Friday, April 29, 2011

Didya watch too?

I'm up for the 2nd time today.  I really wanted to watch the wedding, and since my body clock didn't really know what time that was, it seemed to wake me a lot last night.  Finally, at 4:15, it got it close enough so I grabbed my clothes, socks, and shoes (no fancy hat though) and hightailed it to the TV to take in the festivities.  I figured I did it for Diana, so Kate should have equal billing!  LOL  I really started yawning about the time they were to make it outside to the balcony, so I crawled back into bed instead figuring they probably wouldn't make a huge deal out if anyway.

Now, I'm up for good, I think, and I really need to get something done.  The Mug Rug swap has started and you won't believe this, but they gave me a partner who does NOT like raw edge applique.  Yes, can you believe?  What were they thinking?  I've had a few things drawn for that swap for days already and now I can't use them.  Instead, I made this early yesterday:

Too Simple?

I made that as a spoof!  There were so many "too simple" quilts in the doll swap, that I thought I'd bring up the bar (so to speak) immediately for the Mug Rug swap.  I sure hope everyone got the "picture".  No one really said much though since they have a rule of no negativity.  Bummer!

Right after I did that one, I got going on something that might please my partner though.  Her favorites are filled with tons of pieced blocks and quilts so I did this one:

Lots of Pieces Mug Rug

I really wanted it to all work out math wise, but with my tiny colored squares being 3/4" I was having a time of it working it all out mathwise, so I thought I'd just make the darn thing and let it go.  I'm sure I'll come up with something else by the send date anyway.  Here is the back:

The back

Last time, someone suggested that I should try two layers of batting, so I did, but I'm really not sure if I like it.  Too poofy, I think!! Look at that back binding.  I had to pull my brains out to get it straight and now you can see all the stitches.  UGH!  Besides, now it feels like a potholder!  Double ugh!   What do you think?  Do you make mug rugs?  How many layers of batting do you use?


sophie said...

I wasn't planning to watch the royal wedding, but when I woke up early (for no good reason), I remembered that today was the day and decided to get out of bed and enjoy.

Your spoof mug prompts me to share this itty bitty quilt--made from a much, much smaller version of the same block. Even too simple blocks can get complicated if you make them small enough ;-) Laura's 8 1/2 by 10 1/2 inch quilt contains 20 two-inch disappearing 4-patch blocks. It will be an Alheimer's Art Quilt Initiative auction quilt.

To each his own, but I don't like poofy quilts or mug rugs--one layer of batting seems to work fine to me. I love your bright, scrappy, pieced version and applaud you for taking the liberated route and not working out all the math ahead of time ... and just letting go ;-)

Pam said...

Slept through the wedding, but I've watched parts on all the morning shows, and I did record it to watch later.

I sometimes use two layers. If I'm making one with lots of thread painting (not so pretty on the backside) and it shows through the backing I'll put a second layer in. But I also have some thinner cotton batting that I will use for that. And only on doll quilts or mug rugs. Sometimes the quilt gets a little warped when you bind it with only one layer of batting, especially if it's lighter weight.

Loved your little joke yesterday!

Wendy said...

I am up still from watching the 'live' walk down the isle ... missed most of the lead up to moments, but since it was 6:30 by the time the balcony kissed happened and I had to get up, I decided I might as well stay up. Maybe I'll sneak in a quick snooze or two this afternoon :) I really like your mug rug and laugh at your spoof mat that you can't garner any sad comments for ... lol Really what were they thinking matching you up with someone who doesn't like raw edge applique??? April fools joke, or trying to challenge you? Beautiful work Carol!!

Taryn said...

I slept through the wedding but have enjoyed seeing some of the pictures. They do look happy together and I hope they get the whole fairy tale ending. I love, love, love your bright scrappy mug rug. I never made one myself, but if I was your swap partner I'd be pleased with what you made.

Merete said...

Im lucky enough to live in Norway, so I didnt have to wake up in the middle of the night to see the wedding. Actually I just saw parts of it, she was beautiful and so was the dress!
I have made a few mugrugs and I always use one layer of batting, I think thats enough. It will only be a warm cup on top, so no need for more to protect the table :o)

I'd love the colourful one....

Mary said...

I was watching from the comfort of my bed...I fell asleep before the "Royal Kiss" but have seen it over and over already like I thought I could. The Mug Rugs rimind me of Potholders too esp with two layers of batting. I can say, "made that, no need to do it again!"

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I did tape the Wedding and will watch it with my daughter after school. I love the "puffy" look. I think I may try that!

Marie said...

I like the mug rugs with only one layer of batting - two layers make me feel it is a little 'out of balance'.

Colleen said...

Im LOL now. I didnt get it when you posted the first pic. All I can say is its been a long week. I woke at four but decided as I had to go to work I would sleep and watch the reruns. Turns out I caught the best part while dressing and the kiss at school. I want to use the special thermal batting for my mug rug but not sure if its allowed. Plus it krinkles a little.

PEGGY said...

I did watch...but I didn't get up extra early....I have to be in work at the school by 7 so I watched before I left and then we turned the tv on in the office and watched until 9:00-after the kiss :)
I love the multi colored/white mug rug!!!
Peggy in NJ

Susan said...

Lucky us in Australia got to watch Friday night - very convenient to have a little soiree with champagne and cuccumber sandwiches etc - I didnt but there have been a few parties on to celebrate. LUVED the dress - so simple and elegant. Love your mug rugs - always so colourful. Maybe if you want to use 2 layers of batting you should cut the binding a bit wider. Mug Rugs havent really hit Australia but having said that I'm am proposing to make few to match a quilt I am making to be a "snuggle under while watching TV" quilt so some mug rugs would be very appropriate.

Wendy said...

Love this colorful mug rug! Your partner is going to love it!

I am Just One Mom said...

you are a marvel!