Sunday, May 25, 2014

No sewing (again)…...

Yup, another week with no sewing.  I still have that idea I told you about last week,that I could make for the Mug Rug swap that I'm in, but think I'll keep it "upstairs" for another time.  I already made one and my partner did comment that she liked it, so I think I'm set for now.  Besides, with all the books that it seems I need to read now, who has time to sew?

I did send out a few envelopes this week though.  More than last week:

AND, of course I read a few books this week.  The first one was a soft cover that I purchased some time ago (actually the best one of the bunch) and all the others I got from the library and are current releases.  Seems my "HOLD" list at the library gets longer and longer.  This is what I read this week:

"The Funeral Dress"                                by                    Susan Gregg Gilmore
"We Were Liars"                                     by                    E. Lockhart
"Remember Me Like This"                     by                    Bret Anthony Johnston
"My Real Children"                                by                    Jo Walton

Actually, I'm half way done with the last one, so I'm not sure if it will be good or not.  So far, it is keeping my attention in between planting annuals and cleaning up which we always do this time of year.  Seems it takes forever to get the yard looking nice in spring.

Then, (much to my dismay), I broke a porcelain crown this week eating butter toffee peanuts.  Ugh!  I went to the dentist and he smoothed what was left out for me, but in order to keep my "QUEEN" status around here, I'm afraid I'm going to need a replacement to the tune of $1400.  Double UGH!  Thankfully, it's not a tooth that shows much, so for now, I'm letting it go.  And here I thought I would be spending that $$ on another puppy.  Just goes to show you, huh???

Have a good week, my friends and enjoy your Memorial Day!  Blessings and many thanks to all our servicemen and woman for your service to our great country!  Until next time………..


Annie said...

I wonder if I missed the mug rug on your flickr. I'll have to go back and check. Happy reading!

Ellyn said...

ugh on the crown. hate that. I do love your envelopes though! keep em coming

Susan said...

Ugh on any dental work..grrrr. Great fun envelopes as always.

kiwikid said...

Bad luck with the crown! Hope it can last for you so you can get the puppy!! Love the envelopes!
Just read Land of the Long White Cloud by Sarah Lark - great historical novel set in NZ. 3 books in the series, loved the first one.

Rettabug said...

Love, Love, LOVE all the darling envelopes you are able to create, Carol. Every stinkin' one is SO dern cute!!

I'm glad you FINALLY took my advice to check out the library!!! *tee-hee*


Createology said...

Every envelope you create and share really brightens my day and brings a smile to my face. Sewing will happen when you are ready. Creative Bliss and Happy Reading...

Maria Garcia said...

Oh dear. That is kind of a nuisance, to have those food crush piece of your teeth and let them unabated. I'm just glad that you got it all figured out and underwent the right procedure for you, though it was a bit costly. Hehe! Take care!

Maria Garcia @ Sky Dental Alliance