Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remember this?

Do you remember when I made this:

Confetti Squares

Well, guess what?  The patterns are done!

Confetti Squares

And.......you'll note that I have plenty:


So......if you want one, I will discount them thru all of June for only $7 each, just for you, my loyal blog readers, and I will pay the shipping!!  I so appreciate each and every one of you!  You can either PayPal your payment or write me a check.  E-mail me at turznik@execpc.com.  With your request, don't forget to give me your full name and address so I can mail it out to you.  You will love it!  It's super easy!

Friday, May 27, 2011

STUD is really not a cool dude.....

Actually, STUD stands for "Swap 'til U drop".  Clever, huh?  I joined this Flickr group awhile back and it is ongoing every two months and you can join at will, which means if you want to, it's okay, and if you're too busy or don't like the theme, that's okay too.  (Talk about run-on sentence there...whew!) I'll try to behave!  So....like I was saying, I've been a part of this group for awhile, but seldom join in any specific theme.  I really prefer when they used to have it every month instead of two.  It drives me nuts having my stuff sit here so long without showing anybody.  LOL  My mind goes in so many directions, that often, when it's time to send out my stuff, I'm not even crazy about it anymore.  Not good!

Well, this time, we had a Disney theme.  Now, my original idea was cute and I really thought that I could be creative using a Disney coloring page from the internet as my inspiration, but after I got my swap partner, "Bouncy Poodle".........(who incidentally is marvelous at these little quilts), she threw me in a completely different direction.  She wanted to do Disney music.  What?  Hey babe, I'm old....I don't watch Disney movies.....please.........???!!!  Music?  So I started thinking and the ONLY song I could remember right off the top of my head was, "When you wish upon a star"......from Pinocchio.  Well, actually it was the theme song from the Disney TV series from the 50's, the show that was on Sunday nights.  I remember as a child going to bed and looking out the window at the stars and wishing something or another....who knows what???  

Of course, I got out my fabric and started going to work.  You have no idea how many star fabrics I had out before I choose this one:

It's hard to tell,  but I wanted all the noses to be looking up at the biggest, brightest star.  You'll note that I sort of chopped all little green pieces first for my grassy hill and fused them first.  I wanted interest in every aspect of this little quilt.  I can't remember the exact size, but if I recall, it's somewhere around 10x14 inches.  (Dummy me forgot to measure it before I sent it out.)

Well, when it was all done, fused and sewn, this is how it looked:

"When you wish upon a star......"

Note that I raw edged the applique, but......and this was the time consuming part......I hand quilted the background by putting a single french knot (actually it was a colonial knot 'cause they're so much easier for me) in the middle of each tiny star.  Each knot is tied off on the back.  Here are some closeups:

Close-up - "When you wish upon a star"


Did you see all the noses up in the air?  And the ladybug and worm buttons too?  Oh this was a fun one! I'm sure glad that Patti, alias "Bouncy Poodle" changed the direction of the theme.  This was so much more fun and really brought me back to my childhood!  'Course, I never really sat on a hill with all those animals looking up at the sky......but in those days, that might have been what I was wishing for all along.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost there!

I promise that this will be my last post with various pictures of dogs and puppies.  I am smitten, for sure, but I also know that I might be boring you to death and I truly am sorry about that.  Last week, I hardly did a thing in the sewing department.  I was on a quest, and I think I'm close to deciding.   Believe it or not, I did sew today.......not that I can show you anything though since I made it for the June/July QT swap and I don't even have a partner yet.  Nothing like working ahead, huh?  Actually, I did it in between waiting e-mail return inquiries on puppies.  LOL

Sometimes, I really think I must have a bit of ADD.  My DH says I'm too old, but I wonder.  When I get something in my head, I am almost obsessed until I get it done, or make a decision on what is best for me.  This is what happened.  While I was searching the web for maltese breeders, I ran across this picture:

I want one just like this!

