Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm not having fun yet

This past Christmas, my daughter gave me a gift certificate of a monthly bunch of tulips.  I love tulips!  They're so springy and fresh looking and pink are usually my favorite .  I had to show you the first bunch!  

I haven't been doing so well lately.  No one, so far, has gotten to the bottom of my ailments.  And let me tell you, after 3 MRI's, 1 ECHO, 1 EMG, 1 Ultra Sound, 2 Chest X-RAYS, numerous PT appointments, 1 bottle of painkillers, and 1 Pulmonary function Test to go on Thursday, I am not a happy girl.  I can hardly balance on either leg, even with a walker and I am bored out of my mind!  Sitting on a chair, or couch for any more than an hour at a time is close to impossible and the only time I feel any relief at all is right after I pop two painkillers and am ready to crawl into bed for the night.   I am beside myself.

I started two pair of socks since this whole mess happened, but it's not only hard to sit for any period of time to concentrate, but also to stay focused on the pattern itself.  I can't even count how many mistakes I've already made.

I bought some more yarn thinking I could start another pair, but I seen to be screwing that one up too.  I seem to be losing it all over!

That's the news with me.  Not fun!  I go through my Flickr account, looking at stuff I made a few years ago and can hardly believe I made all that stuff.  I am much a bum now!

Anyway, I wanted you to know that I'm still alive and will let you know what the scoop is once I know.  I truly wish that you all are well!  Until I know something.......

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hopefully this is the week for answers

I'm really lax in this blogging stuff lately!  Probably because I don't really go anywhere other than the doctor and/or Physical therapy (neither of which is really doing anything for me).  Monday hopefully will tell the tale.  I have 3 tests ECHO, an EMG and a EKG with two follow-up appointments with specialists, for the following week.  As of now, I'm still hobbling around with a walker dragging my oxygen tubing.  There is only one good thing coming from husband is learning how to cook.  I even had him making a meatloaf the other day (if you can believe).  I figure he would start with something he liked to eat.  lol

Thought you might like to see our Christmas card for this year........we actually took this picture of our Toby last Christmas and saved it all this time.  We tried doing it again this year, but after about 48 pictures, we gave up......either they were blurry, or he was looking the wrong way.  It's kind of like taking pictures of kids.....the good shots are few and far between!

And then here is an envelope I sent to my sweet niece......I have only a few to go and all my books for her will be gone.  She's so advanced that the books are getting too fat to send through the mail.

And here are some pictures of our holiday decorations:

So, 2015 bites the dust!  If/when I get back in shape, I can start being creative again.....I so miss it!  Happy and healthy 2016 to all of you!