Friday, May 29, 2015

Yippee…..I did it!

See this???  Yes, it's my first ever knitted sock!!  And, it fits, which is even more amazing!  Now I'm working on it's twin.  Not as much fun, I can assure you, but what are socks without a pair??  Incidentally, my 30 something daughter has already laid claim to these so I'm thinking already about the next pair.  For sure they will be brighter in color!!!

Naturally, I sent out books to my sweeties this week in the following envelopes.  They always get identical ones for the Mr. Putter series so don't think I'm cheating one over the other.  lol

No books read again this week……….oh my!!  Although I do have one that I think I will start as soon as I'm done knitting the twin to the sock above.  Give my poor hands a rest for a day or two.  I already had my husband read it and he assures me that I will love it so now I'm anxious!

I received my mini quilt from my partner in Germany yesterday.  If you recall the theme was "Kittys" and Jennifer nailed it!  Not only that darling quilt but she also sent me German milk chocolate kitties, bookmark kitties, and a fat quarter with kitties on it.  Quite a haul and a wonderful way to end my swapping career for 2015.  With the kitchen re-do in the works, I have no time for sewing right now.

So, my friends, that's it for this week.  I have hired a contractor to paint my kitchen cabinets, have sort of decided on what kind of tile I want as a backsplash, and have already ordered new cabinet knobs and pulls.  Soon, I hope, I will show you the before and after pictures.   I'm really excited!!  So, until next week….enjoy yourself and do something fun!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Crazy busy…..

Wow!  I've been crazy lately.  Between contractors calling and coming here to give me estimates on painting my kitchen cupboards, checking out new hardware for those eventual pretty cupboards, and my latest passion, it seems the time just flew by this week.  I guess that's good.  At least I'm not bored like I was on occasion this past (cold and dreary) winter.

Thought I would show you my latest (and last) swap quilt.  It's for the group QT Mini's and the theme was "Kittys".   I thought I would finish my swapping career with a bang!  As you know, I've been quilting since August of 2008 (was a kid's clothing sewer prior to that for years) and I think (at least for now) that I am done.  Not to say that if I would get a "Lady" commission that I would pass it up…..NO, NO, NO!  I LOVE doing the ladies, and will continue those until I get to #100.  I am at #80 now.  I do have one scheduled for fall, but until then, I have packed the fabrics away until some of this household stuff gets done.  Anyway, I named this quilt "Friends" and it turned out to be 10x15 inches.  I like it and my partner in Germany liked it too so that's a plus!

Of course, I continue to send books with decorated envelopes to my sweeties:

AND…'re not going to believe this…….I didn't read a book all week!  E-gads, isn't that amazing?  I did, however, indulge in several knitting articles and reviews and you tube instructions in order that when all my stuff comes from "Lord knows where all I ordered it", that I will be all set to go to knit my first ever, PAIR OF SOCKS.  Yes, my friends, I am branching off into unknown territory…..even at my age!!  E-gads!  That is, if my poor "crampy" old hands hold out……..(say a prayer, please!!)  I so want to do this.  Last week, I went to a local yarn store and bought this gorgeous stuff.  Dummy me should have them "ball" it for me.  Hello!!!  I figured it would be no big deal to do it myself, but (you won't believe this) it took me 3 whole hours and lots of tangles to get it all in a ball.   Now I'm dreading the other 5 hanks/skeins I have coming from my recent internet shopping.  I might be doing more "balling" than knitting next week.

So, that's the news.  You just never know, huh?  Lord knows what I'll be doing next?  (Hey, most often I don't even know!  Seriously!  Have a great Memorial Day, my friends and be happy!  Until next week…….

Friday, May 15, 2015


Hi all!  Like I told you last week, I'm in the process of checking out on how much it will cost to have some tiles on our kitchen floor replaced and the whole thing re-grouted, original custom oak kitchen cabinets painted, and back splash tile removed and replaced.  Lord knows I shouldn't be watching The Property Brothers, Flip and Flop, and Love It or List It!!  Seems like nothing when they have their contractors come in, look over the kitchen and quote a price of probably $5,000 for the whole kitchen replacement….no big deal, right?  HELLO????!!!  Let me tell you, in real life, it's TOTALLY not like that!!  I almost had a coronary this morning when a cabinet painter gave me his written quote………e-gads!  It was about 3 times what I expected.  Only thing good about the whole deal is that he told me that I wouldn't have to remove everything from the cupboards…just the close stuff.  Whew…..!!  And, that he'd take the cabinet fronts and drawer fronts to the shop to do them there.  It will be interesting to see what hubby has to say when he gets home.  I will let you know…..