Did you ever see anything so cute?  While I have discovered other litters for sale, I was needing to fulfill my desire to get one that looked exactly like that picture.  (Not easy when some of the litters I had inquired about were only days old.)  In fact, I did find one male puppy about 30 minutes from my house which I will be checking out before doing anything else, BUT........low and behold, today I found the breeder of that puppy in the picture and you won't believe, BUT she did a repeat breeding and a litter of 4 was born....ta-da...TODAY!!!.  Amazing, huh?  Here is what the litter last year looked like:

 And in this one, you might be looking at my "someday" son.  These are the boys only hours old!  How exciting, huh?  The more I look, it seems the more expensive they are getting......although I think I am finding better breeders.

 I did bind a quilt last week...like I told you.  This is called, "Easy Wonky Squares".  Super simple but time consuming piecing all those peices.  I am going to produce this pattern too which also has instructions for a baby quilt using the same method.  My quilt shop talked me into it.

Here's another picture with my pretty crab apple tree in full bloom.

Easy Wonky Squares

So, that's it!  I sure hope I know what I'm doing.  I'm no spring chicken anymore and I'm really wanting a puppy, but at the same time, wonder if I'm too old to keep up with one.  E-gads!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

By George, I think I've got it!

If you're here to see sewing stuff, X me out right now!  I haven't sewn a stitch all week other than sewing a binding on last night and since hubby wasn't home, I have no pic.   He's my holder, you know!  LOL  (Much to his dismay too, I might add!  You should hear the complaints about his arms getting tired.  Poor baby!)

No, I have been waaaaaay busier deciding what kind of dog I should get since those two baby poodle/maltese I showed you last time were adopted under my nose in record time!  Guess I'm not as "johnny on the spot" like I used to be.  Gee, you get busy with household duties one day, and poof, everything changes!  

I decided to do some soul searching and came up with something that I've always wanted and think that it's about time I should have.  How about a maltese?  I love white anything, they're tiny and easy to groom, they can't break the bank in food costs cause they're so little, and because they're so little, I can eventually get two!  Won't that be fun?  

I ran the gambit calling well known bichon breeders this week, and even got some offers for older  champion lined puppies, but after much thought, I've been there, done that and I need a change.  Besides, have you ever seen anything cuter than the following pictures?

I can't resist!  I have to get one! 'Course, I won't be putting a hat on mine, that's for sure!  Cute, though, huh?  Last night, I discovered someone within my area who has a 1 1/2 week old boy who might be selling.  I figure I have about 10 weeks to sew until I'd get him...if she lets him go.  He was the only one in the litter.  I haven't even called her yet........but I have about 2 or three other options, if she keeps him, so I'm safe.  Stay tuned!  Oh, and thank you all ever so much for your input!  You are all such great helpers!  Because of you, my DH even agreed to one at a time!  Whew!  So, if you have any other suggestions, PLEASE let me know.  I need all the help I can get!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh my, what to do?

As many of you know, we lost our 12 year old bichon frise, Emmy on March 18th.  She was a gorgeous dog, purchased from a renowned multi-champion breeder, with a solid champion pedigree, but in many ways she was weird.  She hated other dogs!  She hated going for walks!  She also hated to be groomed!  Now, with some breeds that wouldn't be a problem, but with bichons, they require constant upkeep.  Every month since she came to us, I would groom her and every month since she came to us, she would fight the grooming like the devil.  She bit me and scratched me!  She hated it!  I hated it!  Bichons are supposed to be loving and cheerful!  Not Emmy!  I bought her to show and to breed.  Wrong again!  I had her with my breeder/handler for 5 months in 2000 and she only got to 1 point.  She hated the ring!  I hated the fact that I spent so much $$ for nothing.  Then, on top of it, because she hated other dogs so passionately, I couldn't get another one to keep her company and to make our lives more fun.  I was stuck!  I had her spayed!  No way was I going to pass on her personality to some poor puppies.  12+ years I lived like this and when it was over on March 18th, I felt as though I gave her a great life, and surprisingly, I did miss her.  But, and it's a big BUT, I didn't want another dog like that!!  What to do?  

Well, last Saturday, was a cold, miserable, rainy day here.  It was the PERFECT day to visit a rescue shelter just for lack of anything better to do but possibly take afternoon naps.  Hubby and I were both excited since we discovered that this shelter was known for their love of bichons and since we're over the showing/breeding stages of our lives, we thought we might find an older/in need dog.  Well......we (or I should say, I) found the perfect dog alright, but it was never what I expected............lookie:

Oh so tempting!!!

