Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whew, busy week!

It's funny.....sometimes when you think you will have all the time in the world, life changes and wonder if you'll have time to turn around.  Last week was like that for me!  Monday I had a date planned for lunch and shopping with friends so I couldn't do much else that day.  Tuesday, my friend with the puppies came over and by the time Toby and I were done playing with her and the puppy she brought, we needed an afternoon nap!  On Wednesday, it was something else.....(right now, it escapes me, but whatever it was, took up time too.)  Then, on Thursday, we had a funeral to attend during the day and had friends over in the evening for cards.  On Friday, my niece popped in with her daughter and as soon as she left, my son drove into our driveway.  I had all I could do to work on Lady #46, little at a time.  Usually, my life is not like that!  I can sometimes go for days without even a phone call.  Needless to say, I get lots more accomplished!!  I can, however, show you a few things.

First, let me introduce you to Lady #44, Dr. Sil from Brazil:

Lady #44 - Dr. Sil from Brazil

Sil was my partner in the Fab Little Quilt Swap and I have known her as a web friend for years.  As soon as I knew she was my partner, I knew I had to make her in fabric.  She always comments on all my ladies and since she had many pictures of herself in her photostream, I was lucky.  I also sent her "Where's Waldo".......:

"Where's Waldo?"

You might remember him as I posted him awhile back.  I got my package last Friday from the lady who had my name and you must see the gorgeous creation that she did.  I love it!  Janice (betteroffhtreads) is most talented!!  I asked for something paper pieced (since I am an idiot and still haven't gotten the hang of paper piecing), and she really went the extra mile.  Wow!

FliQS from Janice (betteroffthreads)

I am one lucky girl, huh?

I sent off the mini quilt to my QT partner for the botanicals and birds theme for April/May and she said she liked it.  It's only 7x11 inches and I hand embroidered a buttonhole stitch around each flower just for fun:

Bunch of flowers

So that's it for the sewing.  If you look at my sidebar and see the blogs I follow, check out "freezeframe".  She posted some envelopes that I did for her.  I tried to steal her pictures once and couldn't so now I just direct to her blog.  Besides, she is super talented in all different things and you might enjoy her work as much as I do.

So, that's about it.  I finished lady #46 this weekend and I have yet to ship her out.  That needs to be done.  Then, I have lots of envelope ideas floating around in my head, besides signing up for two more swaps, so I guess I'll be a bit busier than last week.  Finally, we are getting some nice weather.  In fact today is my first day without socks.....although I still have on a long sleeved t-shirt.  BUT, the back door is open and it's marvelous smelling the spring air.

Hope you are spring like too!  Before you know it, we'll probably all be sweltering in heat and need our AC.  E-gads!!!  Have a great week, my friends!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've been slacking!

This week it seems like I did nothing but watch CNN and Fox news.  Quite honestly, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that they would find those bombers.  I mean with all the cameras everywhere you go now, how could they NOT be found?  Once they had the type of backpack verified, all they had to do was look for someone with that type of backpack, publish his picture and wa-la......all the friends jumped into the game at once, it seemed.  What do these people think.....that they'll get away with it?  I don't get it!!  What a waste too.  Those poor people who lost their life or limbs.  For what?  Yet, how do we as Americans prevent it?  I don't think there is an answer.  For every nut case that we catch, there's a new one coming up, it seems.  Scary!!!  Sometimes, I'm really glad I'm as old as I am.  I can't imagine going through life thinking about this stuff all the time and wondering what might happen in a big crowd.  I'm so glad this never happened when I was young!!!  Seems like life was much simpler then!

On another note, I think I told you last time that I had to color a drawing that I did for a friend.  Well, I finished it and framed it and took it to her on Tuesday when hubby and I visited.

Patty's Pooches

Patty breeds and raises Havanese puppies.  I did not buy my Toby from her, but met her after I met Wendy who was buying a Havanese puppy from Patty.  Patty and I have a wonderful relationship.  I visit anytime and get my puppy "fix" without actually having to shell out the big bucks and/or get into the potty training bit.  So far, one dog is perfect for me. DH really would like two.  He gets right into the thick of things when he's around babies.  (Can't take the guy anywhere....see below:)  

He wasn't too happy when I told him the puppies had more hair than he did.  lol  He said they probably thought he was their daddy since his hair was white too.

