Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Love Quilt

That's not what they called it, but that's what I call it!  I had the surprise of my life today when my friend, Shirley popped over to my house for a short visit.  She and I get together often, mostly when she's in town on errands since she lives in Siberia (which really isn't in Siberia, but about 30 minutes, way, way in the country.)  We just call it Siberia, to bug her!  LOL  Lots of times when we get together (often with our other awesome friend, Susie,....we will bring stuff to show the others, like Shirley did today.  EXCEPT, it was not really HER show and tell, it was a gift for me.......a wonderful, marvelous, most touching gift that I have ever gotten (other than my smocking pleater from my DH one Christmas when we were really broke).  Shirley brought this:

"My Angel Quilt"

It's a quilt filled with 12 inch blocks from 18 awesome woman who combined their time and talents to create a beautiful work of art filled with my favorite colors, and trees, and birds, and houses, and flying geese (I love flying geese and have never made any) that I can't get over it!  I am so truly touched at the wonderfulness of it, you can't believe!  Not only that, but there are two pillows to match!  Again, with glorious designs and colors.

My address??

My Angel Quilt

You have no idea how many of those blocks I saw on Flickr and commented on and planned on copying some day.  LOL  Many looked like they could have come out of my brain.  In fact I was wondering how they got so much better than me so fast!  And all along, they were combining them in a quilt for me.  Thank you ever so much, Susan, Ruthie, Kimmie, cindy, Annie, Helen, Andrea, Julie, Flossie, Lish, Lucinda, Solidia, Kandra, Anita, Shirley (she will be featured here in a few days), Lynne, Krista, and Laura.  I love it!   Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  I adore it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet Rita

Meet Rita, everyone!  She's #5 in the Ladies Series.  Yup, I'm still going strong and have a bunch of others yet to come.  It's getting to the point where I have to check their numbers before I post them though.  Duh!  Do you think that means I am going too far?  For sure you've yet to meet Shirley, Gloria, Susie, Annie, Kat and who knows who that might come along.  That'll make at least 11. And, I'm sure there will be more.  I know of at least two other drawings I've yet to name.  

To be honest, I'm not crazy about Rita.  She gave me a bit of a fit!  Seems whenever I make a longer face, (or perhaps it was the pebble quilting instead of the swirl), the face seems to wrinkle a bit.  Usually, I can get around this with the addition of glasses, but I really wanted one without glasses once.  I ironed the blue blazes out of her just to take this picture, I'll have you know.  Poor thing needs botox! 

She looked okay for this photo and at this point I didn't know she'd be a problem! 

I was going to flip that picture, so you wouldn't have to see it sidewards, but the whole perspective is off  since I actually took it this way.  I think she was laying on the ironing board.  :D

Here's the drawing:

Rita - the drawing

And a close-up of her face.  Note the tiny pencil dots.  I even did freckles with knots, but later removed them because she looked even worse.  Poor dear looked like she had zits!

And the finished Rita.........(I do love her eyes!)  Believe it or not, I finish that part of the quilt first and then continue onward with the rest of the sewing.  For some reason they come alive after I have done the eyes.

Rita #5 in the Ladies Series

Oh, and one more thing.  I think I was lax in showing you my entry for the Little, vote, swap entry.  It's a fun new group I joined.  Check it out, you might want to be in our next swap.  I think the next one starts the end of this week and you have a whole 6 weeks to make something.

"Love to Sew"

I already have an idea of what I'm going to do next for that swap.....(if I don't forget...duh!)  With all these ladies swimming in my head, who can remember anything?

Friday, August 26, 2011


Welcome to my rendition of "Maria" (#4 in the Ladies Series).  She reminds me of those alteration ladies that used to be (or perhaps still are in) clothing stores.  I remember when I was a young girl how my mother would have some "Maria" come in to let out a few seams here and there for me.  (I always was a bit chunky.)  She always walked in with pins in her mouth.....or was that just my imagination?  I'm sure she wasn't wearing a button necklace.........I KNOW that is my imagination!  Come to think of it, I don't think I have seen an alteration lady in ages.......not since my daughter got married and needed her wedding dress altered.  (Not that I'm still not chunky, you understand........I just rarely buy dresses anymore.  LOL)  Target is more my style now!

Anyway, meet Maria:

Perhaps I should have put the tape measure around her neck, as I remember alteration ladies did, but in her hair was just much more colorful and right now, for me, that is the name of the game!

I really like this one for some reason.  Things just fell together perfectly and her eyes, well her eyes are awesome if I do say so myself!