Have you ever seen anything so cute?  I was in love!  He's a 9 week old poodle/maltese mix.  Problem was that I hadn't filled out any paperwork, nor been "checked" out by the owner and/or staff.  Let me tell you that adopting from a shelter is probably as involved as adopting a child.  I filled out paperwork for that other rescue a while back, but not this one.  And the adoption papers were only online, not at the shelter.  Besides, did I really want a puppy?  Actually hubby wanted two at once.  That might have been why I was hesitant.

So yesterday, after I talked DH into getting one dog at a time, we called the shelter and POOP, that baby has already been adopted.  I'm sooo bummed!  So now what?  Should I settle for a litter mate?  One's a boy and the other is a girl.  We've never had a boy dog. 

Or, should I keep looking?  I think I'm ready for a new baby in this house before I'm too old to get one.  What do you think?

Friday, May 13, 2011

What was all that about?

E-gads, what was that all about?  Does anyone know?  I don't think I have EVER seen "Blogger" broken before.  Scary!  I couldn't even comment on some blogs.  I sure hope it's fixed for good now.  I'd hate to loose my stuff.........it's bad enough that I'm an idiot on all this techy stuff without blogger getting all goofy too.  LOL

Besides, I promised I'd show you the latest wall hanging for this post.  Do you remember what I told you that it was?  No?  Yes?  Hummmm......don't remember, huh?  No big deal, you see soon enough.  First, I started with the biggest section first.  I fused that down and continued:

 Are you getting a hint of what it could be?  I'm sure you know now, right?  Look at the next picture and take a gander:

Strange position, huh?  I remember when my kids used to sleep like that and I couldn't for the life of me understand how they'd be comfortable.....!!!  Naturally, they didn't have a bird on their head though!!  But, you know me......I'm a real bird brain from the word GO and had to add a bird into the mix.

Here is the original drawing.  Does it make more sense now?  Needless to say, I am still doing what I want.  (Such a rebel!!)

It's probably one of the biggest wall hanging quilts that I've done at 17 x 24 inches.  AND.....it's for sale!  Lets see if you like this one any better than the last.  Lord knows if you don't this might be the last cat with bird.......unless one has the other for lunch!  Yuck!  LOL  Let me show this to you all finished.  First the faces:

The faces

And now the whole thing:

"Here, Kitty, Kitty"

Cute, huh?  Okay....like I said, it's for sale.  $85 with a dowel, and O ring, ready to hang.  One of a kind, never to be reproduced (in any color) by me.  My e-mail info is on the right if you're interested.  Thanks so much!!!  I'll keep trying even if you don't like it 'cause I'm having a ball!!  :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back at it....

Well, too bad no one liked the cat with the bird enough to buy it.  I guess that will be the first thing in my Etsy shop when the time comes.  Unfortunately, I made another big wall hanging with a cat and bird.  Bummer!  I'll show you that next time.

Today, I'll show you what I did yesterday.  I think I told you that my mug rug partner doesn't like raw edge applique, right?  Well, tough!  Just cause she doesn't like it, doesn't mean I can make it, right?  I mean, I don't have to give them to her.....I can give them to whoever I want!  Who says I have to give up the whimsy of my life just because of one person?  What was I thinking????

So, what do you think of this:

"Cheerio, dahlink..."

I must say I was thinking of the royal wedding.  Her hat actually started off rather plain pink, but low and behold, pinned to my pincushion was two white flowers that I had planned for something else just sitting there staring at me, so wa-la, I added one to her hat and I think it just did the trick!  She looks so much more whimsical now drinking her tea with her "pinkie" proper.

Then, I remembered that I had seen a pillow, or something with just plain flowers in solids with straight black stitching, probably on Flickr a long time ago.  (I do tend to jump around a bit and get lost in Flickr on occasion and get ideas and then wonder where they come from.)  I thought I'd try it:

Looking a bit "Norwegian" Mug Rug

Looks a bit Norwegian to me but I think it's because of the bright clean solid colors and plain design.  ('Course I'm not Norwegian, so what do I know???)