I did continue on the envelope decorating is one that I thought was cool until I did one over for Jean (last post) that was similar.  Jean's was far better......but live and learn!!  I mess up stuff just like the next guy (although I rarely show the disasters!!)

I sent this one to my friend Annie too.  I told her to pretend it was the 4th of July!  lol  (I figure by the 4th of July, surely I will be doing something else.)

Then, this morning, I found a post card that I stamped and colored with colored pencils about 16 years ago.  I thought it would make a nice enclosure in a pretty envelope so I mailed it to Jean.  (Anything to use my new Glaze gel pens!!)  They're so fun!  You can't tell, but they stay shiny, so the name and dots shine.  So cool!

So, that's it for today.  I've gotten no "lady" orders recently (and the last ones are still in transit) so I guess I'll spend another week playing.  That is, after I clean the basement.  I noticed recently that I must have 3 bins of fabric that I haven't looked at in years, so I am packing it up all up and taking the whole mess to Goodwill in the morning.  The clutter lately is driving me nuts for some reason.  Spring cleaning must be right around the corner...........

Enjoy your week, my friends!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Toby!

Tomorrow is a special day around here!  It's our Toby's birthday.  He will be 2.  It seems like he's been here forever and we don't know what we'd do without him now.  Often, (like really-really often), I think about getting him a sister or a brother, but then, when I think about the grooming, and expenses when they get older (and I'm not getting any younger myself, you realize), I think one is enough.  The other day, I pulled out some baby pictures:

Hi Everyone!

Toby 5 1/2 months

That was him at 3-6 months and now my boy is almost two (and in need of a bath again...ugh).  I did snap this one this morning as he was trying to get my attention:


Such a sweet boy!!!  Happy Birthday, my honey boy!!

Then, since my Lady #44 and #45 are completed and flying home to their owners (and believe me, they both have F A R ways to travel) so I can't show you yet, you will have to be satisfied with another recent fun thing I've been doing.  (Please don't ask me why 'cause I have no clue.)  A while ago, as I was surfing, (and you know how you can get lost), I discovered a real fun blog.  You might have noticed that I added it to my blog list.  "Pushing the Envelope".  This lady decorates envelopes not only  professionally for events, weddings, etc., but also for fun.  It really brought back memories for me.  When my niece was teaching in Japan in 2000, I used to write to her every week and decorate the envelopes just for fun and to keep the Japanese postal deliverers happy.  I'm pretty sure I used decorative stamps then and colored them with colored's too long ago to really remember.  Duh!!!  I thought for fun, and to celebrate the recent release of floral forever stamps, I'd send an envelope to Jean (the owner of the blog).  She doesn't know it yet and hasn't received it, I'm sure, so PLEASE don't tell.

I also did a fun one for my friend, Annie.....who you've heard of before.  She no longer lives where she belongs (in my humble opinion, you understand), so I have to write to her.  It's not only her birthday month in April, like my Toby, but I didn't think she knew that in my younger life, I was a ballerina of sorts and if I donned a tutu today, I would undoubtedly look exactly like this bird!!!  Except, I'm not that green......yet!  lol

So, that's all for today, folks!  Needless to say, I haven't sewn a stitch in days although I have been thinking about it.  Today, I have to color a big drawing I did for a friend.  It has been sitting around here for days and quite honestly, I'm afraid I'm going to mess it up so I haven't touched it.  Today is the day!  Hubby is gone until dinner time and it's quiet.  Wish me luck!

Have a fun week, my friends!!!  Oh......I did join another swap.  Pouches!  Can you believe?  Now that I finally conquered zippers, I'm all set!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sounds like an instant replay.......

