Friday, September 27, 2013

My aching back.........

It's been a painful and boring week!  Somehow or another, I threw my back out between Friday night and Saturday morning of this past week.  I got up in the middle of the night and could hardly stand on my left leg.  My hubby even had to help me get dressed.  Naturally, my Advil bottle expired 02/09 so I had to stoop to Tylenol for the pain.  Even sitting was a trick!  Thankfully, I had the envelopes to keep my interest so I didn't think about it too much.  I suppose in a way it was okay though because the powers that be are still working on replacing our roads.  (It's only been about 2 months!)  From what I understand, the resurfacing is supposed to FINALLY happen this coming Monday, so we'll see.  Our mailboxes are about 3 blocks away, if you can believe!  See my skinny neighbor walking back home from getting his mail?  My DH takes the car!  lol

Envelopes continue to be my main focus lately.  My dear, sweet great niece is really enjoying getting so much fun mail.  Here she is with her stack of her A-Z Mystery books.  She's not quite to reading them by herself yet (being that she just started kindergarten), but her parents have read the stories to her so often, she thinks she knows them by heart.

 Here are the books I mailed to Audrey and my other sweetie this week:

The weekly a-z mystery book for Audrey

Zoo parade

Reader of the week to Audrey

And naturally, Annie in California, continues to be the receiver of my fun drawings:

49er Football player

49er fan

"The Costume Guy"

Costume #2

I did get out the sewing machine yesterday though, if you can believe????  I had to repair some holes in the mesh bag that holds our swimming pool's winter cover...........what a job!  UGH!

So, that's my news..........not much, I'm afraid!  Hope your week was better!  I do need to get back in shape!  Lady #58 and #59 await!  Until next time..............

Friday, September 20, 2013

Just envelopes this week......

Nothing too exciting this week.  Just envelopes (again).......sorry!

"The Fat Cat Sat on The Mat"

Happy Birthday envelope

How about some birthday cake?

Happy Birthday, friend!

Happy Birthday to my BIL...

"The Yellow Yacht"

"Go Pack Go!"

Fortune Teller mail

Remember the days....

Early Reader for the week to Audrey

Ain't grocery shopping fun????

Yikes, a double flower???

Whew...............and you wonder what I do all week?????  I counted all the envelopes I've done so far and counted over 400.........YES!!!  400!!!  Crazy!  I am still enjoying it though, so you'll probably see a few more.  Hope you're not bored!

The city is redoing our roads in our subdivision, so we've had quite a mess.  Tomorrow, they are pouring replacement curbs and one right in front of my driveway will be one of them so I might just "be in jail" here until Tuesday when we're allowed to drive on them.  UGH!!  Good thing Michaels had a sale on Copics this past week!  30% off.  I needed a few...................

Friday, September 13, 2013

Summer is!!

I'm thinking these are the last pictures I will be taking of someone in our pool this year.  Tuesday (the day these shots were taken) the temp was 95 degrees, today (Friday) our high maybe will reach 61.  Tonight it is supposed to go down to 39.  E-gads!  I'm thinking summer is over!!!  Certainly, even if the temps would go up during the day, with the cold nights, the water will be too cold to swim.  Time to call the pool guy and have it closed for the winter.  In the meantime, meet my sweet great niece, Audrey, her mother, my niece, Christy and my sister, Jan.  And in the next picture is my hubby being silly!

Next, let me introduce you to Lady #57, Bonnie from the US.  Bonnie choose not to have me reveal the original picture she sent for me to use, so you won't be able to see the resemblance, but that's okay!  To be honest, I don't know if I'd want my face plastered on the internet either.  lol

Lady #57 - Bonnie from the USA

As long as we're on "ladies", let me show you a picture I received this week of Lady #47, Mrs. Joy, with herself.  This was taken after she opened "herself" as a surprise from the teachers on staff at the school where Mrs. Joy volunteers.

Lady #47 (Mrs. Joy) with herself

I'm thinking I should have maybe used a different color fabric for her hair color.  Eikes!  Sorta a yellowy white color (if there is such a thing???)  Oh well.........

Incidentally, I told you last time about the procedure to have yourself (or a friend, or relative) done in fabric, but I was goofy not to tell you how to contact me.  Duh!!!  What was I thinking?  Please see my sidebar for my e-mail address.  I check it LOTS during the day, so never fear that I won't get back to you pronto!!

