Friday, May 31, 2013

Lady #49 and more Mail Art

While lady #50 continues to fly home, I'd like to introduce you to Lady #49, Terry.  Terry was kind enough to allow me to show you her original photo too:

Lady #49 - Terry

And here is the "real Terry:

Then, I continue to create fun envelopes which seem to be well received.  So far (knock on wood) none of them have gotten lost either.

Mail fun

Fun mail

Fun Mail

Fun envelope already delivered

Mail fun!

Fun mail to Ruthie

Belated BD to Flossie

See......I told you I've been having fun!  All the above have been sent and delivered (although on many of these pictures, I failed to address the envelopes on purpose)'s easier than trying to block out the address since no one wants their private information on the web.  I hope you enjoyed them.  I have close to 40 more all completed so you might be seeing more of this kind of stuff for awhile.  I'm really enjoying my sewing break.  Tomorrow, I might even just start reading a book.  It's been months since I've enjoyed a good novel!

Enjoy your weekend, my friends and happy drawing (or sewing) or whatever!!!  lol

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A crazy week......

First off I want to tell you that this is a warning.....I grab lots of my photos from my Flickr account (as most of you know).  With the new changes (ugh) on Flickr lately, and my stupidity on computer situations, todays post might be a jumble mess.  Time will tell!  IF I could keep my fingers crossed as I type this, I would, because today has me baffled as to what might happen.  So, here goes:

First, I want to introduce you to two new "Ladies".  #48 is the first one.  Meg is her name and here she is:

Lady #48 - Meg

And here is the original photo that Meg sent to me.  Actually, there were originally 3 people in the photo, but I cropped her out to show you.

Next, we have the lovely, Paula.  Actually, Paula was commissioned by a friend as a gift for her 50th birthday.  I had to wait a long time to show you Lady #39, but here she is:

Lady # 39 - Paula

And here is Paula with herself:

Paula with "herself"

Other "ladies" are in process of flying to their owners so hopefully, you will see more next time.  I'm ready to sew more of you, so anytime you're ready, I would LOVE to create you in fabric too!!!

Onto the swaps......!!!  I had one thing to do and yeah.......I finished that last week too.  I signed up for the simple group (although this project did take me close to 5 hours), but I love the result and actually thought about keeping them myself.  I made coasters with a pad for a pitcher:

FLIRTS package

I bought two strips of the squared Malka fabric at my LQS, cut them apart, trimmed them with Kona white, cut them at 5 inches, lined them with 2 pieces of batting, backed with another square, flipped them inside out and quilted them on the lines already on the fabric.  Cool and easy!

Then.......I've still been doing envelope art too.  Thankfully, I had lots in reserve to send to my friends because this was a busy sewing week.  These have already been delivered though so I thought you might enjoy them too:

Mail art fun

Mail Art

Mail fun

Fun mail art

And lastly, let me show you a picture of our lilac bush.  It's finally blooming in all it's glory:

Lilacs in Bloom

Double White Lilac

Now......if Flickr would come up with "smell-a-Flickr" we'd be all set!  Have a great week, my friends!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Swap stuff and more mail art!

First for the swap stuff.  I got the most darling pouch from the Little Pouch Swap.  My partner was, Laura VanVleet and she nailed me to a "T".

Pouch from Laura VanVleet

Isn't that just the coolest?  I love flying geese, rainbow anything and hand stitching!  And the yellow dots are a real plus!  Thank you, Laura.  I love it!

