Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is amazing!!!

You are not going to believe this!!!  Seriously!  
We've all heard horror stories of things getting lost in our US postal system, but this is a story of the opposite kind.  I mentioned in my last post that Lady #56 was on her way home, remember?  Well, what I failed to mention that she was traveling to Norway (or maybe I did and just forgot???  Oh well!) In any event, wait until you hear this!  I finished and mailed out "Lady #56 - Noel" at 8 am (Friday) on August 23rd from Wisconsin.....AND.........believe it or not, Noel (such a pretty name) who lives in Norway, remember) got it on August 27th!!  Yes, 4 days, my friends!  4 days!  And that was over a weekend too!  Now.....don't you too think that's amazing?  I guess!  I must have "hit" those flights just right or something because I still can hardly believe it!  Anyway, here is pretty, Noel:

Lady #56 - Noel from Norway

And here is the real, Noel.  Thankfully, she was kind enough to give me permission to use her original photo in order to show you. 

Any time any of you are ready, I'm excited to do Lady #57 whomever that might be.  Write me at the address on my sidebar for information.

Now for the envelopes since last time.  First the ones to my precious great niece, Audrey.  We celebrated her 5 1/2 birthday last week.  If you've never done that for a child, please do!!!!  They get so excited and wonder if it's even true.  Audrey and her mom came over to swim on the exact day of her 1/2 year and her mother had even forgotten about it, but I was prepared with a nice slice of gooey chocolate cake.  Audrey's favorite and she was in heaven eating it all by herself! So fun!  Unfortunately, the fun envelope to celebrate must have made a post office go-round because it came to her 4 days late:

Audrey's envelope for the 2nd book of this week 

These were the others I sent to her this week.  The first contained the reader, "Ba-choo" and the 2nd, an a-z mystery, "The Xed out X-ray".

Book of the week for Audrey

To Audrey

And here the others that were sent to various people:

Angel fun mail

Need to clean......

How about some cake?


Simple and sweet!

So, that's it!  I think I'm almost done drawing........although you will be seeing envelopes for months yet since I have about 80 on my desktop yet to post.  I hope you don't get bored!  Maybe in a couple weeks, I will have another give away.  Anyone need some fun mail?  Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


 As I promised in my last post, I must show you the items I received from my last two swaps.  First is the package I got from "mollyjolly" AKA - Maria in FLIPS (which stands for FAb Little Pincushion Swap:

My FLIPS pkg from Mollyjolly -Maria

Maria nailed me to a tee with such a gorgeous colorful mug rug (although it's almost doll quilt size) and the cutest little pincushion you ever saw!  I love both!  Thank you so much, Maria!

Then, (as if she and Maria were trading information), I got my "pick" quilt from "The Little Swap -Sew, Vote, Swap group.  This was made by, "Fun and Comfort Quilts" AKA as Karen.  It's another colorful beauty:

From Fun and Comfort - Karen Jakes for Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap group

I just love rainbow anything I guess and always seem to gravitate to them!

Now I MUST show you the little surprise from the Post Office I received recently on an envelope that was returned to me for more postage.  This is the little "love note" that was on the back:

Well, duh.....what the heck does that mean???  Thankfully, my good buddy, Annie, enlightened me in record time.  Lately, I have almost exclusively been using 6x9" envelopes for my fun mail art.  As I prefer, I draw them in the portrait style rather than landscape.  Well......HELLO......IF you address them in the portrait style, it costs you another 20 cents because the machine can't read them that way!  How do you like that?  SO............if any of you requested an envelope and haven't gotten it, guess what?  In the beginning, all I was using was mostly ONE forever stamp of one kind or another.  Needless to say, I have had to change my artistry to now include two, unless I become creative enough to incorporate a 66 cent stamp of one kind of or another.  Duh!  I suppose I could draw and address the envelope the other way, but so far, I haven't.  Who knows why????  (Us creative people are so there ever a good reason for anything???)  So, if you are viewing the following envelopes that have been sent and you want to do this too, don't think YOU can get away with one stamp either (although many of these photos were taken with one only)!!!  Oh no!!  Just FYI!!! So, here are the envelopes that have been sent since last time:

More fun mail to Annie

Fun in the Sun for Annie

Froggy Wishes

Fun Mail clown

Older drawing

Happy mail

Fun mail to a fun friend

Fun Mail

Yeah mail!

