Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Sale

Remember last week when I told you I had to clean out some stuff?  Well, believe it or not, I started.    Since I still have to do Lady #64, and most of the stuff for my ladies is on the dining room table, I started with the mess in the corner of my bedroom:

Time for purging, I think!

Those bins (except for the bottom one) were so full that they were spilling out of the tops.  I couldn't stand it!  Besides, I knew there was an overabundance of fabric for my needs.  I really haven't been sewing quite as much lately and needed to purge and see exactly what I had.  So, one by one, I brought the bins into the kitchen and sorted:

After going through three bins (which is all of my available fabric...other than the black and whites, solids & specific holiday fabrics), I decided that this stuff needed to go.  I couldn't believe that I had 2 yards of some fabrics.  Mostly I buy in 1/8 to 1/4 lots since I do lots of smaller projects and need variety rather than quantity.

So, I packed it up and squished all into 2 large flat rate priority boxes.  Who's game?  (US residents only, please!)  I figure $45 is a fair price for 8+ lbs of fabric....including shipping for 1 box.  The flat rate priority cost is $16.85 and there will be a Paypal charge, but when I googled "How many yards are in 1 lb of fabric?" I got between 3 - 4 1/2 yards.  Not bad!  One box weighs 9 lbs, the other 9 1/2 lbs.   So........2 boxes for $45 each!  What a deal!

They're all packed and ready to go as soon as I get your mailing info (and $$).  If you are interested, please e-mail me at the address on my sidebar.  There are only 2!   So, first come, first served!  BUT, we need to talk first.  DO NOT send $$ until we talk via e-mail, please!  Happy shopping!

Friday, November 22, 2013

It's snowing.......UGH!

I should move!  Every year I wish for a snowless winter and in all my years, it has yet to happen.  Duh!  'Course, if I didn't live in Wisconsin, I suppose it might make more sense!  (Duh, again!)  I don't even think it's pretty anymore!  And I hate driving in it!  That's all!

On another note, I have been busy drawing holiday envelopes:

Christmas envelope #5

Christmas envelope #4

Christmas envelope #3

Christmas envelope #2

Christmas envelope #1

Pilgrim with a turkey leg.....

Then, there were these 3:

Fishy envelope

Everything's better while doing the Hokey-Pokey

Pirate Series Books #1

Glory be......I sewed!!!  I joined the FLIRTS Christmas swap and made my partner these cute coasters:

Christmas coasters to Liz for "FLIRTS"

And then, I wanted to add something a bit extra so I thought perhaps a refrigerator magnet might be fun.  Never in my life did I think I would get carried away enough to make 48 of them are the first 30.  They're 2 inches square each...and I sent out sets of 2.

15 sets of Silly Snowmen refrigerator magnets are some of the boxes all ready to go:

But this week, I have to not only concentrate on baking 3 pies (my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast at my sister's house), but also clean this mess and the next and decide what to do with the excess fabric:

Time for purging, I think!

Time to think about cleaning off the dining room table....again!

Oh.....I also will be putting up the tree and decorations for Christmas!  And all the while, I will be thinking if I should get this little guy or not.  E-gads!!!  Here is his 4 week picture.   Believe it or not, I've already named him in my head.  Meet "Tucker"!  (Maybe)

Have a wonderful holiday, my US friends.....and blessings to you all, no matter where you live!  Stay warm and healthy and thank you for being a fan!!!  Love ya!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lady #63, plus other stuff

Well, today is the day!  Today I go see the possible new addition to our family.....eikes!  I must be crazy, but we'll see.  One day I completely poo-poo the idea of a new puppy and the next day, I'm gung-ho, so who knows what might happen?  For now, I am just sitting tight trying to accomplish the stuff I need to do before the upcoming holidays (just in case I have to "puppy housebreak" right around that time too) and my house is a disaster!!  The cookie ingredients are on the counter (I freeze my Christmas cookies way ahead), the sewing machine seems to have taken permanent residence on the kitchen table, as well as the ironing board next to the island, and the dining room is as bad as ever stacked with fabrics and bags of threads.  E-gads!  I'm thinking if I hadn't joined that Christmas swap, I might be more organized now.  My "little extra" that I made for my partner was so appealing to me that I'm making about 40 more........YES, you read that right........40!  I've already placed 3 orders for stuff because it seems I can't stop.  I can't wait to show you, but my partner needs to get it first.  I don't want to spoil the surprise!  Maybe next time!  Here's the little "hint" I posted though:

What can this be, huh????

