Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunshine Sampler

I just love combining fabrics!!  Sometimes if there is a grouping together at the quilt shop, I'll walk around with them and just keep gathering more and more until I have such a bundle, I'm ready to go to the poorhouse.   That's kind of what happened with this bunch.  I just loved them so much and they reminded me of a sunny day, so they HAD to come home.  (Of course, they did, huh???)  I'm sure my husband would care to disagree, but I don't take him with me, so he has no say-so in those decisions.  Te-hee!!  Besides, he has his own passions......like the 7 watches in his bureau??

Sooo Pretty!!! 


Jackie's Stitches said...

What a bright and happy collection!

Unknown said...

Looks like some of the same fabrics that are in my current project that I posted. I love the color!

Cole's Corner said...

a sunny day... or a beautiful Texas sunset!
Beautiful. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Helen said...

*sigh* I have died and gone to fabric heaven and it looks just like these fabrics! Just beautiful!

susan said...

you have such a great eye for color and what will make a fabo quilt
i love every stinking one of these fabrics!
did you go you know where, without me?

Amanda Jean said...

such a bright and cheery assortment of fabrics.