Maria - her face

The drawing:

#4 drawing in Ladies Series

Maria - #4 in Ladies Series

Maria is for sale.  If you need specifics, please visit the other ladies in the group.  Prices are as in the past.  I think she needs a new home, don't you?   As with the others, it's 14 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches, and all ready to hang.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My friend, Rettabug

You might have seen a link on my blog to "The Gazebo House".  That blog is owned by my dear friend, Rett!  You must check it out!  She and I have known each other for ages, it seems, although we have never met in person.  Sometimes, it happens that way when you just seem to hit it off with a person on-line and eventually you are calling each other over the phone and chatting about everything.  That's how it is with Rett and I.  

When I decided to put my ladies to fabric, I naturally thought of friends I could copy.  Since I never really met Rett in person, (although I have seen pictures of her), I could basically do whatever I wanted as long as it sort of depicted her........(if you know what I mean.)  I must admit that I had to ask her for her eye color.  He-he......we've never gotten THAT close!

Now, before I reveal my creation, let me tell you a bit about Rett.  On the drawing, it appears as though she could be a waitress.  While this is totally untrue (although her husband might not agree), she was a critical care nurse in another life and thus the hat.  She also is carrying dishes.......(another indication of luncheon help?).......not really!  Rett is an AVID china collector!  In fact, (and she'll probably shoot me for this)......she has dishes hidden all over her house including under the sofa since she is totally out of room in hidden locations.  In addition, she is a wonderful sewer and makes gorgeous creations for her darling granddaughter, Miss C.  So, let me present my friend, Rett........

The drawing  #3 in Ladies Series

Face close-up

And the finished wall hanging:

My friend, Rettabug!

I hope you like her as much as (we) do.  She told me that she wishes she looked that good.  LOL  (I did knock a few years off of her!!)

Incidentally, Gwendolyn is still here.  The "dear" didn't sell yet, so if you're interested, let me know.   Thanks for reading my blog.  I hope I'm not boring you with all these ladies, but I am having such fun!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Two things......

First, I must show you my doll quilt that I received on Tuesday.  (Actually, I didn't open it until yesterday because I hate to be the one who is all done first.  That happened to me the last time, and it's no fun so I had my DH hide the package until yesterday!)  I like the anticipation to linger, and wonder which one I might get.  Funny thing is that I thought I might get the one I did.  I sorta put a little "hint" in my mosaic.  Duh!  It was made by the talented Teresa from Lochside quilter:

My DQS11 from Terese

So pretty and she included so many nice goodies too.

BUT, onto the really fun stuff!  I am LOVING making these ladies, my friends!  I get such joy just drawing them and then it's very hard to decide which will be put to fabric next.  Yesterday, I drew two of my friends, so I'm thinking they might be done next week, but let me tell you a bit about our star of today.  We all know, Gwendolyn, or someone just like her.  A sweet, sweet, little older lady with her blue eye shadow, overly pink lips, and tons of blush.  Can't you just hear her tiny voice calling you, "sweetie"?  She was just itching to be "born".

Naturally, she had to have blue eyes......after all, she must match her eye shadow, you know.  LOL

I just love the procedure, watching them "grow" to life from the original drawing......oh, guess I forgot to show you that yet......

Gwendolyn - the drawing

Funny how the drawing always makes them look younger than the fabric does.  I've noticed that this happens a lot.  Wonder why?

Did you check out those template earrings?  Cool, huh?  (I thought that was brilliant, if I do say so myself!)  And ta-da......the finished Gwendolyn......(but first I'll show her pretty eyes):

Check out the makeup!

Gwendolyn #2 in "Ladies Series"

As before, Gwendolyn is for sale.  The wall hanging is 14 1/2 by 18 1/2 inches, finished with a sleeve, dowel for stability, and O ring, all ready to hang plus it's numbered (#2 in the ladies series) and personally signed by me never to be duplicated (until I die and my daughter either sells all my drawings or dumps them).  The first $79 plus shipping takes her home.  E-mail me at my address above right if you're interested.  She really needs a new home!  (Oh, and thanks for all your marvelous suggestions about future ladies.  I will take them to heart!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Lately, between Toby and my imagination, that's all I've been doing.  I have drawn some more ladies, so  as the weeks go on, hopefully I can put each to fabric.  "Gwendolyn" is already calling me to make her next.  LOL  Francine is already in her new home, hanging on a wall in the state of Washington to oversee her new owner's creations.  Thank you so much!  I hope she makes you as happy as she made me to create her.  

Then there is Toby.  My other love.......(I no longer count DH since he's been here a LONG time already, and is nowhere as cute as Toby, although his hair does match.)

Toby - 4 months on 8/15/11

Digesting the Sunday paper:

Digesting the Sunday paper

Trying to get his toys since I put them all together in a plastic container:

And chewing on his favorite thing.....a "Flossie"......made by Merrick......a twisted beef talon.....I've already spent a fortune on them at $4.99 each.  Whew!

Chewing on his Flossie

Okay, okay I'm sure you don't want to see anymore.  I actually got on the floor to take those, I'll have you know and it was no picnic getting up again.  I'm surprised he didn't come over and bite me in the  nose.  That has happened more than once already too!  Oh, the joy of puppies!