In the meantime, let me introduce you to Lady #63, Bianca from the Netherlands.  Bianca told me that she has 6 earrings in one ear and 4 in the other, so I gave her some really fancy

Lady #63 - Bianca from the Netherlands

And here is the original photo Bianca sent to me:

She also was kind enough to take a picture with "herself":

Lady #63 (Bianca with "herself")

Then, I suppose you might like to see the envelopes you missed???  Yes, they are still flying out of here like crazy and I must admit that the USPS is delighted every time I place a stamp order online of about $56.  Who knew I'd go so nuts??  (No comments from the peanut gallery, please...!!!) These are the ones I sent to Audrey:

Reader of the week to Audrey

Dinosaur envelope to Audrey

"Gobble gobble"

"Snow" reader to Audrey

And my friend, Annie, got these.....(most ideas which I stole from "Pushing the Envelope".  A blog on my sidebar.)  Bad me!

An owl to Annie

Crazy letter envie to Annie

Copycat from "Pushing the Envelope" blog

What's Up?

So that's it!  I'm hoping that I will be in a better state next week.  Hopefully, by then I will have finished all 40 little fun things I'm making, Lady #64 too, and maybe even my Christmas cookies.  I'm cutting way back on them this year.....usually, I make about 14-17 different kinds, but we all agreed that no one needs the calories anymore, so I'm only doing 5.  (Unless I all of a sudden have a passion for a recipe I!!! )  Until then......stay warm, have fun, and smile lots!!!  And most of all, thanks for being a fan!  Love ya!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Should I or not????

As most of you know, I have a dog, Toby, who is the love of my life!!!  Seriously, often I like him better than any other living creature on earth.  He doesn't tinkle on my floors, he doesn't bark at me to get him something from the store when I go, he gives me kisses and hugs whenever I want and best of all, he gets all excited when I come in the door, even if I've only gone to take out the trash for a second.  When we got Toby (2 1/2 years ago) we always thought that we'd eventually get him a pal, but then too, as we age, the thought of puppyhood with another one, drives us crazy.  Our Toby is so low key, it's like living with a 12 year old "normal" dog.  His favorite time of day is jumping on the bed to take a nap with me.

I must admit though that he does like going outside to check out the critters and whomever might be walking down the street:

"Ma, please let me out so I can chase that squirrel, okay???"

Tell me then, WHY do I search for darling pictures of Havanese, like I should get another??  Just look at these that I stole from the internet.  Have you ever seen such cute babies?

I must say that I even DID inquire about that last one and IF he'd been closer, he'd probably already be in this house and I wouldn't be writing this!!!  lol What a doll, huh?

Then, my friend as a litter of 5 boys...........BUT this litter is not in question, although they are all for sale if you are interested.  They are going on 3 weeks old and are only days old in this photo.

No, it's this little guy from another litter that is the quandary.  He's not even 24 hours old in the first picture.

And here he is at a week old:

Next week I will go to see him in person.  Oh my, what to do??  It's bad enough to housebreak a puppy in spring or summer, but in the middle of winter in Wisconsin?  I must be nuts to even think about it!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Lady #61 plus more

Happy November 1st (not that you'd ever know it from this post, I'm afraid to tell you!)  I'm going to show you all the envelopes you missed while we were reviewing the Walter/Barbara saga.......and there were a few.  As you have come to know, I send my dear sweet great niece, Audrey, two books a week....then too, my friend Annie, at least gets one or two too!  (I got smart during Halloween and duplicated my drawings so I'd have one for both of them. How long did it take for me to figure that out??????  Duh!!)  First though, I want to introduce you to lady #61, Sue from Australia:

Lady #61 - Sue from Australia

And here she is in "real":

Not a bad likeness, huh?  I think I got her pretty close.  Thanks, Sue for letting me use your original photo!  It's so fun to see the "ladies" together, don't you think?

Now, onto the envelopes.  Most of them were sent during October, thus the Halloween theme mostly.

Fun mail to Audrey

Halloween monster envelope to Audrey

Happy Birthday to my friend!

Early reader of the week to Audrey

Early reader envelope to Audrey for Halloween

Another Ron Roy book to Audrey

And then........two envelopes that I copied right out of this book.  I saw a similar drawing on "Pushing the Envelope".....a blog listed on my sidebar and decided to buy the book for myself.  I must say that I had a ball (although each envelope took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete and I think I made about 5).

Spooky Halloween Train Envelope

Halloween envelope to Audrey

There you have it!  I must admit that I have purchased two of his other books for my sweet little ones for Christmas (but of course, I had to check them out  I'm hoping that they love to draw someday as much as I do.  So, that's it!  Now I must take off to the post office to mail Lady #63 to The Netherlands.  Let's hope she doesn't take too long to arrive so I can reveal her soon.  Have a great week my friends and stay well.  Winter is fast approaching here..........brrrrrrrr!!!!