Friday, July 26, 2013

This will be a boring post!

That is a warning!  Not much new with me, I'm afraid.  I haven't sewn a stitch except finish Lady #55 who is flying her way to Spain as I type.  Hopefully, it won't take forever to get to her owner!  I did make a few envelopes this week and I did shop for more books for my sweet great niece.  Lately, she is not only into the early readers, but is enjoying the "a-z mystery" series that her mother reads to her every night.  I can't tell you how excited we are at the discovery that Audrey likes mysteries as much as the rest of the family.  From little on, most of us have indulged in one mystery series or another.  So, let me start with showing you her envelopes of the week.  Remember that I had our family pool party last Sunday so naturally, she had to have a girl swimmer:

Swimming Girl envelope to Audrey this week!

And then, I sent her the "S" of the A-Z Mystery series named, "The School Skeleton":

2nd book to Audrey this week

Needless to say, I'm not such a good skeleton drawer.  lol

Naturally, I also sent envelopes to my friend, Annie, in California.  I try to make hers funny!  She challenged me to drawing myself with a sign so I obliged.

Self Portrait

Seriously, that is almost exactly how I look.  A bit fatter, I think, but don't tell anyone!  I love red and blue jeans, and I do have red loafers on this exact minute!

Here are the rest I sent this week:

I showed Annie what I do all the time!

Annie in Red

This should be me!


Clip art comes in mighty handy when looking for funny images!

So, there you have it!  I really should be working on a pincushion for a swap.  Good thing I have a few weeks yet.  This weekend, all I plan on doing is making envelopes for Audrey's new books.  They have to be coordinated, you know.  lol  Hope you are doing something you love too!  Until later......

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's been a busy week.........

How about some show and tell?  Since I have had lots of stuff delivered this week, I think that's exactly what I'll do.  Hope you don't mind.  As you know, my friend Annie, who lives in California (but used to live 20 minutes from me), and I exchange arty envelopes on a regular basis.  Here are the ones she's received this week from me:

A WI cow to CA!

An envelope where I didn't know where to put the name and address.....

Sending my WI mosquitos to Annie in CA!  We have too many!

Yoga on the Beach

Off with her head!!

My 10 minute wonder!

Then, to my little ones....specifically Audrey, I sent two books this week.  The first one contained the book, "Eloise's Pirate Adventure", and the second, "A-Z Mystery - "The Missing Mummy".

The weekly envelope to Audrey

More Mail to Audrey

Sorry about the quality of that last picture.  My camera is on the "fritz" and in for repair so I had to resort to my old one for now.  Here is another picture taken with that one.  This envelope went to my granddaughter.  I enclosed some stickers I bought at Target:

For my little granddaughter

Then..........IF you can believe..........I sewed this week.  My QT swap quilt (8 x 10 1/2 inches) was delivered to my partner, but before that, my visiting niece saw it while here and flipped over it and asked if I'd make a bigger one for her little 11 month old since his room is done in fishes.  So the first one is the little one and the 2nd a bigger copy at 14x18 inches.

Under the Sea #1

Under the Sea #2

So, there you have it!  My week (or a partial week as it goes) in a nutshell.....or rather an envelope!  lol  Today I am organizing my brain for our family pool party this weekend.  Too bad our weather will go from the 90's to low 70's by Sunday.  Hopefully, I'll still have some swimmers.  The water (at 90 degrees) will be warmer than the air.

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!  Until next time...........

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lady #54 (Karen) plus more

Sometimes I really get concerned about shipping my "ladies", especially when I have to send them to places unknown to me in my general geography know........the places you have to look up on a map because you have no clue where it is???  Lady #54 (Karen) was one of those ladies.  Karen lives in South Africa.  Now, I'm not a complete idiot, I did know where South Africa was, but the concept of sending something that far and having it get there in any reasonable amount of time was completely out of my imagination.  BUT.....guess what?  Karen got it in ONLY 3 weeks!  Can you believe?  E-gads, I've had stuff to Canada take longer than that!  Go figure!!  So, my friends, let me present, Lady #54 ......Karen:

Lady #54 - Karen from South Africa

And here is the nice picture she sent me to work from:

And then...........this is the cute photograph she sent me with her quilt when she got it.  (Note the tape measure in her hair to match the one on the quilt.)  Thanks Karen!  I'm so glad you love yourself!  lol

On a different note, I did send Audrey two early readers this week in my decorated envelopes.  I've been collecting so many books to send to her, she is going to need a bookcase by the time we're done, I'm thinking.  lol  Her mom tells me that she gets excited now every time the mailman comes.

This week's envelope to Audrey

That one contained the book, "Diary of a Worm".  (Clever, huh?)

Another one to Audrey this week

And that one had a book called, "Oliver" which was about an elephant being delivered to a circus.

I did find a book about Lalapoosy collectors dolls for my granddaughter so sent her an envelope too this week.  She's a bit too young yet for reading, but loves the Lalapoosy mini dolls:

The dancing frog to Arwen

Then, last but not least, Annie got two envelopes from me this week.  (She should have had at least 3, but one apparently is missing in the mail.)

A puppy in a pot to Annie

I sent Annie her own kiddy pool (along with a few friends.)

It's been hot in California, you know, and I figured she might need to cool off in a kiddy pool.  lol

So, that's it.  It's been a lazy week.  I've mainly been watching the Martin/Zimmerman trial and cleaning up a few things around here.   This next week I have to get going on our annual pool party held here every year.  Pray for nice weather........please!!!  Until then...........

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Enjoy yourself today and celebrate our wonderful country!  Do something fun, but be safe......kiss your kids, and be thankful for all you have!  That's my plan!

Just a few things to show you from this past week.  Mail goes a lot slower than you think with these envelopes........!!!  No wonder they call it snail mail.  lol  (I did do some sewing too, if you can believe....but can't show you yet.......but soon, please be patient!)  Let's do the envelopes for now.  Annie got these this week:

Mail art to Annie

Fancy Mail art to Annie

Looney bird to Annie

ABC's to Annie

And naturally one to celebrate the 4th:

Happy 4th of July, Annie

Then, there was the big one to Audrey with her early reader.  I jut HAD to do something patriotic for that one too, you know:

Audrey's 4th of July Envelope

Can you just imagine the postal person who had to figure out if I had enough postage on that one?  It makes me laugh just thinking about it!

Enjoy your day, my friends!  We'll be with family having a pool party and eating brats and hamburgers here!  I'm all recovered from my cold.  Believe it or not, I only had it 4 days........a miracle!  Surely, it was because of all your good wishes and thoughts of a fast recovery for me.  I thank you all!  You are the BEST!!!!  Until next time..............