Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy, busy!

Got lots to do today, but just thought I'd show you #6 in case you were wondering.  I wasn't real sure which way I liked it better, so I sewed hanging circles on both ends.  If you want to see it the other way, I'm afraid you'll have to either turn your monitor or yourself upside down.  LOL  (Sorry about that!!)

"No Name" Mini Art Quilt # 6

I hope I have more for you next week. I am expecting some stuff from some of the swaps I was in for April. I go to the mailbox each day with anticipation!! So fun!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not much today, I'm afraid

I've been trying to post twice a week, but gee....sometimes life just seems to get in the way....and my house does need cleaning once and awhile too.  (Unfortunately!)  And then there's grocery shopping, and cooking and get it, I'm sure!  Besides, these little mini quilts take as long (and sometimes longer) than big quilts and I'm not sure why.  I'm thinking it's because I have to look at them for awhile and decide what I'm going to do.  In fact, even in the sewing process, it seems they have to speak to me to determine what's the next color to add.  So far, so good!  Not too many flubs yet, so "so far so good".  Yesterday, I sewed up #6 so today I will be embellishing.....but, here is #5, which is kinda funky in it's own right.  

Mini Art Quilt #5 or "Curvy Squares"

Close-up of stitching

If you click on the pics, they will take you right to the picture in flickr and you can read all the comments. I was honored with the first picture being in Explore and making the front page. I'm so blessed! Who knew that my little quilts would be so well received? Now to make more....and wait until you see #6......I'm likin' it already and it's not even finished yet.

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's time

Time to show you what you haven't seen yet (unless you peeked and visited my flickr stream).  All my swap partners got their stuff....although I'm still waiting for mine and it's so fun going to the mailbox everyday in anticipation.  First, I sent two mini's to "bahamadawn" (Kimber).  I made her Art Quilt #3, but I wasn't real nuts about it (probably the pastel colors) and I know that she likes wild things too, so I made her a bonus of an appliqued little one to boot:

Art Mini #3

"Here comes Summer"

(Actually, I made 5 of that one because I wanted one, I sent my sister one, and I blessed two good friends with them too. They were too summery not to have one too.) LOL Besides, it's nice to smile at a little whimsey once and awhile!

Then, I sent off my place mat for the current place mat swap to Terrie. I wasn't real sure that she'd like it because although she loves modern and has tons of modern stuff in her "favorites" she tends to sew more traditional. I got the idea in the middle of the night one night and treated it as a revelation, and after that, I just HAD to make it. Good thing too because yesterday in Explore, it was #1 all day. Think I'm not proud? E-gads, I was on the moon! Now, I need a few more revelations!!!

PQS3 to Terrie

So, that's it folks. Now, I ned to get back to work so I have something to show you next time. I'm already working on #5 Mini Art quilt....and maybe #6 tomorrow, so I'll be back! Enjoy and happy sewing.............

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another One

Yes, I have another mini to show finally arrived at my swap partner's home in Australia, and she likes it.  Yeah!  (After all, isn't that the whole point?)  This one was for the 6-12" mini swap and we were to do chinese coin quilts.   Easy peasy and fun too.  I used left over fabric from this:

The OZ Quilt

"OZ" by Moda. One if my favorites lately, I must admit. Usually I don't buy the charm packs or one line because I really like to mix and match my own stuff, but this one was so fun and lively, I couldn't resist. Oh want to see the mini...duh.....:

To Sheridan - 6-12" Mini Coin

Cute, huh? I liked it too! OH...........I almost forgot! We have a winner for the book. All your answers to my question were so wonderful, I choose randomly. Congratulations, "smoothiejuiceshectichousehold" for winning. I have e-mailed you, so as soon as I get your address I will be mailing it out to you. Enjoy!

I've done more stuff lately, but can't show you the rest until those partners get their stuff too. I certainly wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Stay tuned..............

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've discovered something new!

I should have known something was brewing in my brain when I bought these:

All for 1/2 price

More Perle Cottons

Then these:

But, until I made this:

Mini Art Quilt #1

I had no idea how I would love this new art form. Naturally, I couldn't stop at one so this was the next in line:

Mini Art Quilt #2 or "Knots on Green"

And believe it or not, it took me close to 4 days just to put all those crazy knots on that goofy thing!! I never thought I'd be done and wondered for awhile what I had gotten myself into. Of course, I didn't stop there.......but #3 I can't show you! I just mailed it off yesterday. (Swap partner...are you reading this???) I hope you like it!!! #4 though is my favorite so far and I also have a close-up of it in process:

And then finished:

Buttons & Blooms - Mini Art Quilt #4 light of this new love of mine, I thought I should have a give-away. Sound good? Did you see the middle book in the picture with all the books? "Pretty Little Mini Quilts"? Want it? Tell me why.......and please don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. Good luck!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Has she lost her mind?

 Are you impressed?   See......I told you that you'd think I lost my mind!  Actually, this is used floss and I grabbed it quick before my husband threw it out.  LOL  I knew I had to show you "something" and I'm far from revealing the entire mess yet.  Truth be told, I am in another swap (actually two...or is it three..well, no matter) and I haven't decided what/if I am going to bless one of my partners with yet.  Since we know the identity of our partners for both (all) these swaps, I'd hate to ruin the surprise if she reads my blog.  I've been working on something new for me and I'm loving it, but it does take time (lots of time)............I hope you can be patient for a day or so and if you are, I will be announcing a nice surprise.  Now, you'll have to admit, those floss colors are pretty together, don't you think?  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 2 Inch Wonder

After my friend died awhile back, I needed a big project to immerse myself into, but not big enough to where I'd have to think too hard.  Just about at the same time, I noted that AmandaJean (crazymomquilts) had started a 2" bed sized quilt and it seemed the perfect answer to my dilemma.

First I had to cut my 2 1/2 inch squares and that, in itself, seemed to take forever.....(and this isn't all of them).

Then, I sewed one white square to each colored one and separated them by color.  (Cookie sheets come in handy for things other than baking cookies.  LOL)

Here they are in sewn strips hanging over my kitchen chair before I sewed them all together.  After that, it went to the quilt shop to be quilted, but not before I went to Target and bought a single queen flat sheet ($9.99) to use as the backing.  (My long arm lady told me that more and more people are doing this because of the increasing cost of fabric.)  

After three weeks I got it back to bind and I cheated this time and used the sewing machine to bind the whole thing since I have other projects going on and knew I'd kill my hands doing the binding by hand on this beauty.  (68x94 inches).

Binding this Beauty

And here it is. I had to talk my wonderful quilt hanger guy aka "my hubby" into getting on a ladder to show the whole thing and it's a good thing he has a long reach otherwise he couldn't have held it all. LOL

The 2" Wonder first big quilt of 2010.....and who knows, maybe the last? I'm not so nuts about making big quilts so much anymore for some reason. I think it's because my quilt hanger guy is home all the time now and I don' have the room and time like I used to. No worries though..........I am into something else new........and you just might like that too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pretty Pot Holders

Check out these far out pot holders that I got from Karen (crazyfun01) for our latest pot holders pass swap.  Aren't they just the best?  All those teeny tiny hexes......e-gads!  I can't even imagine..........BUT, now they're mine and I love them!  Thank you Karen!!!  Oh and look at the coordination the girl has too.  Even the ribbon matched the note card.  Heavenly days!!  I'm impressed!