Friday, January 9, 2015

The "lady" process and 2014 gang!

Say "hi" to the 2014 ladies.  (Not many last year for some reason.  Probably because I was reading my head off instead of sewing like many of you thought I should be doing.  lol)

Above, from left to right we have:  Delia from the UK, Olga from Brazil, Margaret from the UK, Pat from the UK, and Beverly, Diane, and Judy all from the USA.

Every week I get inquiries about how to become one of my "ladies" so I thought I'd explain the process for any of you interested in the possibility.  All portraits are done on a commission basis.  I draw each lady from a photo provided by the client and retain my original drawing just in case the fabric portrait would become lost in the mail……..(let's not even discuss that!!!!  EIKES!!!)  My charge is $125 USD for US residents, and $140 USD for international clients.  This includes priority shipping for US residents and 1st class shipping for international and gets you an approximate 14" by 18" fabric likeness wall hanging with sleeve, dowel, and O ring, all ready to hang.  My turn around time is usually 1-2 weeks.  Payment can be made by check drawn on any US bank for US customers or Paypal for anyone, but not until you have discussed the job with me.

From the client, I require a front facing photograph sent to my e-mail address (listed on my sidebar), along with knowledge of eye color (since it's not sometimes apparent from the photo), knowledge of favorite colors, hobbies, likes and dislikes.  Sometimes ladies don't want pins in their mouth…or have other specific requests.  I once did a teacher who loved cupcakes, two art teachers who wanted art supplies on the portrait, and even two knitters……although quilters are my favorite, I must admit.  I also require the full name and address of where the finished portrait should be sent.  Sometimes I have two or three orders at the same time, and by getting addresses right away, I can keep everything straight.  (So far, I have not mailed the wrong quilt to the wrong lady, thankfully.  Yeah!!)

If you are interested in seeing all my "ladies", click on the colored picture of the buildings on my sidebar which will take you to my Flickr account.  From there, click on Albums, then click "The Ladies Series".  Scroll down and visit many of my ladies with themselves.  You can then click on each one, if you want to see it larger.  AND…..if you really want to waste time, you can visit my other albums too. lol.  I have sent portraits to Australia, Brazil, South Africa, The Netherlands, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and of course, many states in the USA.  Maybe some of my ladies will comment and let you know if they were pleased with themselves????

So, that's it.  I must interject here and tell Robin, Ana Marie, Lenetta and Ellyn that I will honor my quoted prices to you since we have recently e-mailed.  Thanks!  And for the rest of you……I would be honored to add you too to "The Ladies Series".  I was only going to make 100 ladies, and I'm on 73 now so who knows???  What number will you be?


kiwikid said...

Beautiful ladies!!

charlotte said...

I love mine. She hangs in my sewing room.

Annie said...

My fabric portrait is the most unique little quilty ever! I can't even imagine not having one. Thank you!

Mary said...

I am so glad I got mine! I think it's a real treasure and my Quilt Buddy loves hers also. You gotta do what makes you happy. if that is reading go for it.

Karen said...

Love seeing all these ladies together, Carol. You are an amazing artist!

Susan said...

I love mine too....hangs in my sewing has Ben much admired by my sewing buddies...and a few have ordered you can see I also use it as my avatar for my blog..
Thanks carol for continuing to inspire us with colour!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I love mine to. It hangs in my sewing room. I can't highly recommend you enough for these special creations. Hugs

Rettabug said...

These are so, so wonderful, Carol! You have truly created lasting treasures for these gals & captured the essence of each one beautifully.
I sure do love mine!!! Thanks again for doing it.


Gmama Jane said...

I am Lady #19 and it was a present to myself!! My fabric portrait hangs in my sewing studio and is taken with me to every new quilting/sewing event when introducing myself. I've gotten so much pleasure from this beautiful work of art made by mama CJT. She is absolutely amazingly talented. I'm just glad to learn she has resumed making her "Ladies". Get in line quickly because you will think it is the best money you will spend on yourself, and how many times do you do something Just For YOU??? I wish I could figure out how to get my picture in this comment.
Gmama Jane