Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Guess it's time to bring up "Witchy Witch".  She's a staple on the door this time of year, until Halloween is over.  I made her about 2 years ago from a Mc Calls pattern......I forget the number, but it has about 3-4 different holidays in the package.  I remember not only making her, but about 4 others for my relatives who fell in love with her and had to have their own.  I wonder if theirs are on their doors yet???? 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sick Days

I've been a bit under the weather lately.  Not enough not to sew, you understand, just enough so that I'm not my merry self and raring to go like normal.  In fact, I spent most of the last week at home with no running around here and there.  Hubby was out of town which meant I didn't have to cook either and that, in itself, was WONDERFUL!  I sure get sick of cooking all the time!  I picked up a quilt from the quilters on Wednesday so perhaps you'd like to see it:

"Oh My Stars"

I call it, "Oh My Stars".  I think that's appropriate, don't you?  Actually this was a kit that I picked up from one of my quilt shops.  It had everything in it to complete the top including the pattern and binding (I did choose something else though to match the back...which is just plain, if you can believe??)  I like it.....and I LOVE the qulting!!  Man, my quilter does a great job...look:

"Oh My Stars"

Isn't that pretty? I had it stuffed with a very thin batting because I'm thinking that this will be gifted to someone in the southern states for the holidays.....(I don't dare say....you never know if they read my blog or not...!!??) Anyway, I hope they like it. More to come soon. I think I have another one scheduled to be picked up this next Wednesday too! Whew!!

Stay well you all and happy sewing,


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here I thought I was surprising my new on-line friend with the princess wall hanging last week, but guess who really was surprised when the mailman came the other day with all this cool stuff?  Boy oh boy, it was like Christmas!  She knew my hubby was going to be out of town this week, so she included a darling place mat so I could have my dinners in luxury, a new pattern, a note book to record all my quilt ideas, a wonderful fiction book about a quilter and the sweetest note you could ever imagine.  Isn't it just the coolest thing to make new friends????  Thank you so much , Laura!!!  You are the best!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Someday my Prince will Come"

Well, the day has finally come!  The recipient of my latest creation has received her gift so now I may show you all.  I had so much fun making this, you wouldn't believe it.  I thought since I had made a special quilt for the "supreme mama" of the Doll Quilt Swap, it might be nice to also make one for my specific mama, LauraJ, whom I've become friends with anyway via e-mail.  First let me tell you a bit about her.  She is a 30s something single mother of a disabled darling little 10 year old boy and she lives in Canada (not that that has anything to do with this....duh....I just threw that in for whatever reason???)  I wanted to make something appropriate, just like I did for "chickenfoot", so I really had to put my thinking cap on until I came up with this drawing:

The Drawing

Then, I had to put it in process:

In Process

And I loved the result. Let me show you a few close-ups. First, the turret with the kissable frog:

Frog in the turret

Then the mean old dragon. Note how he is looking up to her with love in his eyes????

The Dragon

Then, the princess, herself with a jewel in her hat and real pearls around her neck:

Her face

And finally, the completed 15 by 18 inch wall hanging quilt:

"Someday my Prince will Come"

The real remarkable thing about this whole deal is that I showed some friends prior to posting this on Flickr and I got 3 orders for more, which makes me thrilled to death because I LOVE making these. Naturally, one friend has two girls and both couldn't possibly have the same wall hanging, so the next princess design is in process and will be posted as soon as I get her done.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"The Big Blue Zipper & The Road to No Where"

It seems like forever since I finished piecing this quilt.  In fact, I couldn't even remember what quilting design I told the quilters to use.....(it's the old age thing, I'm thinking).  I like it though, so that's all I care about.  Ever since I did "Which is Which" I wanted to do a quilt that wasn't cut off and showed all the blocks in full.  Then too, I wasn't too sure what to put on the back so when I got it done....it looked like a road to me, so I named both the front and the back.  I must say, that it's the first time I've ever named both and I really do like the names together.  For some reason sometimes I crack myself up!  Oh well....time to reveal.  (Oh, and I must tell you that this is not the "something" that I am excited to show you.  That will still have to wait.......sorry!!)

"The Big Blue Zipper"

And the Road to No Where

Close-Up of Quilting

Come back in a few days for the big "reveal".......I'm thinking, Friday?????

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sew in the basement......no way!!!

I know that most of you have a designated sewing space and can make a mess as big as you want and hide it from everyone just by closing the door, but not me!!!  I sew in my kitchen!  So, since I sew in my kitchen, where else can I store stuff for immediate use but in the dining room, right?  This is what I'm seeing lately, and it's not a pretty sight.  I really need to get going and clean up this mess, but it seems I always have some sort of project going where I either need those fabrics, or have to dig for more in the basement which (naturally) get added to this pile.   Just lately I made the most awesome thing (which you will see in about 10 days and I'll be telling you more about that at another time, lest I spill the beans because I have such a big mouth), and because of that, I can't go onto what I originally planned to do.  Oh...so many secrets!!!  So this mess will have to stay this way a bit longer.  :)

So, you wanna see why I don't sew in my basement?  Could you give up this view with 15 feet of natural light coming through and skylights above?  See.....what'd I tell you???  I love it here everyday!!!  It makes me so happy to be this close to nature.  Oh.....I must also say....that I am replacing the 1980's kitchen set you see here.  Although this is the absolute most comfortable set in the whole world, I finally listened to my daughter and ordered a new set today which is keeping more like those in today's generation.  Now to wait the 4-6 weeks until I get it.

Happy sewing,

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes It All Starts With Just A Thought

I think I told you how much fun I had creating little quilts recently for the "Doll Quilt Swap" (DQS #7), right?  Well, when I thought about how much work was involved to organize 190 plus swap participants, my mind frazzled!!!  Who in the world would want to take on a job like that??  Imagine the pitfalls of 200 plus e-mails hitting your system all at once.  E-gads!  Not only that, but the current swap MAMA has done it more than once!!  Eikes...talk about torture!

Right then, I knew I had to do something to at least show my appreciation...but what???  (((Can you see the idea forming here???)))  It had to have a supreme being and little beings too.....it had to be whimsical and light, because that is how she is.......so out came the paper and pencil and this is what I drew:    

Next, I went to my copy shop and had 4 complete copies made of the whole thing.  After that, I got out my fabrics and "Steam a Seam" and went to work cutting and ironing.

It took all day just to piece....so the next day, it was the quilting:

Ooops, not done yet!!!  Binding and dowel cutting, and attaching the little "O" was next.  I sure was hoping she'd hang it.  Then...naturally, I had to take pics.  Outside, inside...which were best?  My motto is record it all, you can always delete the crummy ones.  LOL 

A tiny bit more.....

Here's the left side......

Finally, may I present, "CHICKENFOOT ET AL" with gratitude and appreciation:

chickenfoot et all

Cool huh? I love it and hope that she does too....BUT, for someone who prides herself on neat quilt backs (me), please don't look at this one. Eikes!!!

mama chickenfoot complete back

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunshine Sampler

I just love combining fabrics!!  Sometimes if there is a grouping together at the quilt shop, I'll walk around with them and just keep gathering more and more until I have such a bundle, I'm ready to go to the poorhouse.   That's kind of what happened with this bunch.  I just loved them so much and they reminded me of a sunny day, so they HAD to come home.  (Of course, they did, huh???)  I'm sure my husband would care to disagree, but I don't take him with me, so he has no say-so in those decisions.  Te-hee!!  Besides, he has his own passions......like the 7 watches in his bureau??

Sooo Pretty!!!