Yummy mail fun

Fun kids mail

More fun mail

Whew!!!!  The ones I sent to my dear great niece, Audrey, I will show you next time!  Incidentally, I'll have you know that with your requests, plus my normal mailings, I have sent out 35 fun envelopes within the past two weeks.  I could hardly keep up!!  Thankfully, I had some in reserve that I could use.  I hope I made you smile!!  Have a good day, my friends and keep drawing!!! more thing!  Lady #56 is flying her way home to Norway as I type!  Keep your fingers crossed that she gets there safely and you get to see her real soon.  She is a beauty!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thankfully, my Copics still have ink!

I almost flipped the other day when I came to realize that I've made over 150 envelopes already and have only run out of ink with two, maybe 3 Copic markers.  (That's not to say though, that I don't pray that it doesn't happen while I'm coloring some big area........many are getting very dry!!!)  Today, before I get out my stuff to start Lady #56 (and she's a pretty one!!!) I thought I'd show you the envelopes for the week so that I'm not overwhelmed with things to show you next time and forget something.  As you know, I have been sending more......not just to my dear friend Annie, in California, and my sweetie great niece, Audrey, but to dear fans who requested one.  I hope I made you smile too!

So, here goes.  So far, I've only sent one this week to Audrey.  It contained the early reader, "My friend rabbit and the snow geese."

Audrey's Early Reader Envelope

But look at the rest of the envelopes I have mailed:

Fun mail to Annie

Fun mail to a fan

Fun mail to a fan

Fun mail to a friend

Fun mail

Fun Mail to an Angel Friend

Anyone for Cake?

E-gads, a Mouse!

Happy "just for fun"!

The shopping fairy!

Cake, anyone?

Fun mail to a dog lover!

More fun mail to Annie

Whew.........are you bored yet?  I did get some sewing stuff in the mail.....swap packages, but I will show you that next time!  I do want to end though, with my two favorite boys.  Both are so dear to my heart, you wouldn't believe;  sweetie, Toby and darling DH!

Toby - one of my 2 favorite boys!

My other favorite boy!

So that's it for today.  Remember, if you want me to brighten your day with some fun mail, let me know.  My e-mail address is on my sidebar.  Have a great week, my friends!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mostly the same.........

Things haven't changed much around here!  I still am doing very little sewing, but (it seems like) lots of drawing and coloring.  I suppose that's not bad for a change.  After 5 years of intense sewing, (and periodic children's garment sewing before then), I needed a break.  Have you ever noticed how creative people can jump from one thing to the next?  I've always been like that.  I get my fill of one thing, and switch to something else and then to another thing, and eventually seem to get a little knowledge of lots of stuff.  Sometimes it gets to the point when you wonder how much you really need to know though......I mean there will always be new things......and how many crochet hooks, and knitting needles and colored pencils, and fabric, and stamps, and paper, and markers, and cookbooks, etc. do you really need?  I am overloaded with stuff, it seems!  You too?????  I bet!  That's how us creative people are!!!  WE have to be prepared for the latest passion, right?

I have no idea where that came just popped into my head.  Let me show you the latest stuff. The heck with my platitudes.

I finally made a 2nd pincushion.  I did send the 1st one to my partner though.  I thought it suited her better.  This one, I sent to my swap mama.  I figured they could use it for an angel pincushion if necessary.

FLIPS - #2 Pincushion

Then, I got to reveal what I made for "The Little Quilt -Sew, vote, Swap group.  Mine came in at #2 for this round.  I called it, "11 Penguins".  It's 11x12"

11 Little Penguins

Then, here are the envelopes I sent to my little great niece this past week.  The first one is the early reader, and the next two contain the a-z mystery series books,  "The Quicksand Question", and "The Invisible Island".  It's come to where she is now guessing the names of the books by the envelopes.  lol

Audrey's Early Reader for the week

Another a-z mystery series book to Audrey

Audrey's a-z Mystery Series book this the week

And the drawing continues.  Below are various envelopes I sent to friends.  The ones to my fans who requested one are not shown because I surely wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

Fun Mail to a friend

Yoga Turtle

Fun mail for a flower child

Yeah Teri, you go girl!

Waving to Annie

Remember that I would love to send you an envelope too.  Let me know.......!  You might be surprised how it will brighten your day!