Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've been slacking!

This week it seems like I did nothing but watch CNN and Fox news.  Quite honestly, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that they would find those bombers.  I mean with all the cameras everywhere you go now, how could they NOT be found?  Once they had the type of backpack verified, all they had to do was look for someone with that type of backpack, publish his picture and wa-la......all the friends jumped into the game at once, it seemed.  What do these people think.....that they'll get away with it?  I don't get it!!  What a waste too.  Those poor people who lost their life or limbs.  For what?  Yet, how do we as Americans prevent it?  I don't think there is an answer.  For every nut case that we catch, there's a new one coming up, it seems.  Scary!!!  Sometimes, I'm really glad I'm as old as I am.  I can't imagine going through life thinking about this stuff all the time and wondering what might happen in a big crowd.  I'm so glad this never happened when I was young!!!  Seems like life was much simpler then!

On another note, I think I told you last time that I had to color a drawing that I did for a friend.  Well, I finished it and framed it and took it to her on Tuesday when hubby and I visited.

Patty's Pooches

Patty breeds and raises Havanese puppies.  I did not buy my Toby from her, but met her after I met Wendy who was buying a Havanese puppy from Patty.  Patty and I have a wonderful relationship.  I visit anytime and get my puppy "fix" without actually having to shell out the big bucks and/or get into the potty training bit.  So far, one dog is perfect for me. DH really would like two.  He gets right into the thick of things when he's around babies.  (Can't take the guy anywhere....see below:)  

He wasn't too happy when I told him the puppies had more hair than he did.  lol  He said they probably thought he was their daddy since his hair was white too.

I did continue on the envelope decorating is one that I thought was cool until I did one over for Jean (last post) that was similar.  Jean's was far better......but live and learn!!  I mess up stuff just like the next guy (although I rarely show the disasters!!)

I sent this one to my friend Annie too.  I told her to pretend it was the 4th of July!  lol  (I figure by the 4th of July, surely I will be doing something else.)

Then, this morning, I found a post card that I stamped and colored with colored pencils about 16 years ago.  I thought it would make a nice enclosure in a pretty envelope so I mailed it to Jean.  (Anything to use my new Glaze gel pens!!)  They're so fun!  You can't tell, but they stay shiny, so the name and dots shine.  So cool!

So, that's it for today.  I've gotten no "lady" orders recently (and the last ones are still in transit) so I guess I'll spend another week playing.  That is, after I clean the basement.  I noticed recently that I must have 3 bins of fabric that I haven't looked at in years, so I am packing it up all up and taking the whole mess to Goodwill in the morning.  The clutter lately is driving me nuts for some reason.  Spring cleaning must be right around the corner...........

Enjoy your week, my friends!!!


Annie said...

I do LOVE my mail this past week. It's so fun to get these pretty envelopes mixed in with the junk mail and the unwanted (bills) mail! I dropped one in the box to you this morning. Love that puppies picture, it's just adorable. It is a bit difficult to pick Bob out of that crowd. LOL jk!

Annie said...
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Carol said...

I'm just bowled over with the fantabulous envelopes! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! I went right to the blog when you mentioned it and it is wonderful. I'm thinking of who needs to find some colorful art in their mailbox! I'm interested in the pens you are using for them. You mentioned Glaze in this post, but think I was Copic or something like that a few days ago. Difference? Would I find these at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or order online? Your artwork is just so cheerful and happy!

Sue said...

I love the picture, wish I could draw like that, you should do lessons on the blog! I really think you should get 2 pups! I have always had only the 1 dog until 2 years ago when we got Daisy, they are best friends now and are so funny together.
Have a nice week!

Annie said...

I forgot to comment about what a great picture card you stamped and colored. That's really a beauty! I tried to stamp scenes but was highly unsuccessful. Those little critters are so cute.

Gmama Jane said...

I will be on the look-out for the gel Pens. I suppose I'll start with Hobby Lobby or Staples. I love to color. At first I thought those were Border collie puppies since we just got our BC puppie in Feb. "Si" is like having a full fledged toddler boy around. He's funny and so full of himself. He herds everything and everyone. I love stopping by to see what project you're working on. You know how much I love your work.

Unknown said...
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