Friday, August 28, 2009

Fruit Basket Upset

Fruit Basket Upset, originally uploaded by mamacjt.

Remember all those pretty Kaffe prints? Well, lookie!! Pretty, huh? It's in the works.....and at the quilters. I can't wait to get it back!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Oh poor me!! My Apple laptop died yesterday. Sob-sob!! And I can't seem to access anything on my husbands PC for some reason. Who knows why Yahoo and Flickr and Google all have me as something else, all of which confuse me to no end!!! Lord knows, I don't even know who I am anymore!!! I am surprised that I even got into my blog. Eikes!!! I could sit here and scream all day, but what good would that do?? Instead. I'll sew so I'll have lots to show you when I do get my "baby" back......unless the dummies erase my hard drive.....$CW@*C%^*&!!! Pray!! Please??

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shame on Me

I took my latest quilt into my favorite quilt shop today for quilting and swore I wasn't going to buy anything, (duh, HELLO?). But, I couldn't help it after I stepped in. Wow, it's soooo cool in there and the colors are so marvelous, I just love it!! And these are just a tiny bit of the bolts upon bolts of fabrics they have. Aren't those Kaffe fabrics just so gorgeous?? You wouldn't be able you help yourself either, do you think?????

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I swore I wasn't going to post this for awhile, but I just couldn't help myself. This little quilt turned out so neat and I love it so much!! Originally I was going to quilt it myself, but when I got done piecing it, I was too afraid that I'd mess it up.....especially with all my math in figuring out the perfect back for it, so off the the quilters it went. I just got it back on Thursday, so I bound it yesterday and bribed my husband to hold it today. (Those are his feet in the one pic., not mine. I'm the photographer in this operation.) Tee-hee!! Finished, it measures only 43x56 inches so it's a nice little lap quilt.


And the back...note how the colors could go round and round and round...

Back of "Colors"

And naturally, I ALWAYS take a close-up:


In case any of you want to make one of these for yourself, I found this pattern in the Atkinson Design book, "Allegro". And it's not very hard at all!!!

Now I better get a-sewin' because I'm almost out of new stuff to show you. (And I have company coming tomorrow too, so it'll be a day or two before I can even get the machine out again.) E-gads!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Under the Sea"

Boy oh boy, Diana, the quilter is going so fast lately, I don't even have time to post one quilt before she's done quilting another. Actually, it's probably my fault for making so many at one time a few weeks back. I think I had 7 there to be quilted at one time. Thankfully, I'm down to only one, although I do have another to take there tomorrow. My $$ was flying in that shop like a wild woman!!! (Much to their delight, I'm sure.)

Anyway, I wanted to take a pic of this by the pool (I thought that'd be cool considering the name) but I was too afraid the poor thing would fall in and then I'd be shot waiting for it to dry out. LOL I do love it! I used colors way serene for my normal "wild" taste, but it makes me feel calm. Let me show you all the pic I took tonight. I was only going to post a few, but what the heck???

"Under the Sea"

That one was with the sun filtering through the here is another big one of the front with my husband standing in the sun. Maybe that will show it better???

"Under the Sea"

Then, of course, I do my normal close-ups:

"Under the Sea"

And another one from in the house showing truer colors:

Under the Sea

I shouldn't even show you the back since this is not one of my better ones.

The Back

Did you see my shadow?? Eikes!! Anyway, the name of this pattern was "In and Out" by Blue Underground. According to the instructions, it was supposed to be 77x91" finished. I changed mine (so what else is new, huh?) so mine ended up at 54x68". The perfect size for a nice nap quilt. Don't you think???

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm not a Twitter-er!!

I figured you were wondering what I was doing with all those trimmings from the other day so here it is all finished:

"Little Regatta"

I'm calling this, "Little Regatta" since it really looks like little flags to me. It's a baby quilt measuring 32" by 38". I had fun quilting this since most of my bigger quilts I have professionally done here. And I must say that they are great at what they do. My big quilts look sooooo good when I get them back!!!

Here's a close-up of MY quilting though (which is no where as good as theirs):


And here's a picture of the back of the baby quilt. After all, what would my quilts be without a pretty back?

Back of "Little Regatta"

Oh, incidentally....while I was googling myself last night (for lack of anything better to do) I discovered that there is a mamacjt on Twitter. Just so you know, that it is NOT me!! I am not a twittier, texter, or facebooker, and sometimes I wonder what kind of blogger I really am too. LOL Just so you know!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

(Which, let me tell you, is pretty darn hard since I always have my mouth open!!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Circles of Love"

I couldn't wait to get this back from the quilters. I think it's my second favorite quilt that I've ever made (of course that's really not saying much since I've only been quilting for 1 year,I suppose). Nevertheless, this one was really fun to do with the bright colors and curved pieces. Not only that, but the pattern was free on the Joel Dewberry website. (I wish I could link you there, but my blogging skills have not included linking yet. Duh!! LOL) You'll have to look it up yourself I'm afraid. So sorry!! Joel made his smaller and used a border, but since I'm not crazy about borders on bigger quilts for some reason, I choose to make mine bigger using more squares and thus, more circles. So FUN!!

When I was piecing this, my daughter stopped in, saw it and fell in love. Sheepishly, she asked me who was the recipient and when I told her I didn't know, her face lit up and she claimed it as her own. Of course, after that, how could I not give it an appropriate name???

I'm so happy to be showing you because I really like this one too!! May I present: "Circles of Love"

"Circles of Love"

And a close-up of the front:

Bubble Quilting

And naturally, the back......I took this on the kitchen floor:

Back of "Circles of Love"

One more to show you the awesome quilting on the back:

Close-up of quilting on back

So, there she is!! Finished it ended up at 55" by 66 ". Just perfect for a great nap. I sure hope you don't ask me about fabrics and designers because I NEVER pick my fabrics based on designers or lines, but only on colors and compatibility. Who knows where many of the popular designers will be in 20 years, but the colors will still be the same and that's all that matters to me. If I like certain fabrics together, that's half the battle!!! Try it sometime. You might be better at the coordination than you think.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is It (I'm pretty sure??)

I'm pooped! Three mini quilts in 7 days is too much! All that thinking and planning has taxed my brain, I think. 'Course it doesn't help when you have a dog who likes to wake you up between 4:30 and 5 am everyday so it's not a wonder that I'm tired. I think she's missing her daddy! My hubby has been out of town for the last week and she's definitely "Daddy's Girl".

BUT.....halleujah.....I think I did it! I'm pretty sure that I finally made a quilt that my swap partner will like. Remember, this is number 3!!! It's a little sophisticated, and a little funky and I made it with the colors she requested so how can she not love it??? (The black with white dotted piping will be a plus.....along with the rick-rack, but that's the way my brain worked today.)

dqs7 #3  "This is It"

And, if she doesn't like that side, she can flip it over because I made it reversible just for her!!

dqs7 #3 Back of  "This is It"

So there!!! Finished, this doll quilt measured 15 inches by 18 inches. Just perfect!!! Don't you think???