Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost there!

I promise that this will be my last post with various pictures of dogs and puppies.  I am smitten, for sure, but I also know that I might be boring you to death and I truly am sorry about that.  Last week, I hardly did a thing in the sewing department.  I was on a quest, and I think I'm close to deciding.   Believe it or not, I did sew today.......not that I can show you anything though since I made it for the June/July QT swap and I don't even have a partner yet.  Nothing like working ahead, huh?  Actually, I did it in between waiting e-mail return inquiries on puppies.  LOL

Sometimes, I really think I must have a bit of ADD.  My DH says I'm too old, but I wonder.  When I get something in my head, I am almost obsessed until I get it done, or make a decision on what is best for me.  This is what happened.  While I was searching the web for maltese breeders, I ran across this picture:

I want one just like this!

Did you ever see anything so cute?  While I have discovered other litters for sale, I was needing to fulfill my desire to get one that looked exactly like that picture.  (Not easy when some of the litters I had inquired about were only days old.)  In fact, I did find one male puppy about 30 minutes from my house which I will be checking out before doing anything else, BUT........low and behold, today I found the breeder of that puppy in the picture and you won't believe, BUT she did a repeat breeding and a litter of 4 was born....ta-da...TODAY!!!.  Amazing, huh?  Here is what the litter last year looked like:

 And in this one, you might be looking at my "someday" son.  These are the boys only hours old!  How exciting, huh?  The more I look, it seems the more expensive they are getting......although I think I am finding better breeders.

 I did bind a quilt last I told you.  This is called, "Easy Wonky Squares".  Super simple but time consuming piecing all those peices.  I am going to produce this pattern too which also has instructions for a baby quilt using the same method.  My quilt shop talked me into it.

Here's another picture with my pretty crab apple tree in full bloom.

Easy Wonky Squares

So, that's it!  I sure hope I know what I'm doing.  I'm no spring chicken anymore and I'm really wanting a puppy, but at the same time, wonder if I'm too old to keep up with one.  E-gads!!!


Joy said...

Oh my gosh-- I can't stand it they are so cute. I have a Maltese Chihuahua (malchi) I love him --- he is the best natured dog.

Barbara said...

absolutely precious - just too stinkin' cute for words - (the puppy, not the quilt) just teasing you, sweet lady, as the quilt is really pretty.

Do not dare stop posting pics of those precious beings - just too much sadness in the world and those dear faces make my heart sing !

I will make a wager that your husband will be happy when the new family member is finally home with you ;-)

rubyslipperz1052 said...

very cute puppies!...I can relate to..."the more I look, the more expensive it gets!". Solution? divide the expensive of the item over the length of time you will get "value" out of it...Looking from this point of view...things look a lot less expensive. =P


Deborah said...

Puppies are so cute! I have a ShiPoo and she is a good friend and companion. They say that pets help us and calm us! The puppy would be an investment in your health! Love the quilt!

Jen said...

I have enjoyed see the cute puppies - I am a sucker for them. We have a bichon shizu and she is just so joyful makes me want to strive to be that joyful and content with life. I also enjoy seeing your amazing projects. Can't wait to see you QT project - I was sketching some ideas, but didn't put them to fabric yet.

Kathy said...

The quilt is so pretty and the puppies are the cutest ever. I hope you get one. Very adorable!

Anja said...

How can you resist for sooo long?
Watching all those cute puppies, I couldn´t have resisted but to take one of them home with me...but my DH would leave the house, if I did...sooo my love for doggies is abandonded. I hope, you´ll get a new room-mate soon!


Misty said...

Wow, I love this combination of pinks and greens! It's a beautiful quilt.

The puppies are charming...and irresistible!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You can never have too many puppy pictures :)

Your quilt is beautiful - love the color combination.

Kim D. said...

Oh, those puppy photo's are so adorable. I have two male maltese and those photo's look just like my two when they were puppies. Maltese are the best breed with wonderful personalities and they usually want to please. My oldest is literally Mr. Perfect and the youngest has been the terror of the house, although he's 3-1/2 now and grown out of the terrible two stages. Yeah! You can't go wrong with a maltese, they are the sweetest dogs.

Your quilt is darling, I have a similar pattern I hope to make one of these days.

Leah said...

Love me some puppies! Good luck with your choice. Very hard decision to make. We have a havanese and believe he was the best choice a person could ever make! Check them out if you are looking at small dogs, a dog could not get any better! They don't even shed!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Carol! Who could be bored watching those sweeties! I hope you get your boy (or girl) soon! Puppies are just so wonderful! But so is every dog even we get them in older age!
I love that quilt! Perfect pattern for one colour (solid?) fabrics! I tried once to make those blocks but I'm not sure if I did it right so I'm really happy if you are going to show how!
Thank you again for a lovely post!
xxx Teje & Nero

Kathy said...

I really hope you find the right dog for you at a shelter. There are so many that need homes. Good Luck on your search!

Patty said...

I agree with Kathy. Here's a link to the Northcentral Maltese Rescue

Anonymous said...

I'm almost older than dirt, but four and a half years ago I got a Labradoodle puppy, who is now a wonderful big ole dog! He's a gentle giant who loves everyone. He's not a lap dog and I can't begin to pick him up, but he's my buddy and is by my side constantly. You will love it if you get a dog, but they do take time and energy and need some training. Also they cost you money, with immunizations, food, toys, etc. Worth every penny!

tmac72 said...
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tmac72 said...

Did you get your Maltese? :) They are great. I love mine. Thinking about getting another one maybe next summer.