So, that's it!  Not very exciting, I know.  Sorry about that!  I can't sew all the time.  In fact today I think I will clean some stuff out of my basement.  I have tons of smocking stuff I'll probably never use again, so it's time to donate it to (hopefully) someone who can use it.  Have a great day, my friends!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Are you Ready?

Boy oh boy!  Once I made up my mind to do some fun stuff, it sure didn't take me long, huh?  Does that tell you that some of this was in my head all along?  I'd say!!  And guess what?  There is more in there!!  Lots more!  If only I could work faster.....or could send DH away on a short vacation (alone) for a few days (weeks....LOL)  This cooking, cleaning and laundry really cramps my style!!  

Well anyway....you know the drill.  First I start off with a drawing (which I never photographed this time figuring you've seen them all before so why bother?)  It's here though.  I can't applique without them.  The biggest appliques come first, or backgrounds.  In this case, it was the cat.  

 I just knew he/she had to have green eyes.  After all, if I remember correctly, all the cats I ever had seemed to have green eyes (or yellow....but I never thought of that color then....ummmm).  Then..... NATURALLY...... I had to make the birds.........!!!  What's a "mamacjt" applique piece without birds?  (At least that's what I've been hearing lately!)  I thought pink and green would be fun.

By now I was having a ball!!  I already knew what this was going to look like finished and how I would quilt it and bind it.  Besides, who can tire of cats and birds together?

So, here are two close-up pictures of the finished piece:

Cat w/"made with love" charm

the birds....

Did you see the little charm on the cat's collar?  It says, "Made with Love".  I also found a cat charm, but I liked the Made with Love one better.

So here it is, all finished and guess what?  It's for sale.......one of a kind, never to be made again!!!


I'm calling it, "Friends".  It's 15 1/2 x 22 inches with a sleeve, O ring and dowel and ready to hang.  $80  E-mail me if you want it (my info is on the side).......I'll sign it on the back for you!!  LOL  Oh and....thank you ever so much for all your support!  Your comments last time were so heartwarming,  and wonderful......I was overwhelmed!! Smooches to you all!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time for a Change

You know, it's funny.....or maybe not so much.  I have seen people come and go in blogs.  Some quit and come back and some stay away for months and then re-appear like nothing ever happened.  I used to wonder about that and question what happened in their lives to make such a change.  BUT, maybe it wasn't that at all.  Maybe it's because they ran out of steam......maybe their creativity left.  Can you imagine?  Glory be that should ever happen to me!!!  AND, because of that, and because I have felt lately that I have been somewhat pressured, I have decided to start doing what I love and not what everyone wants me to do.  (Talk about rebel, huh???)  I suppose I'll still join in some swaps......after all, I really have trouble staying away, but after wondering if I should join this round of the Mug Rug swap and then joining but then getting a partner who really doesn't love what I like to do best, I've sorta re-vamped my thinking.

So today I am going to show you the last (or maybe not really the last...but close to the last) obligation projects.  Then, from now on, or until the crazies are out of my brain and on fabric, I am going to do doll quilt sized wall hangings of various things that I have wanted to do.  Some of these creations might be for sale.  After all, I can't keep them all....what in the world would I do with them all????  They will be a one of a kind creations, never again to be produced by me.  (Remember though that the original drawings are here and some day, after I'm dead, my kids might sell those.  LOL)  With that being said, let me show you some of what I've been doing:

First, two blocks for a very special project that a Flickr friend is organizing for a special lady who has been going through some tough times in her life.  She asked for flower and/or heart blocks:


Flower Block

Then....another mug rug.  I should have named this, "Sea Glass".  It really reminds me of it.  First, I strip pieced various colors of solids to a 1 1/4 inch strip of white.  I later trimmed this thinner once I sewed it to the block:

Strip making

Random squares mug rug

The back

I haven't the slightest idea which mug rug my partner will get yet.  Maybe this one, or perhaps the one I showed you on my last post.  Too bad I can't make something of whimsy though.  :(  I really love making those the most!!!

So, that's it for now.  I sure hope you like the new "ME".  I'm excited and anxious to have fun again.  I've really missed it!!!  I hope you've missed it too!!