Saturday, January 24, 2015

All caught up!

Whew!  After a busy few weeks, I'm happy to report that all my new "ladies" are finished and flying  home to their owners.  Soon, I'll be able to introduce you to Randi, Marilyn, and Barbara…..ladies #74, 75 and 76.  Not only that, but I also mailed out my swap quilt(s) to my partner, so next week, I'll show you that, plus maybe even the one I get from her, who knows?  In any event, you will see some sewing.  lol

In the meantime, here are the envelopes I sent out this week to my sweeties:

And then I think I told you that I would let you know about the books I've read so far this year.  If you recall, on January 3rd, I had finished only one, "Vanished" by Irene Hannon.  Surprisingly enough, I have squeezed quite a few additional into the month even being so busy sewing.  (I think it's because I read mostly suspense and mystery ones which make you want to turn the pages faster.  lol)

THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER          by        JoJo Moyes
STOLEN (good)                                                 by        Daniel Palmer
THE LAST ALIBI                                               by        David Ellis
THE CONVICTION   (good)                                by        Robert Dugoni
FIRST FROST                                                  by         Sarah Addison Allen
BODILY HARM                                                 by         Robert Dugoni

So, that's it!  As you can tell, I'm really into the author, Robert Dugoni lately.  I have another one of his to read, but my hubby grabbed it as soon as I brought it in the house from the library, so I have to wait. He writes suspenseful legal thrillers and personally, I think he's better than Grisham…….or maybe I've just read Grisham too long, who knows?  In any event, you might like his stuff too and it's readily available at a library which makes it a plus!  Let me know what you think……

Until next week……….enjoy your life and read a book!


Mary said...

Can hardly wait to see your Swap quilt and the newest LAdies to join the ranks. Yea for Books. I have a Kindle but nothing is better than a real book to read.

Createology said...

Excellent beginning to this new year. You have been very busy and creative dear.

Annie said...

What a tease you are with that post title and all that promised goodness and NO PICTURES! But the mail art is sweet. I'm looking forwarding to seeing all your sewing adventures of late.

kiwikid said...

Looking forward to seeing your ladies! Love your envelopes as always! Some good reading happening with to look up these books.

Kim said...

Love your minis and artwork!