Saturday, April 16, 2016

Keep your fingers crossed, please......

Nothing to show you this week, friends.  I have been busy running to appointments with my hubby.  I haven't been able to drive since sometime last November, so I am now at his disposal (ugh) and he works every other morning.  I don't know if you remember that last time I posted, I told you I was gong to try steroid infusions.  This procedure is done in a hospital IV therapy room by appointment.  So far I have had 4 treatments and not too much is different, although I can see my legs and feet have lost much of the swelling.  Last night my husband and I played "Cinderella" to see which shoes will fit me now.  All winter, I have been wearing only one pair.  Anyway, these treatments will now continue once a week for 6 weeks.  When I originally saw the doctor, he claimed I might be walking by the 2nd week which would not be next week, like we'd think, but the following, since I was supposed to have 5 treatments in a row last week, but I had a conflict with another doctor (ugh), so had to push off the 5th one until Monday.  I have been reading like a mad woman though and I thought perhaps you might like these books too.

Out of all the books I've ever read, I think a book I read in 1979 was my very favorite and I have followed the author ever since.  The name of that book was "Kane and Abel" by Jeffrey Archer.  It is about two families and the twists and turns that bring them together and at odds.  Well, within the last couple of years, Mr. Archer has again outdone himself.  He has written a series of 7 books (the last one to be released November 8th of this year), which are simply amazing!!!!!  My husband read them all and my son-in-law too, so I thought as long as I wasn't doing much now, and really needed something to read during my IV sessions, I would engage in them too.  WOW!  Let me give you the names of the books in order (and PLEASE) read them that way:

The Series is called the Clifton Chronicles and deal with a family for 100 years:

1.  Only Time Will Tell
2.  The Sins of the Father
3.  Best Kept Secret
4.  Be Careful what you wish for.
5.  Mightier than the Sword
6.  Cometh the Hour
7.  This was a Man   (released November 8th, 2016)

Enjoy!  And, please keep your fingers crossed for me!