In the mean time, here are the envelopes I sent out this week:

And, I did read two books this week with the 2nd one being the best of the two.

THE FALL                                       by                           John Lescroart
JACK OF SPADES                          by                          Joyce Carol Oates

For some reason, I have been thinking strongly about knitting socks.  Now, I have never knit a sock in my life and probably haven't picked up knitting needles for the past 20 years so who knows where this is coming from.  With me, it's sometimes a wonder anyway!  lol  Needless to say, I have watched MANY youtube videos this past week and already have an order for needles into Amazon.  Thankfully, my sister is a knitter too, so any stray product can go to her, if I find this latest craze is too nuts for me…….she knits socks, but uses the 4 needle method, which will NOT happen with me since I discovered that there are faster ways of doing this now.  Wait…….hopefully within the next few weeks I'll be able to show you.  Until next time………….love your life 'cause like with me, you never know where it will take you next!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, two days early!

It's been a week of decisions.  I've been toying with thoughts of ripping out our kitchen, 1/2 bath, laundry room and front foyer Congoleum Dura-Ceramic vinyl tiles plus the carpeting in our master bedroom, living center, stairwell and loft and replacing the whole mess with hardwood.  Problem with that is threefold.  #1 is the upkeep.  I'm not getting any younger and hardwood is more work than having hubby vacuum carpeting once a week and me mopping up the tile.  #2 the cost of over 2100 square feet of hardwood, plus removal of the tile, carpeting and moving furniture in all those rooms would be very costly and #3 I just might be overpricing our house for the area if I do it since our house is already the 2nd most expensive one in the subdivision.  Instead, I am having some of the kitchen vinyl tiles replaced and regrouting the entire vinyl flooring, replacing the carpeting (which I have yet to look for), hiring a contractor to paint our original custom oak kitchen cupboards, and ripping out and replacing our tile backsplash.  Whew!  Today I will be sewing my last swap quilt for the year (and maybe forever) so I can pack the sewing stuff away to prepare to empty out my kitchen (ugh).  The dining room table is only so big.  lol  I think I will take all the sewing stuff to the basement for now.  I need the room in our bedroom for other stuff. Besides, I think it's time for purging……I have so much fabric that I will never use.  It's all a process, but I know I will love it when it's all done.  Wish me patience!!

In the meantime, I continue to send my sweeties books every week.  Usually, they each get two in fun envelopes that I create.  Here are the ones from this week:

And, of course, I read a few books:

WHERE THEY FOUND HER                   by                 Kimberly McCreight
THE BURYING PLACE                           by                 Brian Freeman
THE MAPMAKER'S CHILDREN              by                 Sarah McCoy

None were too exciting, so don't waste your time.  I was really looking forward to reading the last one, but it took forever although it only had 300 pages.  Thank God I borrowed it from the library and didn't buy it.  Hopefully, next week my choices will be better.  I already have 3 on my counter from the library waiting for me.

So, until next time, have a Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your week!!        

Friday, May 1, 2015

Yeah…..more ladies!!!

I'm so happy to introduce two new ladies to you today.  Numbers 78 and 79…..Kerry and her beautiful mother, Karyn.  They live in Australia.  As always I will show you the finished fabric portrait and then the photo I received to work from.  A "plus" today is a picture that Karyn sent of her true self with her quilt.  I LOVE getting those pictures!!     

And Kerry's Mum, Karyn:

How fun, huh??  Of course, I also sent out envelopes again this week.  

I also read a few books and I must say that the first two were two of the best books I've read all year so far.  #1 is a youth book, I guess they call them YA, but on my niece's advice, I read it and loved it.  #2 was even better!!  At only 264 pages, I was blown away!!  Then, because I liked that one so much, I requested the author's debut from my library and liked that one too, but not as much.  I have no idea how I found the book in the first place, all I remember is ordering it from Amazon a few weeks ago.  It's in softcover.  Don't bother with #4.  Ugh!  That one is a new release and hardly worth your time.

COUNTING BY 7s                                  by            Holly Goldberg Sloan
THE RENT COLLECTOR                        by            Camron Wright
LETTER'S FOR EMILY (debut)                by            Camron Wright
ORHAN'S INHERITANCE (debut)            by             Aline Ohanesian

That's it for this week, my friends!  Until next time, enjoy yourself and keep reading!