Saturday, May 18, 2013

Swap stuff and more mail art!

First for the swap stuff.  I got the most darling pouch from the Little Pouch Swap.  My partner was, Laura VanVleet and she nailed me to a "T".

Pouch from Laura VanVleet

Isn't that just the coolest?  I love flying geese, rainbow anything and hand stitching!  And the yellow dots are a real plus!  Thank you, Laura.  I love it!

Then, I got my 1st pick from the Little Quilt sew, vote swap group.  This one is so precious and truly reminds me of summer (although my hubby is highly allergic to bee stings):

From Waggonswest

I'm thrilled to say that I finished Ladies #47 and #48 this past week and they are either on their way to their owners, or waiting for a special presentation day, so can't be shown yet, unfortunately.  Perhaps next time.  Remember too, that we are still missing Lady #39 (who's birthday is in May and she was a gift), and Lady #45, who has a far-far way to travel.  Hopefully, one of these days we can catch up!  This coming week, I will be working on ladies #49 and #50, making a swap gift, and maybe working on a shower present for a friend.  Sometimes, there's not enough hours in the day!  Good thing that I keep my pens and envelopes handy for times like when my floor has been scrubbed (like just about 30 minutes ago) and needs to dry so I have something to work on.  lol  I still am enamored with the envelope on each to see it bigger:

Mail Art

Fun envelope

Mail art to Annie

Fun mail

Fun Mail Art

Pretty envelope to Annie

Mail art to Annie

Birthday Mail Fun

Birthday Envelope

Protest Mail

So there!  Now you've seen just about everything I did all week.  All except for the ladies.  lol  If you want to see the envelopes Annie mailed to me, check out her blog on my sidebar "freezeframe".  We've been having such fun!

Have a great week my friends and stay creative!


Lesley said...

Yes, your pouch from Laura is so you! And the little bee quilt is precious. Wonderful gifts. As for the envelope art, you are just so good at this. Guess you better keep washing floors so you have 'drying' time! Thanks for sharing your creations!

Christine M said...

The pouch Laura made you is lovely. I just love the bee mini quilt.

Mary said...

Both the pouch and quilt are so cute. Your mail art is wonderful. Your quilts always bring a smile.

Karen said...

Oh, you multi-talented lady! LOVE your rainbow pouches, 'The Birds' quilt, your 'ladies', and your mail art. What will you think up next?!

Annie said...

So much talent packed into you! You got great swap pieces. There might be no end to the envelopes since your drawing skills, creativity and imagination know no bounds! Lucky me and a few others too! :-)

Dianne said...

It is all awesome but the lobster cracks me up!!!

Rettabug said...

INCREDIBLE work, Carol...both yours & your swap partners!!

The mini quilt & the little pouch are totality you & so summery-fun looking.

Your envelopes just knock my socks off. How on earth do you THINK of this stuff????

Liz DandeliondD said...

Dear Carol
Thank you so much for sending us one of your magnificent mail art letters. I am going to frame it and have it on the wall. You make the ordinary extraordinary.
My little girl immediately made her own version. I don't think she will ever see things the same again.
Thank you so much Carol. You really touched our world with a little arty magic today.
Kind regards

Grammasheri said...

Just started following your blog and am fascinated by your ladies. So much to see and so much inspiration!