Sunday, November 16, 2014

Feeling the holiday rush…..already!

We had a measurable snowfall last night and Toby was investigating it this morning.  Hard to smell other critters walking around his space with all that white stuff, you know.

Not very many envelopes.  One of my sweeties is in Disneyworld, on vacation this week…..AND, dummy me forget to take a picture of another envelope that was sent.  Oh well!

And then, a week or so ago, I got these from Amazon.  Most of them have been read already:

In fact, these are the ones I read this week.  Both were really good!

THE MIDNIGHT PLAN OF THE REPO MAN     by     W. Bruce Cameron
MY SISTER'S GRAVE                                    by      Robert Dugoni

And then, I started making my Christmas cookies.  I always freeze them anyway, so I thought I'd get a head start:

What you been doing with yourself?  Staying busy?  If you're like me, the next 6-7 weeks will fly by and soon we'll be looking at 2015.  Wow!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Yummy I wish I had those red and green cookies right now with my coffee! I have both Christmas villages up and a little shopping done. That' s. It! But it all gets done in the end. Enjoy your day.

Annie said...

When you said measurable I expected it to be Toby-deep. hahaha Your walnuts should arrive by Wednesday. I like the looks of the green and red trimmed ones too.

beachiesews said...

Mmmmmm...cookies. I love cookies! I decorate cookies with my grands..we always have fun and I think they lick as much icing off the knife as they apply to the cookies! I make sure they take those home!!!

I am doing some shopping and avoiding the rest. We have a large family and I get feeling overwhelmed. Then it all works out and everyone is happy! Every year! So, I guess this year will be fine too.

Have a good week, and stay warm! Today it is 65 here...feels marvelous! Sue.

Createology said...

As fast as the clock is flying I think I shall just watch the blurr that will be this year's holidays. Toby looks like he likes that white stuff. Stay warm and cozy...

Christine S said...

Your dog is adorable! The early cold and snow (for us anyway), has made the holidays seem to creep up faster for sure :) Your early baking looks yummy!

Susan said...

Your visitors must love coming to your place!!