Now for the envelopes of the week.  First, let me show you what I sent to Audrey.  First was her early reader, titled, "Mac & Cheese".  I copied a page in the book for the envelope for that one.  Second, was her A-Z Mystery book of the week, and that was titled, "The Runaway Racehorse".  She is in love with that mystery series.  She can't read them yet by herself, but they provide a great story for bedtime.

Audrey's Early Reader of the Week

Fun mail for Audrey

Lastly, we have the envelopes sent to Annie and friends:

Holding on for dear life!

Chunky Owl

A Wisconsin steer

Happy Birthday, puppy!

Bringing news to Annie

Oh, to be young again......

So there you have it!  My week in a nutshell.  Well, other than cleaning my house, grocery shopping, cooking, etc.  You get it, I'm sure!  lol  I wonder what next week will bring????  Stay well my friends, and enjoy YOUR remainder of summer!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The "ladies" of 2013

I thought it would be fun to do a mosaic of the "ladies" of 2013 so far.  I was surprised that I did so many blonds.  Although you've met them all before, please say hello to:  Cathy, Maria #1, Dee, Silmara, Maria #2, Anita, Olga, Jan, Tammy, Paula, Charlotte, Sandi, Justyna, Stephanie, Dr. Sil, Alia, Jan, Mrs. Joy, Meg, Terry, Marilyn, Anita, Chris, Bea and Karen.

2013 Ladies so far.....Ladies 30 - 54

And that doesn't include #55 - Noel from Spain, #56 - Mari from Norway, and yet to be introduced (but flying to her owner) #57 - Bonnie from the US.

Every week I get inquiries about how to become one of my ladies so I thought I'd explain the process again for any of you thinking of the possibility.  All my ladies are done on a commission basis (unless I decide to be generous and do one for a swap like, #44 - Dr. Sil).  I draw each lady specifically from a photo provided by the client.  I retain the original drawing just in case the fabric portrait would become lost.  (Let's not even discuss that......eikes!!!)  My charge is $110 USD for US residents and $125 USD for international customers.  This includes shipping and gets you an approximate 14x18" fabric likeness wall hanging, with sleeve, dowel, and O ring, all ready to hang.  My turn around time is usually 1-2 weeks.  Payment can be made by a check drawn on any US bank for US customers or Paypal for anyone but not until you have discussed the job with me.

From the client, I require a front facing photograph sent to my e-mail address, along with knowledge of eye color (since it's sometimes not apparent from the photo), knowledge of favorite colors, hobbies, likes and dislikes.  Sometimes ladies don't want pins in their mouths.....or have other specific requests.  If you note above, I even did a teacher who loves cupcakes.  Her fabric portrait is hanging in her classroom and as she explained to me, one little student even wanted to know if it could talk.

So, there you have it!!  I am just about ready to start the Christmas orders.  Last year, I was working until the middle of December and it got to be a real hassle.  This year, I will be cutting off production the first week in December for US customers and the last week in November for international clients so that the portraits get delivered in time for Christmas.

So now only one questions remains...............what number lady will YOU be???

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another week.....but special!

I can hardly believe that my sweet great niece, Audrey, started kindergarten this week.  Where did those 5 years go?  I remember when she was soooo tiny....and now, she wants to walk to school all by herself, even the first day.  Naturally, her parents put the "keebosh" on that idea and walked with her to share the special event.  I haven't given up sending her books.  I had to celebrate too with the first envelope of the week:

Yay to Audrey who starts kindergarten on Tuesday!

And then, today, I mailed off the weekly A-Z Mystery Series, this one called, "The Orange Outlaw".

Audrey's A-z Mystery book envelope of the week

Annie continues to get my artistry, along with other friends.  These are the other envelopes sent this past week:

Pogo-sticking along the coast

Fun Mail


Chester the Jester

Tennis anyone?

Shopping fun!

And then here is one I made for a little guy who loves firemen:

Fun mail for a little guy

So, that's about it!  I did drive to my quilt shop this morning (if you can believe it???), but mostly I just bought Steam A Seam since I can't seem to get it at Joanns fabric anymore.  Bummer!  In case you're wondering, I'm using it for Lady #57, Bonnie.  Stay tuned........

I don't know about you, but I'm loving this weather!  Having the AC off and the windows open is marvelous!  There is nothing like an afternoon nap with the breezes blowing in.  lol  Try it!  Even Toby  looks forward to it.  (I wish I had a picture!  He jumps on the bed before I even get in the room.  lol)