When I look back, it doesn't sound like this week will be much different from last week.  I mean, I did something for a swap, made some more "bleep girls" and finished two "ladies".  And this week, I need to start/finish two ladies (one is for a swap), hopefully draw a new design for my girl, and .........e-gads, I forgot already!!!  Oh well, my list is around here somewhere!!!  I'm telling you, the older I get, the more scattered brained I seem to be!!  OR....maybe it's just this darn cold Wisconsin winter we're having.  Perhaps the gas heat is finally getting to me!!  In any event, let me show you "last week".......

I'm so glad you like my "bleep girls".  I have really enjoyed making them, only I think I need to be done now.  Believe it or not, my new Copic markers are running out of ink and I have already had to purchase 5 refills for various colors and replacements for two since I couldn't get the refills fast enough. So, here is a photo of the last batch for awhile.  They're still for sale at $10 USD for US residents so grab them while you can.

More "bleep" girls

Then, I have added two ladies to the mix and I'd like to introduce you.  First off we have Lady #42, Justyna.  She is a very pretty, young art teacher from the US and wanted me to do something with her art rather than sewing.  (Nothing like a challenge, I say!!)  It sort of reminded me of the "cupcake" teacher, if you remember.  As normal, first I will show the drawing, then the eyes and finally, the finished likeness.  Justyna asked that I not show the photo that I worked from so I naturally will respect her wishes.

Lady #42 - Justyna - the drawing

Lady #42's pretty eyes

Lady #42 - Justyna

Next we have Lady #43, Stephanie.  Stephanie was a fun lady to work with.  She actually sent me her picture and information before I even had a chance to discuss things with her, she was so excited.  Good thing I was making ladies, huh?  Just wait until you see her.  She sent a photo of herself with her likeness and they are really a attention!

Lady #43 - the drawing - Stephanie

Stephanie's pretty eyes

Lady #43 - Stephanie

Lady #43 (Stephanie) with herself

Did you check out her earrings????  Too funny!

I think I will forego posting the drawing and eyes in the future.  After all, drawings are drawings and eyes are eyes.....we all have them and you probably have seen enough after 43 sets.  lol It's the finished product that's fun anyway!

Lastly, I must show you the 11x16 inch quilt I did for the Fab Little Quilt Swap for my partner.  I call it, "Where's Waldo"?

"Where's Waldo?"

Here he is:

There's Waldo......

So friends, that's it!  Like I said, this week should be a repeat of last week, except you probably won't see #44 and #45 ladies for some time.  Both live in crazy far away places and it will take forever for them to receive themselves, so you must wait too for the big reveal.  Have a great week, my friends and so something fun!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ladies and Girls

Today I must introduce you to Lady #40 and Lady #41.  Both of them live in the US and I am thrilled to finally do some US ladies lately.  There for awhile, I was filling out international custom forms like a wild woman and my postal clerks would cringe every time I stepped in the door.  (Not that I minded it, mind you! I must admit that the US ladies are much better for my blood pressure because they arrive in record time and I don't have to worry as long about them getting lost.  lol)

First, we have lovely Lady #40, Charlotte:

Lady #40 - Charlotte

Charlotte's eyes

Lady #40 - Charlotte

And here is the real Charlotte in the flesh:

Next we have Lady #41, Sandi.  (Not to be confused with Lady #14 who was also Sandy...but spelled differently!  (Crazy how I can keep all these lovely ladies straight, huh?  In all honesty, I'm wondering that myself!!!  lol)

Lady #41 - Sandi

Sandi's pretty eyes

Lady #41 - Sandi

And below is the photo she sent for me to use with her sweet DH by her side.

Lastly, we again have "the girls"........or as they have more commonly been called lately, "Bleep Girls".    These have become quite a hit and as you can see, I have several more in various states of completion.   All of these are 5x7" and ready for framing.  I draw and color each separately so while you are getting something that appears alike, they are each one of a kind.  I am charging $10 (shipping included to the US and $3 dollars extra for shipping internationally.)  If you are interested, let me know.  My e-mail information is on my side bar.  I take Paypal and checks from the US.  I promise, you will smile every time you see her!!!

So, that's about it!  This week I will be working on Lady #42 and Lady #43 and hopefully making a new design for my little girl........(a bit less crude perhaps?)  Have a lovely week!!!