Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sick Days

I've been a bit under the weather lately.  Not enough not to sew, you understand, just enough so that I'm not my merry self and raring to go like normal.  In fact, I spent most of the last week at home with no running around here and there.  Hubby was out of town which meant I didn't have to cook either and that, in itself, was WONDERFUL!  I sure get sick of cooking all the time!  I picked up a quilt from the quilters on Wednesday so perhaps you'd like to see it:

"Oh My Stars"

I call it, "Oh My Stars".  I think that's appropriate, don't you?  Actually this was a kit that I picked up from one of my quilt shops.  It had everything in it to complete the top including the pattern and binding (I did choose something else though to match the back...which is just plain, if you can believe??)  I like it.....and I LOVE the qulting!!  Man, my quilter does a great job...look:

"Oh My Stars"

Isn't that pretty? I had it stuffed with a very thin batting because I'm thinking that this will be gifted to someone in the southern states for the holidays.....(I don't dare never know if they read my blog or not...!!??) Anyway, I hope they like it. More to come soon. I think I have another one scheduled to be picked up this next Wednesday too! Whew!!

Stay well you all and happy sewing,



Rettabug said...

It looks wonderful, the pattern!
I agree, your quilters are the BEST! :)

Judy said...

love the quilt, carol. great job as usual.