Then, I got my 1st pick from the Little Quilt sew, vote swap group.  This one is so precious and truly reminds me of summer (although my hubby is highly allergic to bee stings):

From Waggonswest

I'm thrilled to say that I finished Ladies #47 and #48 this past week and they are either on their way to their owners, or waiting for a special presentation day, so can't be shown yet, unfortunately.  Perhaps next time.  Remember too, that we are still missing Lady #39 (who's birthday is in May and she was a gift), and Lady #45, who has a far-far way to travel.  Hopefully, one of these days we can catch up!  This coming week, I will be working on ladies #49 and #50, making a swap gift, and maybe working on a shower present for a friend.  Sometimes, there's not enough hours in the day!  Good thing that I keep my pens and envelopes handy for times like when my floor has been scrubbed (like just about 30 minutes ago) and needs to dry so I have something to work on.  lol  I still am enamored with the envelope on each to see it bigger:

Mail Art

Fun envelope

Mail art to Annie

Fun mail

Fun Mail Art

Pretty envelope to Annie

Mail art to Annie

Birthday Mail Fun

Birthday Envelope

Protest Mail

So there!  Now you've seen just about everything I did all week.  All except for the ladies.  lol  If you want to see the envelopes Annie mailed to me, check out her blog on my sidebar "freezeframe".  We've been having such fun!

Have a great week my friends and stay creative!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mail Art #1

Dontcha think that sometimes it's just fun to look without reading a thing?  Does that ever appeal to you?  If so, today's your day!  (And Happy Mother's Day on top of it!)  Remember just one thing.......all these envelopes have either already been sent through the mail, or will be soon.  Enjoy!

Mail art

Mail art

Mail art to Annie

Mail art

Mail art to Jean

Mail art to Jean

Mail art to Jean

More fun mail art

2 Dachshunds?

Mail art to Annie

Mail Art flop

Fun mail art

More Mail Art

See........I told you I was busy!  I hope you enjoyed seeing these.  (You and all the postal workers ...... some all over the world......who saw all my fun envelopes in person.)  There are more to come!  I have a stack all ready to mail yet.    Before I make more though, I'll be working on ladies #47 and #48.....YEAH!!!!!  I hope you will have as much fun as me this week!!!

Have I inspired you to entertain your post office?  Hope so!  Until next time..........

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Paper or Scissors?

Such a clever title for today's post!  Sometimes I really amaze myself!!  lol  Actually, I should have said, "Scissors or Paper" because today will be all about sewing.  Next time though, I will have a slew of mail art to show you!  (You thought I sewed fast?  Hello!  You ain't seen nothin'!  Some of these envelopes go lickity split and lately I've been making about 4-5 a day!)  BUT, enough of that for now.  Today is about sewing so let me introduce you to Lady #46 - Jan #2...........(not to be confused with Jan #1 who was Lady #37.)  Believe it or not, I do remember ALL my special ladies by name!!!!

Lady #46 - Jan #2

And here is the original photo she sent me.  She was kind enough to let me show you:  

Check out those cool purple glasses and hoop earrings.  I just had to give her hoops on her portrait too!

Just to let you know that I'm ready for Lady 47 anytime, so whenever you are wanting yourself in fabric, please let me know!  I'll give up whatever I am doing for "Ladies".......I LOVE making them!!

Then.....this week, I received the QT swap quilt from my partner, Suvarna.  If you'll recall, the theme was blooms and birds (or something like that....I can't remember offhand the official title), but it evolved around flowers and birds.  I made this one for her if you remember:

Bunch of flowers

My partner sent me this beauty:

QT quilt and package from Suvarna

Aren't those yo-yos just the cutest??  And the extras?  Wow!  I am collecting quite the box of extras lately!  If I live to be 100 (which will NEVER happen), I'll never use all my stuff!! daughter doesn't sew!!!  E-gads!

Lastly, I must show you the pouch I made for my partner in the Pretty Little Pouch swap.  She never commented on the rainbow ones I already showed you so I knew I had to come up with something different.  I think this fit the bill:

Pouch for Swap

And the the other side:

Other side of pouch

The side:


And bottom......(which I really think turned out cool!)

The bottom

So there you have it!  Not one envelope in the bunch! time you will be bombarded!    I sure hope you're ready!  I'm having such fun!

Have a great weekend, my friends and keep sewing/drawing/printing/cooking or whatever your passion!  Thanks a bunch for visiting me!  I LOVE each and every one of YOU!!!!!