Friday, July 24, 2015

Decisions - decisions

Now that the kitchen is done, I have been thinking/looking at various floorings to put in our 18ft vaulted living center, stairway and loft area.  Right now we have carpeting…..but should I replace it with hardwood?  AND if I do hardwood, should I just bite the bullet and put it through the rest of the downstairs too….including the kitchen, 1/2 bath, hallway, laundry room and front foyer?  That would be approximately 1400 sq ft……not cheap to say the least!  OR, should I just be cheap and practical and replace the carpeting with new carpeting?  I am stumped!  First though…..and yuck about this… house was built in 1988.  Do you know what that means?  Yes, our vaulted living center and loft areas have popcorn ceilings.  Glory be!!  I've already decided to leave the stuff on the vaulted ceiling in the living center (after all how many people look that high up anyway?), but I think I need to have the ceiling updated in the loft area with the 2 skylight chutes as well.  Hopefully, we can hire our son to do that, otherwise Jennifer (my trusty contractor) will be getting another job.  No way would I even attempt to do it!!!  I will let you know what happens.

In the meantime, here are the envelopes I sent out this week:

And here is what I've been doing all week.  This is pair #6, I'll have you know.  I found an awesome pattern for some real fun socks online this week and have ordered a ton of yarn to play with, so stay tuned.  I can hardly wait for the mailman!  Did you note my matching reading glasses?  I couldn't resist!

And that's about the news!  No books again, and I must admit that I really miss reading.  One of these days….!!  Hope you are having a great summer and are staying busy.  I just love all the sunshine and no snow.  lol  Until next week….


Createology said...

Carol you really do have a decorating dilemma. We are just completing our downstairs remodel and I can tell you what I know...we had carpet in two bedrooms and a giant office space. Couldn't do hardwoods because of possible moisture issues so we did carpet. After exhaustive research and shopping selected and purchased carpet. Now that it is installed I am really unhappy. I paid for really good quality carpet and pad but it cannot begin to compare with my 20 year old mauve carpet which was thick and comfy to my bare feet. The new carpet is thin and not comfy and I am more than sad. So much money and hard work and to be unhappy is just wrong! Our world seems to be disposal and cheesy and I am old fashioned. Thank you for letting me vent. Love your envelopes. Wonderful weekend dear...

Christine S said...

Your envelopes always brighten my day!
I used to help my brother remodel homes and that popcorn is a mess! I'd also vote to leave it up high!

Ellyn said...

we just did the whole house (including kitchen) in wood laminate. I was concerned about real wood in the kitchen getting wet... whatever you decide I'm sure it will be lovely

beachiesews said...

Hello Miss Carol. I am a flooring jinx. Every time we had new flooring put in it was a living nightmare. I always bought good carpet but got such a poor install and/or carpet beetles, thanks Home Depot!. I think I would rather just move. In my current home we have a lot of tile...I love it and have decided to ignore the grout...I just am not getting on my hands and knees to scrub it so it can get dirty again. It is brown grout to match the tile (think beach sand color). The carpet we have in the bedrooms, family room and living room I really like. I have foot problems and cannot walk barefoot so I am really glad we have half the house carpeted. I would think of the weather where you are...would wood be cold? That would be my concern with wood (...would-wood, ha ha!)Oh, the joys of staying in a home for a lot of years...the updating!!! Good luck with what you decide!
Have a great week...can summer please be over??? At least out west??? Sue.

Kat McPherson said...

I'd recommend leaving or installing vinyl in your laundry room, not hard wood. If your washer, heaven forbid, leaks, the vinyl should be better and keeping the flooring underneath dry. Leaky washer on hard woods... gah! :)
Lovely socks!