Friday, October 31, 2014

What a difference in 4 days!

E-gads!  Waaaaayyyyy too early for me, thank you!  Look at what we woke up to this morning:

And just a few days ago, that same scene looked like this (which I personally liked a whole lot better!)

 I must admit, it's a bit too early for snow (even here in Wisconsin).  I live in the southeastern portion of the state.  Who knows if the northern part gets snow earlier???  For sure, I'm not ready for it yet!

The books sent in these envelopes this week.  (My girls really like Halloween!)

Then……do you remember only a few weeks ago when I pulled in all the produce I still had growing outside?  One of you told me to wrap those green tomatoes in newspaper and store them in a cool place.  I THOUGHT you told me I'd have ripe tomatoes by Christmas?  

Too bad they all ripened a bit early.  I thought I was done with BLTs for a few months, but guess not!  There are still 4-5 in the basement not as ripe.  I told DH to unwrap them for now.  lol

Not too prolific in reading this week.  Who knows what I was doing instead.  I only read one book:

THE GARDEN OF LETTERS                  by             Alyson Richman

Thankfully, it was a good one and only 356 pages long.  I'll try to do better next week.  For some reason, I seem to be slowing down.  Maybe I need a mystery or two??

Hope you are all well and sassy and having fun in whatever you're doing……after all, life is short and we need to enjoy every minute.  Too bad I need to get back to cleaning my floors as soon as I'm done here…….ugh!  Oh well…..can't have everything, I guess!  Be well, my friends!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The sun is coming out...

It looks like it will be a beautiful fall day here today, and I'm all for that!  Temps are supposed to be unusually warm (high 60's low 70's) for the next three days and I'm all for that too!  Lately, we've been having hard frosts every morning and everything is all white when I wake up.  Ugh!  Winter is coming!  I can't believe that there are only 6 more days to October.  Seems like I was just starting to send out Halloween envelopes to my girlies and now I only have two more to send out next week to finish up.

Here are the ones I sent this week.  Many times I do duplicates for each one so that they both get identical books and envelopes the same day.  (I can't think of too many at one time, you know.  lol)

Then, naturally, I read a few books……….and NO, for all you wonderers out there……the sewing machine is still not out yet, although I have been thinking about it.  One of these days I have to decide what I'm going to do because now it's bothering me that I have bins stacked full of fabric all over our bedroom.  I'm feeling like a hoarder……eikes!

Anyway, these are the books I read this week and believe it or not, they were all from the library.

THE SILENT SISTER                     by                       Diane Chamberlain
BONES NEVER LIE                       by                       Kathy Reich
FORGET ME                                 by                        KA Harrington

They were all really good, but the first two were the best.  For some reason, I read faster when I'm reading mysteries.  I guess I'm anxious to see what happens, huh?

So, that's it!  Hubby has been busy all week replacing all the lightbulbs in our house with LED bulbs.  Seems a friend told him how much he saves on his electric bill so my honey decided we needed to do it too.  Too bad he spent close to $400 on bulbs and that was with a buy two, get one free deal.  Can you believe it?  I almost flipped when he told me!!   If I did something that stupid, I'd get shot!!  Seriously!    Now my question is this…..what year, do you think, will we ever break even????  I hate to wonder!

Have a good week my friends!  And keep tabs on your husbands… just never know what crazy ideas they get!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rain, rain go away!

I suppose I shouldn't complain about all the rain we've been getting lately……….it could be snow!  UGH!!!  And soon, it will be.  Oh, and how I hate winter!  'Course this rain for the past 5 days is no fun either!  Poor Toby needs grooming so badly, but I'll be darned if I get him all pretty like just to go out and get soaked.  Hopefully tomorrow it will clear up!

Not much new this week.  Naturally, I sent out a few envelopes:

And, of course, I read a few books.  I finally finished the one I started last week titled, "House Broken" by Sonja Yoerg and I also finished, "The Forgers" by Bradford Morrow.  The last one was really strange and I felt like I was sitting in a pub in London with fog all around me while I was reading……really weird!!  The writing was like I never read before and I really don't know how to describe it.  It was sort of like someone telling a story instead of the characters living it.  Crazy!

As you know, I haven't been burning up the pages much lately like I was earlier in the year.  I guess that's because I haven't read anything really good……..and how I need something like that now!!!  I think I told you last week that I bought two books the week before:   

I should start "The Garden of Letters" by Alyson Richman because she also wrote, "The Lost Wife" which was one of my all time favorites, but it'll have to wait until my current book is over that I just got  from the library yesterday, "The Silent Sister" by Diane Chamberlain.  I'm expecting good things from this book considering that I've read stuff by Diane before that I liked a lot.

So, there you have it.  My week in a nutshell.  Today is also Sweetest Day……..yippee!  Like I really celebrate that crazy stuff anymore???  Ah…not so much!  Watch, just because I said that, hubs might come home from errands with a flower or two.  Now, wouldn't that be nice????  I'll let you know……..have a happy week, my friends!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Green thumb or just lucky?

Our weather reported that we were to get a hard frost last night so yesterday, I had hubby pull out our two tomato bushes and 2 green pepper bushes and look what he brought in.  What a haul!  You'd think we haven't eaten anything off those bushes yet, but that's not the truth!  Every week for the past 5-6 weeks we've had a dinner of BLTs.  Yum!  And I've given 8 green peppers away before this crop even showed up.  Amazing!  Now, hopefully, those green tomatoes ripen.

And, of course, I sent out fun envelopes to my girlies!  Little Audrey is all about Halloween this year so I told her I'd send her Halloween envelopes all month.

And, again, I only read one book this week but it was really good.  I sure wish I'd get back in the groove though and read more!  I did start #2 and so far it's pretty good.  Actually, I won #2 through the Goodreads first read program so that was cool.  The book won't be released until January of 2015.

THE BUTTERFLY AND THE VIOLIN    debut       by         Kristy Cambron
HOUSE BROKEN                                              by         Sonja Yoerg

I also bought another two books from Amazon, but I'll show you those next time!  Have a great week, my friends and be well!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Winter is coming…...

It's getting so nippy here lately that the only warm place poor Toby can find is a sun spot in the dining room.  I find him here often in the morning just snoozing away.  What a life, huh?  

Naturally, I sent out books this week to my "girlies" so here are the decorated envelopes that I used:

Then too, I read two books this week only.  Don't ask me what is wrong with me lately.  There for awhile I was reading 4-5 a week and lately it's only been one or two so that's why I decided to take a picture of the covers this week.  By far, the best of the bunch was the one on the right and I have to thank, Jane, for suggesting it.  I really enjoyed it!  It takes place in Wisconsin (my home state) in 1961 and the main character is a 9 year old little girl.  My sister was 10 in 1961, so I could relate to many things in the book and smiled at lots of situations that entered my memories of those times.

So, that's it for this week.  Tonight we are having friends over for cards and games and Tuesday, my neighbor and I will be taking a short trip to visit a friend with puppies.  Thankfully, she has them all sold so we don't have to worry about bringing home anything unplanned.  lol  Hope you have a fun week planned too!  Happy reading!