Stay tuned for Gwendolyn later in the week......I think you'll love her!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Francine - #1 in a series

You know me.......the grass doesn't grow under my feet long until I'm engrossed in something new!  Since I had such fun creating my swap partner in fabric for the "Love of Solids" swap (yet to be unveiled), I thought maybe a series of ladies faces might be interesting.

I got out my paper and pencils and went to town.  Originally I thought I'd capture my friends in fabric (and that still might happen), but it was just so much easier just to play in the beginning and the more I drew, the bigger my smile became!  After awhile, it was just a matter of which one should I do first?

"Francine" just begged me to make her though!  (She told her her name as I was doing know how these quilts speak to us!)  She seemed to be the epitome (at least in my head) of fun quilters everywhere, always ready with pins in her mouth and tape measure ready:

The Drawing

You know the process........a new package of Steam a Seam ready and able, plus scissors handy!

Little by little, I just plugged away:

I LOVE to get to the end's so exciting to see the difference between the drawing and finished quilt:


And check out those eyes:

Her eyes

Incidentally, Francine is for sale (as will be all the ladies in the series  - except the renditions of my friends, you understand).  She is 14 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches, finished with a sleeve, dowel and O ring, all ready to hang, plus numbered and personally signed by me.....never to be duplicated!  The first $79 plus shipping takes her home.  E-mail me at if you're interested.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Because we have this:

and I can whip up these like nobody's business:

I have been feeling like this lately with all the company and running I've been doing:

So, who has time for sewing?  Then, someone told me that getting a puppy would keep me young.  I wish I could remember who that was so I could "bop" them on the side of the head because last month I surely wasn't taking 2 hour naps everyday!  (That time is cutting into my sewing time too, you know!)  I'm hoping that my family and friends obligations are close to being done for this season.  I know it's been hot, but e-gads!  Enough is enough already! 

On another note, when I can take pics like this of my DD and Toby,  life is pretty good!

DD and Toby

I sure hope you are enjoying your summer too.  Around here, it surely doesn't last too long so I have to take all the advantages I can.  Maybe I'll take a ride to the quilt shop this afternoon for inspiration!  I do have some new ideas!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another one?

Yes, another one!  I joined another swap!  Big surprise, huh?  Then, after I signed up, I was perplexed on what I should make.  This swap "For the Love of Solids" require that everything be made with only solids...duh....thus the name (hello)!  We had our choice when we signed up to request things like a sewing machine cover, a wall hanging (mini quilt), tote bag, table runner or perhaps a set of placemats.  Who knows what I asked for......I don't remember, but my partner was open to whatever I wanted to nice of her!!!  Naturally, I wanted to do something different, something no one else might think to do and so I drew a drawing of someone and asked if my partner might like herself in fabric:

Is this you?  Do you want it to be?

I asked in the Flickr post that if she thought this might be cool, to list her hair color, style, eye color, and if she wore glassed, etc. so I could get an idea of how to make her.  I did do my stalking homework prior and sort of knew her general age so that was the easy part.  Thankfully, she thought it might be a fun idea too and responded with all the information I needed.  I must say that I am super in love with the results, but alas, can't show you 'cause she will know immediately that it's her if I reveal the whole thing.  Surely don't want to wreck the surprise!!  I can show you the sneak peek though........

For the Love of Solids - Sneak peek

Too bad I have to wait until Sept 1st to send it.  That's a long wait!

Monday, August 1, 2011

You're gunna be mad at me!

Oh you guys, I'm so very sorry to tell you that I (actually it was the lady at the quilt shop, but don't tell anyone) found 2....YES TWO.....mistakes on this pattern:

Confetti Squares

So, if you bought one from me, please get it out right now so you can fix it.  On the bottom of the first page, last sentence #4 should read 44- 2 3/4 pieces.....NOT FOUR 2 3/4 pieces and the first sentence on the reverse side should say, "Note that the 11-6 1/2 red squares and (22) -6 1/2 white squares (NOT 11- 6 1/2 white squares).  I'm so very sorry!

On a brighter note, I finished the mug rug that everyone asked that I do and I had such a ball yesterday doing it.  I didn't realize how much I missed applique until I started and was (again) in my own little world.  I didn't make up a haiku to go with it (as are the rules of the swap), but let some of my Flickr friends have their hand at it.  Click on the picture to take you right to Flickr to read some of them.  We have a very clever bunch!

Mug Rug or Mini Wall Hanging

Last, but not least, my Toby got a bath yesterday (and had his ears cleaned for the first time without incident, I'll have you know!)  What a sweet and wonderful puppy he has been (except for this housebreaking thing....UGH!!)

Toby 15 weeks

Have a fun week, my friends!!  Stay cool!