a shopping spree at Target is in order for this week!!  lol

I didn't sew a stitch this week and I also didn't send out many envelopes you haven't already seen.  Now that I've gotten some early readers back from my little great niece because she has advanced and no longer wants them, I am re-sending them onto my little granddaughter who has just learned to read.  Needless to say, I'm using the same design for the envelopes for them since they depicted the book title perfectly in most cases.  (Call me lazy!)  Here are a few new ones though: 

Next week, I'll try to do better………..PROMISE!!  I might even sew……don't hold your breath though.  lol  I do have something in mind I want to try so we'll see!  Hopefully, it won't be a flop!

I did read this week again (big surprise, huh?)  The librarians are beginning to know me.  I just adore our "HOLD" system.  I look up the books I want on the online website and can place a hold on them so all I have to do is pick them up from the front desk when they notify me that they're there.  Our library is hooked up with 5 counties in our state so there are 44 libraries from which to borrow.  Pretty cool!  This is what I read this week:

"The Target"                                      by                     David Baldacci
"Desperate"                                        by                     Daniel Palmer
"An Untamed State"     DEBUT        by                     Roxane Gay
"Where the Earth Meets Water"         by                     Pia Padukone

(Incidentally, I want you to know that all the "by" and beginning of the authors names line up perfectly when I do this, and I can't figure out how to fix it when it finally publishes, so I'm sorry if it's all mismatched all the time).   Eikes!  Now back to the good stuff………….

I also started "The Hidden Child" but after about 100 pages, gave up on it.  Besides, it was over 500 pages long and I figured if I didn't "get it" after 100 pages, why bother?  I MUST tell you though that I think I discovered another favorite author in the above bunch.  I had never read Daniel Palmer before and now I KNOW I will be reading everything he has written before "Desperate".  Wow!  Talk about twists and turns…….my mouth was open in surprise many times reading that book.  It was sort of like we all felt years ago when reading our first Grisham, Baldacci, or Lee Child book.  REALLY!  Do look him up and try him……if you like mysteries, and thrillers, you'll love Daniel Palmer!!

I think I should also tell you about "An Untamed State".  This is a newly released debut book and while you all KNOW how much I love debut books, this one was quite disturbing  The story revolves around a woman of means who gets kidnapped in Haiti and is held by her captors for 13 days, and how even after her release, she is plagued with coming "back into herself" after the brutality done to her.  I think that book will haunt me for some time.  Eikes!!

So, that's it for this week, my friends.  Finally, after the 30's and 40's last week, we're supposed to get some nice weather this coming week.  I'm crossing my fingers!  Maybe, I'll even take a trip to the nursery for some plants………..yippee!!  Enjoy your tomorrows…………..until next week.  OOXX


Mary said...

No wonder you didn't sew a stitch, you were busy reading. Thanks for the warning on that one book. I am liking reading books on my Kindle presently. I even got a freebie that I'm reading today. It's my day to rest from stitching...

Sewconsult said...

I am an avid reader/fan of Baldacci, Grisham & Dan Brown. I am finishing up The Target today. My next books are already loaded on my iPad. I have a couple of non-fiction in the midst of the mysteries.

Annie said...

You could switch over to be a book review blog. We'd get a new review probably every other day. Publishers might start sending you free books to "advertise" for them. LOL You're enjoying yourself and that's what most matters.

beachiesews said...

Hey Carol...hope you have a good week. I don't read disturbing books about kidnap, rape and torture..why do I need that in my head? I have enough trouble sleeping, I sure don't need to put more icky stuff in there! But that is just me! I am a rather "lite" reader...same with movies! I watched Wait Until Dark and Psycho at school, of all places, in jr.high and that did me in for suspense!!! Have a good week! Sue.

Susan said...

Still having fun - that is what counts!
Would that be a koala on the second envelope??