Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Artist

To say that I am extremely proud would be putting it mildly!!!  My sweet 6 year old great niece, Audrey, is the newest artist in the family.  She not only won the 2nd place best painting for her whole kindergarten group (5 classes) in her school, but recently won an honorable mention in her community for artwork done on location by artists from all age groups.  (Of course my sister had to bribe her with lemon drops and ice cream to get the 3rd drawing (the winner) out of her because she was getting bored, but we don't talk about that.  lol)  These are some of the papers she showed me recently that she did in school this year…….with #3 being one of the winners.

I'll show you the envelopes I sent next week!

Then, I got an Amazon order.  I LOVE Amazon!!  I fill up my cart and then clear it out and back and forth so often you wouldn't believe it.  These are the books that I finally bought.  I already finished "Good Sam" (a debut) and "Frozen"!  Both were good, but "Good Sam" was the better of the two!

Besides those two, I also read, "I Thought I Knew You" by Kate Moretti which was really good too.  The BEST by far (and I REALLY LOVED IT) was, "One Plus One" by Jojo Moyes.  It's a recent hardcover release that I borrowed from the library and it was SOOOO good, I hated for it to end and I'm so jealous that all of you still have the pleasure of reading it.  If you recall, Jojo Moyes recently had another book ("Me Before You") on the bestseller list.  "One Plus One" is better!!!

So, that's the news of the week.  Yippee hooray, I finally finished my last swap quilt (which I had been putting off) and now I need to collect goodies to send along with it to my partner.  Stay tuned!  Have a happy week my friends and enjoy yourself!!


brownj6610 said...

Audrey surely takes after her Great Auntie. She is a natural. Now maybe you can teach her to quilt.

Ellyn said...

I love her wonderful artwork!

Annie said...

You need to take some of A's great artwork and turn it into quilted fabric artworks! Wouldn't that first one be so cute as a little quilt.

The book titled "O"bitch"uary grabbed my attention! LoL

Looking forward to seeing your swap quilts.

Lynn said...

The artwork is terrific and I bet they would make great quilts!!

I love reading your book recommendations! I just finished, "Goodnight June: a novel, by Sarah Jio. It was an easy read but I loved her connections to the childhood favorite, Goodnight Moon!

Enjoy your Sunday!

beachiesews said...

Hey Carol! do have another artist in the family. I would say she has a very mature and possibly abstract way about her. I loved the second art work the best...that could be printed and framed! That seems very mature for a 6 year old! We will have to keep an eye on her work!
Hope you have a good week! Sue.

Kim P. said...

I can totally understand your joy! It's a connection between you two and that's what will blossom and be shared. I love that she uses such vibrant colors. Enjoy!!!!

Karen said...

How wonderful for you to have this special connection with your niece! I am so happy for you! I will have things to share soon on my sadly neglected blog using some of the fabric and trims that you so generously gave me. Tank you again for the continued pleasure of that 'Christmas in July'! I will never forget your kindness. Love, Karen