Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pies anyone?

Well, the pies are made and we'll be ready to go to my sister's in a few hours.  I knew you'd want a peek though after bragging the other day about what a fabulous pie maker I am.  LOL  So.....may I present:
Homemade Pecan Pie
French Silk:
Homemade French Silk Pie
And the all time favorite.....French Apple:
Homemade French Apple Pie
You all have a Happy Thanksgiving too......even my "out of the US friends". I am truly grateful for all of you no matter where you live!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear... The silky one, I'd be thankful forever if I could have one of those. ;-) It looks absolutely marvelous!

beth said...

much prettier than the pies I posted about made by my daughter...but I'm so proud of her...i'm sure not complaining!
have a wonderful day.

Valerie said...

Oh how pretty! I can only imagine how good they are.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your pies look amazing! Any tips?

Rettabug said...

Yummo!! These look like they should be in a magazine spread. Delicious sounding, too!
I take just a sliver of each, please? LOL :D

Linda said...

O.k. womannnnnn why aren't you listing your recipes for these great pies and cookies? I know it isen't like you have lots of spare time but this is just nooooooo fairrrrrrr they look soooooooo good! Linda