Friday, April 10, 2015

Chilly, rainy week….UGH!

I'm sure glad my kids are all raised and gone.  I can't imagine having them home for a spring break week with the weather we've been having.  I probably would have jumped out of a window….('course in those days, I think I had a bit more patience.)  lol  It was a great week though to catch up on envelope drawing, coloring, addressing and stamping.  I came to realize that I have all these books that I've collected to send and was running out of envelopes.  Needless to say, I got to work.  I think I'm set now for a at least a few weeks.  Here are the ones I sent to my girlies this week:

And, of course, I read a few books.  Not as many as usual because I was so busy having fun with the envelopes.

THE NIGHTINGALE                                by                   Kristin Hannah
I'LL MEET YOU THERE                          by                   Heather Demetrios

The best (by far) was The Nightingale.  It's another story of WWII but told from the French side of things with women being a main force in the saving of lives.  I loved it and it seemed true.  It's only in hardcover right now, so mark it down for when it's released in softcover or borrow it from your local library.

So that's it for this week.  Gee, I write this and it seems as though I don't do a thing.  How come then does it seem as though I'm busy all the time to me??  Life is crazy like that, huh?  Enjoy your week…and have fun!


Ellyn said...

teehee that penguin! I love him!

Createology said...

Please just send your rain our way for we are parched and very thirsty. Love your fun and whimsical envelopes. Creative Bliss Dear...

Annie said...

That pig --- the funny shaped heads and faces are quite entertaining. Such cute envelopes.

Christine S said...

Scrolling through my blog feed, I see the pig. Brightened my day! So cute and funny :)

kiwikid said...

Wonderful envelopes once again..we could use some rain too. Especially now that the school holidays are over.

beachiesews said...

Hello Miss Carol. Well, I'm sorry you had too much rain...just enough would be perfect!
About those books, I believe that The Nightingale will be a movie. I follow Kristin Hannah on facebook. She sure can write!
This week, my son has deployed to Afghanistan. What a bummer for his family, but we are very proud of him. Would you by any chance be willing to mail him an envelope? I think he would get a kick out of that. He has just left and may not be receiving mail for a couple of weeks. If this is not possible, I certainly understand, and forgive me for asking.
Have a lovely week, and I hope you dry out and have a lovely spring...that season that is coming to a close for us here in AZ...the heat is just over the horizon I believe.