Saturday, February 13, 2016

I am a Medical Mystery, I guess

If you have kept up with my former posts, you know that I have been having some medical issues.  Since I last visited with you, I have been in two hospitals, one rehab center, and have had numerous tests including 6 MRIs, 1 CT scan, 2 chest x-rays, an ECHO, 2 EMGs, I have no idea how many blood draws, (except I can tell you that they took 18 vials of blood in two days once,) a Spinal Tap, and finally a Bone Marrow draw and they still have no idea what is wrong with me.  I have had teams of doctors look at my case, led by 2 Associate professors of the Medical College of Wisconsin with their entourage following them.  Right now, I can only walk with a walker and even then, it is difficult.  I can no longer drive and haven't since December 2nd.  I feel like a recluse and cripple (which I guess I am).  Obviously, some nerves are being affected in my body, but by what, who knows?  They've got me on Gabapentin, but I know that is only a pain medicine for nerve pain and will help only so much.  Funny thing is that on November 17th I was just fine.......going to Target, grocery shopping and getting ready for the holidays.  Needless to say, I am not a happy girl!!!

On another note, my (up til now) wonderful MacBook Air, won't let me import photos, so even if I had made anything, I wouldn't be able to show you.  Since I've been home, I'm working on a pair of socks that I ripped apart when I left.  For some reason, I guess I couldn't concentrate on them and they were full of mistakes.  I did buy some really pretty yarn (pictures still in my camera) that I so wanted to show you......but I decided that since the former ripped apart socks were easy and shouldn't really take forever I'd do them first and try to get this goofy computer to work on the photo issue.  Hubby is going to try to help today with the Apple genius' too.  (Only they don't know it yet.  lol)

Only good thing that happened this past month is that I lost 8 more lbs making it a total of 63 lbs lost so far since last April 6th.  I think I'll go for 17 more and then be done.  By then I should be as skinny as my aerobic teacher sister and yoga teaching daughter.  lol

Hope you all are well and have had a better month than me.